Germany: Lotto Brandenburg reports strong results

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Lottery managing directors Anja Bohms and Kerstin Kosanke, Potsdam headquarters

- Strong result: 11 percent more stakes
- Around 78.2 million euros in duties and taxes to the country
- 664 lottery shops with 3,200 employees

The stakes in 2020
Last year, the Brandenburg lottery players used a good 213 million euros for the LBL offers. In 2020, the company achieved the highest stakes in the past 10 years. They were 11 percent or 21 million euros above the stakes of the previous year.

From a statistical point of view, every Brandenburg citizen invested an average of 1.59 euros per week at LBL. 

The most popular lotteries
Frequently attraktive jackpots at LOTTO 6aus49 and Euro Jackpot ensured growing interest among game Brandenburg Lotto game ends ," says lotto managing director Anja Bohm. 

For the main product LOTTO 6aus49, jackpot amounts of more than 20 million euros were available for play in 25 lottery draws in 2020, of which at least 30 million euros in ten draws (2019: 15 lottery draws over 20 million euros).

“ The jackpot phases and the LOTTO change in September 2020 with price adjustments had a positive effect on the stakes at LOTTO 6aus49. An improvement in the winning plan and the necessary moderate increase in stakes led to higher stakes nationwide and thus to a faster growth in the LOTTO jackpot in the first prize category, ”explains Anja Bohms. The stakes in the classic 6aus49 increased by 11 percent compared to the previous year.
The Eurojackpot lottery also had an extraordinary jackpot situation in 2020. The maximum jackpot amount of 90 million euros was reached in six drawings (2019: four drawings). The stakes increased by 21 percent or 6 million euros compared to the previous year. 

The distribution channels

The majority of the stakes, around 77 percent, come from lottery businesses. Here the LBL achieved sales of 163.8 million euros, an increase of 5 percent over the previous year. During the lockdown caused by Covid-19, only a few partners had to close their businesses in the country. “ Due to the pandemic, it was a difficult year for retailers. We are all the more pleased that the Brandenburg customers have remained loyal to us and thus also to the lottery shops in the country. The latest terminal technology and training courses support our sales partners in the 664 shops with around 3,200 employees, ”says Anja Bohms.
But people in Brandenburg also like to give tips online. The website launched in August 2020 came at the right time. It is based on the latest technological standards and is optimized for smartphone users and the fast, secure and personalized purchasing process. The share of own internet sales in the total stakes reached around 6 percent. The stakes amounted to 13.2 million euros (+40 percent).
The continuous game also made its contribution to the total stakes with 11.7 million euros and the commercial game brokers with 24.4 million euros. 

Reliable taxes for the common good

Thanks to higher revenues, higher taxes and duties also went to the state of Brandenburg. The LBL's gaming tax in 2020 was around 41.5 million euros. In addition, Lotto Brandenburg paid lottery taxes of 36.7 million euros. In total, the lottery players ensured that around 1.5 million euros flowed to the state of Brandenburg every week. With the income from the gambling tax, the state government departments support charitable, social, cultural or sporting projects. In addition, the GlücksSpirale lottery generated an additional benefit of around 950,000 euros.

"There are excellent examples of funding from lottery funds 2020, " says Kerstin Kosanke, Co-Managing Director of LBL. “The DLRG local association in Nauen received a new lifeboat, young sports talents were promoted, the Johanniter children's house Pusteblume in Burg (Spreewald) was able to complete an integrative playground, volunteer disaster relief in schools was trained, there was important financial support for the fire brigades, for culture and much more." 

Brandenburger Lotto winners
In 2020 we were able to congratulate a person in Brandenburg on a win more than seven million times. A total of around 96 million euros was paid out to the players. Five of them won seven figures and were happy about a million dollar win ", Kerstin Kosanke summarizes the individual lottery luck. 

Outlook for 2021
Lotto Brandenburg will be 30 years old this year. “For us, the anniversary is both a great pleasure and an obligation,” emphasizes the management duo. You thereby underline the social role and responsibility for the public service of the lottery company. Customers will be able to look forward to a special draw.