Nederlandse Loterij announces its annual figures: 62.4 million euros for Dutch sports and 18 charities

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Nederlandse Loterij today publishes its figures for 2020 and announces the amount of its annual payment. For the year 2020, the Dutch Lottery will donate 62.4 million euros to Dutch sports and charities. The Ministry of Finance received 106.1 million euros. This brought the total payment to 168.5 million euros.

In 2020, the Dutch Lottery paid out around € 928.9 million in prize money. Every year, the Dutch Lottery gives almost all of its results to Dutch sports via NOC * NSF, to 18 charities in the field of health, exercise and welfare and to the Netherlands via the Ministry of Finance. For the year 2020, the Nederlandse Loterij will pay the following amounts:

  • NOC * NSF: 45,200,000 euros
  • 18 charities: 17,200,000 euros
  • State of the Netherlands: 106,100,000 euros

More people on the move
Thanks to the contribution of the Dutch Lottery, the Koninklijke Wandelbond can get even more people moving. “By further developing our Walking Trainer courses, more and more professional trainers are able to get and keep people moving in a responsible manner. We can also share inspiring stories and videos via, so that even more people experience the benefits of walking. In this way, together we make the Netherlands healthier and more vital, ”says Paul Sanders, director of the Koninklijke Wandel Bond Nederland.

The Longfonds also welcomes the contribution of the Dutch Lottery. “In 2040, the Netherlands will have the healthiest youth in the world, who will grow up smoke-free and in healthy air, among other things. With this great amount, this ambition of Longfonds and 19 other health funds comes a step closer. We are very happy with this support at a time when we experience the extra importance of good health. ”

Turnover and prize money
The total turnover of the Dutch Lottery amounted to more than 1.3 billion euros in 2020. “The year 2020 was an unpredictable year, which we ended with a good result. We saw a shift to online purchases, as people could not buy their lottery tickets from their regular retailer. We hope that our retailers can look forward to a better year now that their stores can reopen, ”said Niels Onkenhout, CEO of the Dutch Lottery.

Milestones in 2020
The year 2020 was an unpredictable year, which the Dutch Lottery closed with satisfaction. A number of highlights at a glance:

The Healthy Generation
In addition, she took the initiative for The Healthy Generation: a joining of forces of twenty health funds and NOC * NSF, which aims to have the healthiest youth in the world in the Netherlands by 2040. Onkenhout: "The Healthy Generation is a unique collaboration in which the Dutch Lottery connects its beneficiaries in the interest of a happier, healthier and sportier Netherlands."

Responsible gaming code of conduct with the KNVB
Furthermore, the Dutch Lottery and the KNVB signed the code of conduct 'Responsible gaming', in which agreements have been made about fair, transparent and ethical conduct of football and sports betting. “A joint approach against match fixing is important. A great deal of structural attention is needed for this subject, in which we act as social partners ”, says Onkenhout.

New lottery paper
The Dutch Lottery also introduced a new lottery paper last year for its game brands Staatsloterij, Lotto, Eurojackpot, Lucky Day and TOTO Winkel. This allows players to see even better that they are playing in a game of the Dutch Lottery and can therefore play safely and responsibly.

Read the 2020 annual report for more information.
More information about the results of the Dutch Lottery in 2020 can be found in the 2020 annual report. The annual report is published online at

About the Dutch Lottery
The Dutch Lottery is the name behind seven well-known games of chance: Staatsloterij, Lotto, Eurojackpot, Million Game, Lucky Day, Scratch Cards and TOTO. Every year, the Dutch Lottery gives almost all of its results to the Netherlands. The Nederlandse Loterij makes sports and exercise accessible to as many people as possible: from young to old, from Olympic to Paralympic, and from rehabilitation to disabled sports. By playing along with one of our games, you directly contribute to a happier, healthier and more sporty Netherlands.