Published: May 10, 2023

Indian gaming industry thrives with record $48.4 billion gross revenue in 2022

A 10% JUMP FROM 2021 Indian gaming industry thrives with record $48.4 billion gross revenue in 2022

The United States' Indian gaming industry has posted a record $48.4 billion in gross revenue in 2022, a 10% increase over the previous year, confirming a steady expansion following a historic post-Covid rebound in 2021, according to the 2022 Nationwide Impacts of Indian Gaming Report

This revenue includes $43 billion generated by 504 gaming facilities operated by 246 tribal governments in 29 states, a 10% increase over 2021. The remainder $5.3 billion gross revenue comes from ancillary businesses, such as hotels and restaurants.

The report, presented at the annual Indian Gaming Tradeshow and Convention in San Diego, indicates that this growth is a reflection of the decisions made by tribal leaders during the pandemic, which increased trust and confidence in their gaming operations, according to Ernest L. Stevens, Jr., Chairman of the Indian Gaming Association.

It also highlights the industry's employment record, with Indian gaming providing over 680,000 jobs in 2022, making it one of the top 20 employers in the United States. Among these, 264,963 were direct jobs, while 419,195 represented indirect jobs. The indirect jobs were generated through Indian gaming wages, purchasing activity, capital expansion, and related activities. 

Furthermore, it emphasizes the social and economic impact of the industry on native communities, including improving healthcare, education, public safety, and infrastructure. The report also reveals that benefits extend beyond tribes with nearly three in four jobs created by Indian gaming going to non-native neighbors. And all in all, in 2022, Indian gaming was responsible for generating $37 billion in direct and indirect wages. 

The industry has delivered over $140 billion to federal and state governments in taxes, employment, and other payments over the past decade. In 2022, tribal governments received nearly $21 billion in direct transfers from Indian gaming operations.  

The report did not examine charitable contributions, but public information confirms that tribal governments donate more than $100 million annually to other tribal governments, nearby state and local governments, and non-profits. 

The tax revenue generated by Indian gaming is equally noteworthy, with $11.5 billion paid in federal taxes, $4.6 billion in state taxes, and $1.4 billion in county taxes in 2022, totaling $17.5 billion.

"These numbers continue to reflect the vision of tribal leaders who put their communities first throughout the pandemic," said Stevens. "Their decisions helped grow trust and confidence in our operations, and that trust continued to grow in 2022. This additional revenue will have profound impacts on our tribal nations and our neighboring communities nationwide."

"The economic impacts of Indian gaming are profound. Our industry continues to revitalize not only tribal communities nationwide but also our nearby, mostly rural neighboring communities. The Biden Administration recently summed up tribal gaming’s success and future endeavors when it declared that “the Indian gaming industry remains one of the most significant sources of tribal economic development in Indian Country"

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