Georgia lawmakers filed a bill Thursday that would allow online sports gambling in the state

ATLANTA — Georgians could be able to legally bet on the Atlanta Braves, Falcons, Hawks and United in just a few months. Lawmakers filed a bill Thursday that would allow online sports gambling in the state.

The millions of dollars raised would go toward the HOPE Scholarship.

“Sunday’s the Sabbath. You wake up, and we’re watching the full slate,” said Mike Donlan an East Atlanta bartender.

Donlan is an avid fantasy football player who loves to compete against his friends for money.

“It’s easy to get invested in games when there’s something on the line like when you have some skin in the games,” said Donlan.

While he enjoys the competition, he wishes he could legally bet on games. Americans currently wager more than $150 billion on sports every year through bookies and offshore sites.

“Billions of dollars a year are already being gambled in Georgia and the state gets nothing, no tax, no benefit,” said Steve Koonin the Atlanta Hawks CEO.

The Hawks have joined forces with the Braves, Falcons and Atlanta United to form the Georgia Professional Sports Integrity Alliance. Their mission is to work with lawmakers on legislation that would legalize online and mobile sports gambling in Georgia.

“We want this to be mobile only. We don’t want to see brick and mortar facilities,” said Koonin.

Koonin said the days of young sports fans sitting in front of a TV for hours are over. Mobile is the key to keeping fans engaged.

“We don’t make a dime. There is no revenue. But the key for us is engagement,” said Koonin.,%E2%80%9CSunday's%20the%20Sabbath.