Caixa Lotteries raise R$ 3.1 billion in 2020

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CAIXA Lotteries registered record numbers in 2020, with a collection of R$ 17.1 billion (US$3.12b) in bets. The result is the best ever recorded in all history and represents a growth of 2.35% in relation to sales in 2019, when the collection was R$ 16.7 billion (US$3b), a previous record. Once again, Mega-Sena was the main modality in sales, responsible for the highest percentage of the total, corresponding to 40.4% of the collected, that is, more than R$ 6.9 billion (US$1.25b).

The year 2020 was also the one in which the most prizes were distributed, breaking the record of prizes offered in 2019 by 5%: more than R$ 5.9 billion in prizes to more than 300.8 million winning bets, in all the award ranges and in all lottery modalities. In addition, R$ 8.05 billion was transferred to priority areas in the country, such as health, education, security, sports, among others, which is the largest transfer ever made by CAIXA Lotteries in its entire history.

Once again, Mega-Sena was the main modality of CAIXA Lotteries in sales, responsible for the highest percentage of collection, corresponding to 40.4% of the total, that is, more than R$6.9 billion. Next is Lotofácil, which recorded the highest growth in sales, of the order of 19% compared to 2019, responsible for R$5.2 billion and a 30.5% share in CAIXA's games portfolio. Third, with a 17.4% share, follows Quina, which raised more than R$ 3.0 billion.

Credibility and social relevance

In the year in which CAIXA Lotteries completed 58 years of history, the amounts collected, social transfers and prizes paid consolidate the relevance and the important social role of lotteries in Brazil, which, in addition to being a fundamental part of the growth and maintenance strategy public policies in the country, make it possible for gamblers to make dreams come true, through millionaire prizes.

The credibility and fluency of CAIXA Lottery operations are internationally recognized. In 2020, there was a Level 3 recertification in Responsible Gaming, granted by the World Lottery Association (WLA), showing that CAIXA is in line with the best governance practices adopted by state lotteries in the world regarding the protection of bettors and reduction of potential damage associated with the lottery games market.

Even with the impacts on tax collection, which occurred in March, it was possible to verify, from the 3rd quarter of 2020, the results of the rapid adaptation of the CAIXA Lotteries to the context of the pandemic. In response to the impacts of COVID-19, among the measures and actions adopted throughout the year, the changes in Lotofácil stand out, which started to have daily draws, the launch of the new lottery called ‘Super Sete’ and the availability of the App Loterias CAIXA also for users of the Android operating system. These and other actions contributed to the increase in revenue from the sale of Lotteries:


Social transfers

Of the total collected by federal lotteries, a percentage is allocated to beneficiaries provided for by law. With the gradual resumption of sales and the strengthening of prizes and special contests, CAIXA Lotteries accelerated their results, which allowed the generation of even more resources for the lottery beneficiaries.

In 2020, the amounts passed on to the social beneficiaries were also a record and reached a total of R$8.05 billion, an amount 1.58% higher than the amount passed on in 2019. These funds are passed on by lotteries to be applied in areas such as sports, culture, social security, health and safety, among others.

Special contests

In 2020, four special contests were held: Easter duo, Quina de São João, Lotofácil da Independência and Mega da Virada.

In the four contests, more than R$ 633.5 million in prizes were offered in the main range. The sale of the four special contests in 2020 totaled more than R$ 1.8 billion, 17.5% more than in the 2019 editions. The 2020 performance generated more than R$ 869 million in social transfers.

Highlight for the biggest CAIXA Lottery contest, Mega da Virada, which celebrated its 12th edition with historical numbers: a main prize of R$ 325.2 million was offered for two winning bets, which each received R$ 162, 6 million. This was the biggest prize in the history of Lotteries CAIXA, which also registered a record collection, surpassing R$ 1.17 billion, 14.26% above the previous record in the 2019 edition.

Source: CEF