Published: March 1, 2024

North Carolina Education Lottery Celebrates the First Women in Lottery Leadership Chapter in the United States

The N.C. Education Lottery celebrated its Women in Lottery Leadership (WILL) chapter, the first of its kind in the nation, this month with a visit from a trailblazer who inspired the creation of the group and championed the role women can play in the future of the lottery industry.

Rebecca Paul, president and CEO of the Tennessee Education Lottery and president of the World Lottery Association, began the WILL initiative in 2016 as a way to drive business growth through supporting the advancement of women into top positions of lottery management, leadership and responsibility. In her 40-year career, Paul has served as Chief Executive of the Illinois, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee lotteries. In three of those four states she led the start-up and remains at the helm in the Volunteer State after 20 years.

“Often times, women have not had the same career opportunities as men,” Paul said. “So, it is a wonderful role that WILL is playing to help give talented, passionate women the chance to advance their careers.”

Paul says women bring a valuable perspective to organizations and can be strong listeners, mentors, and collaborators. In a visit to the lottery headquarters in Raleigh, she urged members to ask questions, cross-train, and learn everything they can about the lottery business.

The North Carolina WILL chapter first met last year and serves as a platform for women to network and prepare themselves to take leadership positions. Paul wants to see more chapters spring up at other lotteries and hopes the North Carolina chapter will serve as a model.

Paul’s visit attracted more than 60 employees to hear of her experience and get her advice for professional growth.

The WILL chapter is just one effort at the North Carolina Education Lottery aimed at empowering employees. The lottery launched an Employee Resource Group (ERG) program with committees for minority employees, young professionals, and volunteers in community service. As voluntary, employee-led groups, ERGs bring work colleagues together based on a common identity, interest, or purpose and provide educational and networking opportunities.

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