JOB: Washington State Gambling Commission Deputy Director


Looking for change, challenge, and opportunity!  JOIN THE WASHINGTON STATE GAMBLING COMMISSION!


As our new Deputy Director, we know you will be successful in this role because you are:

  • An Inspirational Ethical Leader.  A Leader with Integrity that Puts People First.  You have a sincere appreciation for people and how they are each uniquely motivated. Your social and emotional intelligence is the foundation for designing and implementing interactive communication, training, and decision-making processes for your team. You lead with integrity holding all employees to the same standards; and prioritize honesty with customers and employees.
  • An Innovative Leader.  A Champion of Change.  As Deputy Director, you will serve as a liaison with other divisions, departments, and outside agencies, so great presentation and communications skills are a must. While you have always shown strong initiative your best leadership successes have been accomplished by working with and through the collaboration and engagement of people or a team.  You will work with and through the collaboration and engagement of people or a team.  Constantly looking for current needs in the workplace, inefficient methods, and useful additions. You inspire teams and making a lasting impact on the organization by improving efficiency.
  • An Open, Honest, Transparent Communicator.  You welcome, develop, and advance a diverse mix of perspectives to ensure differing thoughts, backgrounds, and experiences.  You maintain authenticity in communications and appreciate the authenticity of others.
  • A leader that demonstrates Emotional Intelligence when guiding people through emotional or tense situations. Helps people with positive, interactive communication that helps people develop strong emotional intelligence skills. Balances all constraints of conflict in a way that achieves positive outcomes for the organization while considering impacts to people.
  • A Business-Savvy Manager/Leader.  We seek a business-savvy leader who has demonstrated experience with running a department or organization. A leader that can balance business priorities and goals with how they impact people. A leader who helps people understand the value they bring to the business.   flexible, adaptive with insight and able to visualize what should be done to achieve a successful future.
  • A Person Who Values People.   A leader with a history of creating positive work environments and successful employee experiences. A coach and mentor that values the growth of individuals as organizational growth. Understands that short-falls and mistakes do not make a person a failure. Effectively manages performance in a way that invites success. 

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