Louisiana voters will decide on fantasy sports gambling legislation

An amendment that would allow fantasy sports betting will be on the upcoming ballot next month in Louisiana.

In two weeks, voters will decide if sites like Draft Kings and Fan Duel will be legal in Louisiana. The Louisiana Family Forum is against the amendment, saying it's bad for families in the state but other than that, there is very little opposition.

Draft Kings and Fan Duel are the two major players in the fantasy sports betting market. The sites allow people to use a computer or mobile device to bet on fantasy games.

Eleven states currently do not allow this type of sports betting. The state legislature overwhelmingly approved the measure, and voters will now have the final say.

The amendment decision will be made parish by parish, meaning after the votes are tallied, some parishes could end up with legalized fantasy sports betting and others will not.

"I think in most metropolitan parishes, it will pass and statewide I'd say 40-45, maybe even 50 parishes, and this is not new. Mississippi has it. This is really a no-brainer to do it," said St. Rep. Kirk Talbot, who is behind the legislation to make fantasy sports betting legal.

"What states have learned is that gaming -- they don't want to call it gambling -- but gaming is a quick way of raising revenue as a form of entertainment," said Dr. Silas Lee, political analyst from Xavier University.

If passed, it's expected to generate about $1 million in extra tax revenue annually.

In a written statement, the Louisiana Family Forum said:

"The near-certainty that 'geofencing technology' will be breached and minors will be gambling make this a bad bet for Louisiana families."

Election Day is Nov. 6.