EUROPEAN LOTTERY ASSOCIATION Data & Research webinar was about the Lottery sector and the trends & learnings from COVID-19

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EL Data & Research webinar was about the Lottery sector and the trends & learnings from COVID-19. During the webinar, held on 28th January, the Members of the EL Data & Research working group presented the trends identified in the newly released EL Report 2019 as well as some learnings from EL Members from the COVID-19 impact on their operations and their adaptation to an abruptly changed environment in 2020.


In 2019, EL Members’ contributions to society amounted to nearly 18 billion Euros. It means that almost 50% of the Gaming Gross Revenue (the sector’s key KPI) generated by EL Members went back to society in the respective countries.

Sales for the three main categories (Draw Based Games, Instant Games, and Sports Games) showed a increase of 5.2% in comparison with 2018. Growth of online sales was, similar to previous years, the dominant lottery sector trend.

As for the COVID-19 impact on the EL Member’s operation, the major findings were huge repercussions on the retail sales due to sometimes even total lockdowns especially during the first wave, while on the other hand online sales kept growing.


Regarding the organisations themselves, there was a swift business continuity awareness, and a growing digitalization of all activities. Most of the EL Members put in place socially responsible actions, either financially or materially, to help their communities in these particularly troubled times. Those actions consisted of donations, material support, PR initiatives, or corporate volunteering.

This Data & Research webinar was the first of a series of five webinars to take place during the course of 2021, planned to cover various topics such as the use of artificial intelligence in lotteries, rejuvenation of DBGs, growth of on-line and Instant Games innovations.

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