Published: December 5, 2022

CAMELOT LS partners with the Michigan Lottery


Europe’s Most Popular e-Instant Games Coming to North America 


CHICAGO, December 5, 2022 - Camelot Lottery Solutions is proud to announce that it is teaming up with the Michigan Lottery as an e-Instant games supplier.


Camelot offers a highly engaging portfolio of e-Instant game titles, which have been designed to meet the needs of its operating partners and their players.


“We’re proud to start this partnership with the Michigan Lottery, which has been leading the way in e-Instant performance in the United States,” said Wayne Pickup, Camelot LS Chief Executive.


“We have a library of around 200 games, which have been among the very highest performing e-Instant games in the UK, Ireland, and Switzerland. We can’t wait to bring these games to North America,” said Pickup.


Instant win games are an important part of Michigan Lottery’s diverse digital offerings and help the Lottery fulfill its mission of maximizing net revenues to supplement state education programs. Camelot’s innovative and exciting content will not only contribute to the ongoing success of the digital lottery program, but will also support the Michigan Lottery’s efforts to provide its players with a socially responsible product. 


“Providing our players with innovative and diverse instant win game options is key to the success of the Lottery’s online platform,” said Jake Harris, Player Relations Manager for the Michigan Lottery. “We are excited to work with Camelot and bring new games to our players and enhance their online play experience.”


Camelot LS is committed to best practice responsible gaming, and has obtained responsible gaming certification under the WLA’s program for suppliers. Camelot LS games are built with a focus on responsible and sustainable lottery growth. 


As well as being an e-Instants games provider, Camelot has a strong legacy in the North American market as the operating partner of the Illinois Lottery since 2017, and as a commercial partner to the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery since 2015.



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