Published: October 23, 2023

Abacus will be attending the NASPL 2023 Annual Conference in Milwaukee, Wisconsin October 30 – November 3rd 2023

Abacus will be attending the NASPL 2023 Annual Conference in   Milwaukee, Wisconsin October 30 – November 3rd 2023

Chalvington, United Kingdom — Abacus Solutions International Group, the leading   provider of integrated lottery solutions at retail, is pleased to announce its participation at the   NASPL Annual Conference taking place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA from October 30th to November 3rd 2023. So please visit our booth number 328, where Abacus will be showcasing its latest leading   edge retail solutions that will appeal to lottery operators seeking new and exciting ways to engage
with players at retail.

The NASPL Conference will be focusing on the latest developments in the lottery sector in North  America, and it is an ideal event for industry professionals to meet colleagues and friends. Abacus is   excited to have an opportunity to showcase all the company’s latest retail technology and our   partnerships with the lottery and retail point-of-purchase vendors. The event will be represented by   Simon Butler, Paul Lawson, Terry Presta, Mike Purcell, Art Kiuttu, Craig Storey and Bishop Woosley
 who can provide working demonstrations, answer questions and offer insights on industry trends in   the retail market.

During the Trade Fair, Abacus will have a focus on the rapidly emerging self-check-out consumer   experience within retail and how lottery technologies can integrate into this environment through   our many retail partners. We will also be making some exciting new announcements opening up   new channels for lottery distribution. The demonstrations will show how draw games, instant   tickets, digital games and prize validation and prize pay-out will be managed within a retailer’s
integrated point of sale environment.

“As proud Associate Level II members of NASPL we invite you to visit Abacus on our booth 328 to    experience the future of lottery within retail.”– Simon Butler, CEO of Abacus Solutions International.

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