Discussion Paper: A model for internet gaming in Ontario -establish a market for iGaming that is legal, competitive and safe

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A model for internet gaming in Ontario

We are seeking feedback on our discussion paper to help us establish a market for iGaming that is legal, competitive and safe.

Closing date: April 16, 2021

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Today, most internet gaming (iGaming) happens on grey market websites that:

  • are unregulated
  • are without consumer protection
  • only have limited responsible gaming measures

Many players who access these sites are not aware that they are illegal in Ontario.
We intend to establish a model for iGaming in Ontario that is:

  • legal
  • competitive
  • safe

We are seeking input from the public and stakeholders on how to establish a legal iGaming market in Ontario that:

  • reflects consumer preferences
  • fosters an exciting gaming experience
  • creates competitiveness
  • ensures market integrity
  • protects consumers
  • ensures responsible gaming measures are in place

We also appointed a Commercial Project Lead, Birgitte Sand. She will work closely with the AGCO and government to create an iGaming model that works for Ontario consumers. She has extensive industry and government experience in the online gaming space.

About the paper

In the November 2020 Ontario Budget, the government assigned the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) the responsibility to conduct and manage Ontario's new online gaming market through a subsidiary, in addition to its role as regulator.

We are now engaging with the public, gaming and social responsibility sectors and First Nations and Indigenous groups on the development of the model.

Based on initial discussion with the gaming sector over the last year, we prepared a discussion paper that outlines our preliminary thinking on key aspects of Ontario's iGaming model that will be conducted and managed by a subsidiary of the AGCO.

Developing a legal market for iGaming in Ontario is part of Ontario's plan to build a competitive business environment in a post-COVID world.

The government is seeking feedback on:

  • how iGaming revenue sharing would work
  • the key components of the commercial agreement
  • potential categories and types of games to be included in the iGaming framework
  • the interaction between Ontario's new iGaming framework, land-based gaming and charitable gaming

Your feedback on these components and any issues not directly addressed in this paper are critical as we move forward with the framework.

About the Commercial Project Lead

Birgitte Sand has been appointed as the Commercial Project Lead for iGaming. Her mandate is to work closely with the government and the AGCO to provide recommendations and create an iGaming model that works for Ontario. She has extensive industry and government experience in the online gaming space and will provide critical expertise to help guide the technical and operational aspects of the model's design.

How to participate

You can submit your feedback in writing, addressing the issues in the paper. You may also write about issues that are not in the discussion paper.

Deadline: April 16, 2021

To submit your feedback:

  • review the discussion paper and write your response
  • save your response as a Word or PDF file
  • email your response to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • use the subject line: Discussion Paper – A Model for iGaming in Ontario

The submissions received will inform the Commercial Project Lead's recommendations to the Minister of Finance and the Attorney General of Ontario.

In the coming weeks, the government will also hold virtual discussion sessions with gaming and social responsibility sectors, as well as First Nations and Indigenous groups, on the development of the model.

Your privacy matters

We are collecting your feedback to create an exciting gaming experience in Ontario. The government and Commercial Project Lead will review your responses.

Your submission may be subject to disclosure under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and may be posted online.

Please do not submit personal information, specific identifying details of individuals, companies or other entities or information that you would not want to be made public.

Updated: March 3, 2021
Published: March 3, 2021