Published: June 30, 2022

Abacus and Nederlandse Loterij integrated CRM systems

Abacus and Nederlandse Loterij integrated CRM systems

Abacus Solutions International (Abacus) and Nederlandse Loterij, The National Lottery in The Netherlands have completed a project to provide a tighter integration between the two companies’ CRM platforms.

Nederlandse Loterij utilise Salesforce as a CRM business tool to drive and configure their various lottery retail business systems, one of which is their in-lane program provided by Abacus.

 Abacus have a custom-built management portal called AMP that allows for full granular control down to each individual cash register in any retail outlet that sells lottery, managing dynamic updates and reporting of data in real time. Both companies identified there was an overhead in maintaining the two different platforms and embarked on a project to streamline the process of updating and adding new retailers to the in-lane program.

By joining the two CRM systems via a new API connection provided by Abacus, the project removed duplication of effort, reduced data entry errors, and the time to add new in-lane sales outlets has been greatly reduced.

“We are excited to extend our integration into the Nederlandse Loterij platform”, said Simon Butler, CEO, Abacus. “The Abacus in-lane program with Nederlandse Loterij is expanding with new and exciting services being added through 2022 and into 2023. This ability to tie the two systems together demonstrates the fantastic working relationship the two companies have and will help drive future projects.”

Niels van der Meulen (manager retail operations): “By joining the two CRM systems via a new API connection provided by Abacus, we have removed duplication of effort and the error margin is significantly reduced using this solution saving time for both companies’”


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