Brussels: National Lottery files third record year as 41 players become millionaires in 2019

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In 2019, the National Lottery has filed its third record year in a row and its fourth year of consecutive growth.

About 6.4 million people placed a bet at least once last year, and 95 million winners shared €834.3 million between them, with the average winnings being €8.9. The National Lottery recorded a total of more than 268 million transactions with an average stake of €5.3.

The total turnover in 2019 was €1.442 billion, making it the fourth consecutive year of growth, and the third record year in a row, according to Jannie Haek, the National Lottery’s CEO, reports Le Soir.

The growing results demonstrate the effectiveness of the strategy that they have been using for several years, according to the Lottery. “We continue to rely on the Lottery’s traditional games, with many players and small stakes,” said Haek.

The Lottery has even recorded its best sales result since 2013, with €439.7 million. The EuroMillions game, in particular, set a new record with €562.3 million, reports Het Laatste Nieuws.

Bookshops generate about 53% of the National Lottery’s total turnover, while digital sales generated 20% and continue to grow. Over 55% of digital sales come from mobile.