Published: May 29, 2022

Allwyn completes group-wide rebrand and identity change

Allwyn Group has completed its group rebrand and corporate identity change across all core units of its business. 

Closing 2021, the company announced that it would change its corporate and brand identity from SAZKA Entertainment to Allwyn Group.

The decision was taken to refresh the firm’s identity that had been born out of its Czech home market enterprise of SAZKA to the new brand of Allwyn.

The rebrand was deemed necessary to reflect the firm’s leading European lotteries portfolio of SAZKA (Czech Rep), OPAP (Greece and Cyprus), Lotteries Austria and Lotto ‘Gioco’ Italia and further global ambitions.

At the time of the decision, the group had established Allwyn UK, as its bidding company to compete in the UK government’s Fourth National Lottery Competition – which it subsequently won last March.

Updating stakeholders, corporate governance announced that the group’s four core business units had successfully rebranded to Allwyn.

As such, Switzerland-based management company SAZKA Entertainment AG has transferred its identity to Allwyn AG.

The firm’s European lotteries portfolio (except the UK) will be managed as Allwyn International AS – headquartered in the Czech Rep.

Meanwhile, SAZKA’s legacy Czech gambling business will be housed under the Allwyn CZ domain.

The group’s UK arm, whihc is set to take the stewardship of the National Lottery in 2024 replacing Camelot Group, will operate as Allwyn Services UK Ltd.

Allwyn Group CEO, Robert Chvátal, commented: “We have decided to rename our key entities’ legal names to align with our new Allwyn brand.

“Please note that only the legal names were changed. The ownership structure, the holding structure and the activities of the companies remain the same. Our games will continue to be offered under the iconic local brands which our customers love.” 

In January, the board of Allwyn confirmed media speculation that the company was seeking to merge with Cohn Robbins Holdings Corp (CRHC) – the SPAC vehicle of former Goldman Sachs COO and President Trump advisor Gary Cohn.

As such, industry observers are currently waiting for CRHC to outline details on its proposed merger, in which deal makers target Allwyn to secure a +$9.2 valuation by listing its business on the NYSE.

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