Morocco: MDJS launches Nt7arko Celebrity for the promotion of sports practice

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The Moroccan Games and Sports (MDJS) recently launched “Nt7arko Celebrity”, the latest addition to the Nt7arko program for the promotion of sports practice by example.

Thus, the MDJS once again enriches its Nt7arko platform, initially launched in 2016 through TV capsules broadcast on 2M and widely acclaimed by the public, indicates the company in a press release, stressing that with “Nt7arko Celebrity”, Hicham Masrar, takes celebrities to different, and sometimes unexpected, sports.

Coming from the new generation, these essential faces of the Moroccan cultural and artistic landscape accompany Hicham Masrar for a friendly and challenging episode around their passion for sport, notes the same source, adding that viewers thus discover their favorite stars under a new day, motivating them with each episode and encouraging them to move: Nt7arko!

With this program, the MDJS acts on its societal mission and contributes to the promotion and encouragement of sports and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

The “Nt7arko Celebrity” program includes 15 capsules, broadcast on 2M from Monday March 22 to Friday April 9 every day (excluding weekends) at 9.15 pm, the press release said.

The number 1 partner of national sport, the MDJS is extremely involved and mobilized in the encouragement and promotion of sport as a lever for inclusion and well-being.

Since its initial launch in 2016, the Nt7arko program has been regularly enriched and renewed, in particular with “Nt7arko app”, a mobile home sports coaching application. The Nt7arko application, 100% Moroccan and free, was launched at the start of the confinement period in March 2020, in Android and iOS versions to ensure its availability for the greatest number. It includes in particular personalized training programs with more than 350 exercises in video format.

Also during confinement, the MDJS also launched “Nt7arko F’dar” app which has enabled tens of thousands of Moroccans to pursue safe and responsible sports at home.

During this period, the 10 capsules broadcast in Prime time on 2M TV have accumulated 49 million viewers while the application, which displays more than 80,000 downloads, was ranked in the Top 5 of the most downloaded applications in Morocco between March and June 2020. In 2019 and 2020, Nt7arko was the most watched program on 2M with more than 8 million viewers for more than a month and 25 capsules broadcast.

About the MDJS

N ° 1 partner of national sport, the Moroccan Games and Sports mission is to support Moroccan sport by paying all of its results to the FNDS (National Sports Development Fund), including the The object is to subsidize the actions of sports federations, to support high-level sportsmen representing Morocco and to finance sports infrastructures, in particular local ones.

Beyond the financing of Moroccan sport through the FNDS, the MDJS actively contributes to the promotion of the practice and values ​​of sport as levers of inclusion and development by supporting numerous events and projects in various disciplines with particular attention. for disabled sports, women and youth. As a socially responsible company, the MDJS obtained in January 2019 the renewal of the CSR Label awarded by the CGEM.

was named “Committed Company of the Year 2020” for its “Nt7arko f’dar” program during the first edition of the Morocco Sports Awards which honored the actors of the sports economy who are distinguished in 2020 by innovative, committed and responsible actions.