Published: July 4, 2024

Maximizing loyalty with CRM: Leveraging gamification and AI strategies

With the Ontario market established after over two years, the battle in the deeper grass is happening, with 50-plus licensed operators in the province scrapping to convert casual players into dedicated players, all to gain a competitive advantage. Customer loyalty and retention are the names of the game now, with AI strategies more and more a part of that.

At the Canadian Gaming Summit in Toronto, a panel discussion delved into the topic of maximizing customer relationship management, gamification loyalty, and AI. The panelists included Gibran Khan, Director of Growth Marketing & CRM, FanDuel, Stewart Groumoutis, Director of Digital Strategy, BCLC, Trent Schwartz, Senior Manager of Gaming Experience, BetMGM, moderated by Tommy Kearns, CEO and Co-Founder, Xtremepush.

How do operators take the players who came in for free to play a game, for example, and build loyalty and buzz from there?

Here are some of the nuggets that came out of the discussion?

When talking about CRM and how it’s evolved at FanDuel, Khan pointed to three key factors: data integrity, engaging through responsible gaming, and product or making sure you have the right tech stack.

"Thousands, even millions, of bets are placed every day, every week, every month, with tons of customer data, and you can get really lost in it,” he said. "You need to start looking into the weeds and understand what’s happening with each customer. Having a very strong data-engineering team, an analytics team to help bring up the right data into the platform, so we can send out very customized and personalized comps, is very important.”

Said Groumoutis, "It’s about using the data in a way that you can build insights for serving your customers. What I see in the industry right now is an understanding that a bunch of responsibility comes with having that level of data, not just in player health, but also just recognizing that it’s easy to go down a rabbit hole. We have this information or that customer, so we can understand how to incentivize the next deposit or how to bring them to that next level of play. But that’s not always the right thing for the customer.

"As we move from acquisition into retention, the focus is on making sure customers are having a rewarding experience, that they feel valued. That’s where CRM needs to go, because customers are becoming far more discerning. They’re looking for more from the companies that they engage with. And I think in the gambling space with its heightened emotional aspect, when players have a poor outcome, it’s that much more important to make sure that they feel valued, that they feel rewarded for engaging with your company.”


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