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Sachsenlotto thanks all customers for a successful LOTTO year

Results of Sächsische Lotto-GmbH 2020: - 328 million euros in stakes - 123 million euros for the common good - 161 million euros for winnings Sächsische Lotto-GmbH can look back on a successful year.

The stakes increased by 6.5% to 328 million euros. On average, each Saxon invested 80 euros in 2020. "That is the highest annual result since the existence of the Saxon Lotto-GmbH", sums up Frank Schwarz, managing director of the Saxon Lotto-GmbH.

In the special year, which was shaped by the COVID measures and the restrictions in trade, Sachsenlotto proved to be a reliable partner.

“This successful conclusion is due to the trust of our customers as well as to the extraordinary commitment of the around 4,000 employees in the Sachsenlotto retailers.

We would like to express our thanks to them for their loyalty. ”From tickets to scratch cards - the stakes in 2020 Every Saxon person spent an average of EUR 1.52 per person per week last year for participating in LOTTO 6aus49, at Spiel 77, SUPER 6, Eurojackpot, KENO and plus5, TOTO, invested in the GlücksSpirale or in the instant lotteries (scratch cards and game tickets). A total of 53 million game orders were placed or tickets played. LOTTO 6aus49 is the most popular product. With an increase of 9.5%, the stake is 183 million euros. This means that over half of all stakes (55.8%) go to the classic. The high jackpot phases and the product change, which was successfully implemented in September 2020, had a positive effect here. The new prize plan at LOTTO 6aus49 strengthens the individual prize categories and leads to a faster growth of the jackpot. “Eurojackpot is in second place on the popularity scale. One reason for the good development are several jackpot phases over a longer period, ”says Frank Schwarz.

The lottery offered in 18 European countries recorded a stake of 46.4 million euros in Saxony with an increase of 12.3%. The scratch cards also developed positively. They have secured their success at a very high level and achieved a stake of 29.6 million euros with a plus of 10.9%. Over the past few years, scratch cards have developed steadily. In addition to the year-round offer of tickets with different price points, there is the two seasonless lucky rocket and scratch calendar. You also ended the year with a plus. With 383 707 scratch-off calendars, 45 778 scratch-off calendars were sold more than in the previous year. That is an increase of 13.5%. 416,582 lucky rocket tickets were also sold. As a result, sales increased by 8,567 lots or 2.1% over the previous year. 123 million euros transferred for the common good

The transfers made by the Saxon Lotto Society to the Free State rose over 4% to a total of 122 million euros in the past year. The total amount consists of 65 million euros in net income and 57 million euros in lottery and sports betting tax. In addition, a good 1 million euros from the income from the GlücksSpirale pension lottery will be donated in equal parts to the Federal Working Group for Free Welfare, the German Olympic Sports Association, the German Foundation for Monument Protection and the Saxon State Foundation for Nature and Environment.

“In the 30 years of its existence, the Sächsische Lotto-GmbH has made more than 3 billion euros available to the Free State for the community. These amounts reliably benefit the country and its people, ”says Frank Schwarz. The non-profit use of net income in the Free State in the areas of addiction prevention, sport, culture, the environment, youth and welfare is stipulated in the Saxon Implementation Act for the State Treaty on Gaming. In the draft for the Saxon double budget 2021/2022, section 15 - General Financial Management - lists proof of the proper use of the net income. The following examples can be found for the year 2021:

• Grants for “Other grants for current purposes in Germany (general art and culture funding)”: 4.3 million euros.

• Subsidies for music schools: 2.9 million euros.

• Grants for the State Office for Archeology: 2.9 million euros. Source: Saxon Budget 2021/2022 / Section 15 / General Financial Management; Page 70ff.

“That is the“ LOTTO principle ”: Through the targeted charitable use via the Every citizen in Saxony benefits directly or indirectly from the payments of the state budget Sächsischen Lotto-GmbH ”, emphasizes Frank Schwarz.

161 million euros made available for profits
The total profit distribution has also increased: the amount of winnings made available grew by 5.6% to 160.7 million euros. In total there were 54 high prizes from 50,000 euros, 35 from they are over 100,000 euros.
At the top of all last year's winners are four million prizes. With a A syndicate in Dresden achieved total winnings of 15,070,227 euros
second highest profit in the history of the Saxon Lotto GmbH. Brought in December "6 correct" at LOTTO 6aus49 in one system tip this win.
With 9,789,331 euros, the second highest Saxon million profit of the year was in August reached in the Ore Mountains. This is followed in the statistics by a LOTTO win in Leipzig of 1,683,496 euros (February) and one in Chemnitz also in February with a profit of 1,050,000 euros for the GlücksSpirale.
The safe range of games on, via the app and in the Acceptance points The trend towards online gaming continued in 2020. So the stakes grew 43.4% to 25.8 million euros. For participation on or via the Sachsenlotto app have now registered over 100,000 customers.

“It is important to offer customers safe and modern gaming online too. Our Service in the acceptance points is provided by continuous play, online play and mobile play added via the app. Both customers and acceptance points benefit from the link ”, said, Frank Schwarz.  As before, there are an average of 1,200 acceptance points with a total of around 4,000 Employed the heart of Sachsenlotto. Around 78% of the stakes in 2020 were in handed over to the acceptance points.

“The Sachsenlotto retailers play an important role. Especially in rural areas they make a valuable contribution to the infrastructure and local supply. All
Employees had an excellent year in this difficult year Effort shown, ”emphasizes Frank Schwarz.  Sächsische Lotto-GmbH supports the acceptance points even in the corona pandemic and supports them financially as well as in the implementation of hygiene measures.

New tasks and tried and tested in the new year

The further development of the game and service offers by Sächsische Lotto-GmbH is important for the development of the company, for the acceptance points and for ours Customers. You can all be sure that the Sachsenlotto is a reliable, future-oriented one Partner remains. Innovations in the online game offer or the optimization of the SachsenlottoApp contribute just as much as the strengthening of the acceptance points. Will be here too contemporary forms of distribution implemented. A current example are the scratch card machines that are currently being tested in selected acceptance points. They meet the requirement of modern terrestrial distribution and contribute to the increasing digitization of the daily living account.
“Sächsische Lotto-GmbH will also be a safe and attractive lottery game in 2021 offer, support the acceptance points and as a partner of the common good for the Free Statenwork, "says Frank Schwarz.
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