Published: August 31, 2023

Atlas Experiences Partners with the Maryland Lottery and Florida Lottery for Cutting-Edge Custom Game Show Experiences with Lucky Pik

ROSWELL, GA August 31, 2023 – Atlas Experiences, LLC (“Atlas”) leverages their exclusive rights to the interactive Lucky Pik digital game show to seamlessly integrate into the Maryland Lottery’s 50th Anniversary Cash Bash promotion and the Florida Lottery’s Free Ride and Fuel for Life Bonus Play promotion.

Lucky Pik’s innovative technology integrates into any type of omni-channel promotion or reward program, offering an unparalleled level of excitement and entertainment.

It can be hosted virtually, streamed live, or produced in-person, allowing lotteries to deliver an immersive and thrilling winning experience.

The game show supports prizes of any value, including custom merchandise, making it a versatile solution for various promotional themes and campaigns.

Lucky Pik's integraton to Maryland Lottery’s prestigious 50th Anniversary celebration is innovating how lotteries reward their players.

To commemorate this significant milestone, the Maryland Lottery launched an all-games second-chance promotion, offering players the chance to win up to $5 million! The grand finale of this special event will be anchored by the multi-round Lucky Pik game show hosted at the Maryland State Fair on September 8, 2023.

The dynamic game show will create winning experiences, and drive engagement by leveraging vibrant animations and sound effects, as winners play to win guaranteed cash prizes of up to $5 million!

“We've been looking forward to the CashBash event all year long," said Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director John Martin.  "This is really the highlight of our 50th anniversary celebration, and Atlas has helped us put together an entertaining, engaging event that's going to be a lot of fun.

”Another remarkable example of the power of Lucky Pik is the integration with the Florida Lottery’s Free Ride and Fuel for Life Bonus Play promoton. “We strategically chose Lucky Pik to amplify our Free Ride & Fuel for Life Bonus Play Promoton after the successful executon of Lucky Pik GameShow that was integrated into our Holiday promoton and culminating, on the Big Island of Hawaiiin 2022,” said Florida Lottery Director of Product Shelly Gerteisen.  As part of the second-chance promoton, ten lucky winners will be guaranteed to win fuel for a year and a brand-new vehicle with the chance to win fuel for life.

“The combinaton of Lucky Pik's custom digital branding, unique prize optons and interactive technology makes our Lucky Pik game show an ideal solution for loteries and gaming companies aiming to create promotons that drive consumer engagement while meetng their business objectives,” states Atlas Experiences Founder & CEO Derek Gwaltney.

Discover how Lucky Pik can seamlessly integrate into your promotional mix to elevate your next lottery promotion, contact Atlas for further information and to explore the endless possibilities.

About Atlas Experiences, LLC:

Atlas Experiences is a trusted partner in the world of lotery and incentive travel, specializing in curating once-in-a-lifetme events, programs, and promotions that leave lasting impressions. Atlas is dedicated to creating second-chance lottery promotions and custom incentive travel programs that drive engagement and build meaningful connections. From promoton design and marketng strategies to destnation sourcing, travel logistics, onsite coordinaton, social creative content, private concerts, custom merchandise, and guest services, Atlas handles it all with precision and expertise.

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