You can still buy N.J. lottery tickets during the coronavirus lockdown

There are many questions about what people can and can’t do during this period of isolation caused by coronavirus.

Gov. Phil Murphy has ordered a lockdown in the Garden State, closing all non-essential businesses. Naturally, some people are wondering if that will stop them from buying lottery tickets.

The quick answer is no. But depending on how big you win, your winnings may be delayed.

Grocery stores and gas stations, businesses that generally sell lottery tickets, are designated as essential businesses and will therefore stay open during the latest lockdown measures.

You can also play the New Jersey lottery on your phone thanks to a recently released mobile lottery app called Jackpocket. If you win less than $600 using Jackpocket, the money can be sent to you directly through the app. However, if you win more, a ticket to be redeemed will be mailed directly to the winner.

You won’t be able to cash in winnings at the lottery’s head office in Lawrence Township, because its offices are closed for two weeks, due to the pandemic. You can redeem winnings at local retailers that are open, as long as the prize is less than $600.

During this time, larger jackpot winners are asked to mail winning claims into its offices, but delays are expected. Winners are advised to make copies of the claim form and the winning ticket for their records.

Claimants can also sign the back of their ticket, and put it in a safe place until the office re-opens.