Published: March 12, 2023

West Virginia collected $13M for iGaming taxes this fiscal year

West Virginia has collected nearly $13 million in privilege tax from iGaming and $3.9 million in taxes from sports wagering this fiscal year.

West Virginia was one of the early adopters of iGaming, becoming the fourth state to allow mobile casino gambling in 2020. The gaming is licensed through the state’s four racetrack casinos and Greenbrier casino resort.

The state’s iGaming operators have made $86.5 million on $2.6 billion in wagers this fiscal year. Taxes are then collected at a 15% rate, with the administration of the program collecting $1.9 million and $110,000 going to pensions while the state collected $10.9 million to go to education, seniors and tourism.

The majority of the state’s sports wagering came on mobile devices with $320 million in mobile wagers and $57 million in retail wagers.

In February, sportsbooks made $2.8 million on $39.8 million in wagers, making the 10% privilege tax $278,000. Of that, $237,000 went to the state and $42,000 went to administration. For the fiscal year, those totals are $3.3 million to the state and $583,000 to administration on $377 million in wagers and $38.8 million in profit for the sportsbooks.


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