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PGRI Lottery Expo Transformed

Program for  Lottery Expo: Transformed and

POST-COVID19 Lottery: the Movie 

October 14-16, 2020


Tennessee Education Lottery Corp.

 Lottery Expo: Transformed and

Post-COVID19 Lottery: the Movie

All Presentations and almost all sessions will be pre-recorded.  This is really all about delivering a fabulous “Movie” UX.  

October 14 Wednesday  Show-time: 10:00 am 


Opening Credits followed by the brief “Welcome” from each of five Producers, followed by “Welcome and Introduction” from Rebecca Hargrove, Susan Jason, Paul Jason.

Back in March and April, we all felt we were on the precipice of disaster.  It did not turn out that way, in terms of lottery sales.  But do we take this reprieve and think things will now just return to normalcy, albeit slowly perhaps?  Or do we surmise that forces unleashed by the pandemic will derail a return to anything like our pre-COVID life and embrace this opportunity to, like the Phoenix, rise out of the ashes of major disruption to create something new and even better? 

How are we preparing for the most profoundly disruptive period of change in 75 years?    

Let’s begin …


Session I                   10:15 am to Noon 

The Big Picture:  Sometimes things don’t happen for decades, and sometimes decades happen in weeks.  The world is changing at warp-speed.  Following the pandemic, how do we think consumer behaviors will change and how will that impact the lottery industry … Are we prepared to optimize on the opportunities and navigate the challenges?   How will big-picture macro-economic/sociological/ cultural changes filter down to reshape specific industries … like retail, recreational gaming, and Lottery?  How might consumer lifestyles and player behaviour be permanently changed as a result of the pandemic?  And how have operational changes necessitated by the pandemic revealed new and better solutions, best-practices, and ways to operate that will continue on into the future?

Impact of Covid on the Global Lottery Industry:  

Jay Gendron, Chief Operating Officer Lottery, IGT

Richard Bateson, Chief Commercial Officer, JUMBO Interactive

The Big-Picture Roundtable Leader: 

Gordon Medenica, Director, Maryland Lottery and Gaming and

Lead Director of Mega Millions


Richard Bateson, Chief Commercial Officer, JUMBO Interactive

Mandy Carter, Director of Retail Development, Scientific Games

James Maida, Chief Executive Officer, GLI (Gaming Labs) 

Mark Michalko, Executive Director, North Carolina Education Lottery

Ryan Mindell, Lottery Operations Director, Texas Lottery
Doug Pollard, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Pollard Banknote and NeoPollard


ONE 5-minute Producer Interview.  Lottery Director and CEO Interviews and posting audience’ responses to Poll-Anywhere questions.   


Women in Lottery Leadership (WILL) Session   12:30 to 1:30 pm  CST

Roundtable to discuss leadership principles with the officers of

North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries (NASPL), MUSL, Powerball, and the Inter-Provincial Lotteries        

Roundtable Leader:

Rebecca Hargrove, Founder & Chair of WILL, President & CEO of the Tennessee Education Lottery Corp., and President of the World Lottery Association


Angela Wong, Director, Montana Lottery and President of NASPL

Sarah Taylor, Executive Director, Hoosier Lottery, First Vice President of NASPL

And President of MUSL (Multi-State Lottery Association) 

Gretchen Corbin, President & CEO, Georgia Lottery Corp. and Second Vice President of NASPL    

Cindy Polzin, Director, Wisconsin Lottery, Treasurer of NASPL

May Scheve Reardon, Executive Director, Missouri Lottery and

Chair of the Powerball Group  

Lynne Roiter, President & CEOLoto-Québec, President Interprovincial Lotteries


ONE 5-minute Producer Interview.  Lottery Director and CEO Interviews and posting audience’ responses to Poll-Anywhere questions.   


Session II      Oct. 14        2:00 pm to 3:00 pm  CST Central Time LIVE  

SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats

How can the SWOT method for systematically assessing the lay of the land, and designing action plans to optimize performance and results, be applied to guide us in the post-COVID19 world?  How might Team Lottery identify and leverage its strengths and mitigate its weaknesses; capitalize on opportunities; and prepare for threats to its business model?  And how might SWOT be applied to optimize performance of the National Games – Powerball and Mega Millions.      


A Short Story: The Year No One Saw Coming. 

The real meaning of “Hindsight is 2020”:

Charlie Scannella, Vice President, SGEP Sales and

Michelle Simon, Director of Marketing SGEP, OH, Scientific Games

SWOT Roundtable Leader:  May Scheve Reardon, Executive Director, Missouri Lottery,  Chair of Powerball Group  


Gretchen Corbin, President & CEO, Georgia Lottery Corporation

Rebecca Hargrove, President & CEO, Tennessee Education Lottery Corp. and

President of the World Lottery Association 

Gordon Medenica, Director, Maryland Lottery & Gaming

and Lead Director of Mega Millions 

Drew Svitko, Executive Director, Pennsylvania Lottery 

Bret Toyne, Executive Director, MUSL (Multi-State Lottery Association)


World Lottery Association Roundtable           3:00 pm to 3:45 pm. 

Rebecca Hargrove, President & CEO, Tennessee Lottery, President of the WLA

Paul Jason, CEO, PGRI, Inc.

Lynne Roiter, President & CEO, Loto-Québec, President Interprovincial Lotteries, and NASPL representative to the WLA  

Luca Esposito, Executive Director, World Lottery Association


ONE 5-minute Producer Interview.  Lottery Director Interviews and posting audience’ responses to Poll-Anywhere questions.   


Lottery Industry Hall of Fame Ceremony       4:00 to 5:00 pm CST 

Inducting the six new 2020 Hall of Fame members:
Scott Gunn, Senior Vice President, Corporate Public Affairs, IGT

Patrick McHugh, Executive Vice President and

Lottery Group Chief Executive, Scientific Games Corp.

Gordon Medenica, Director, Maryland Lottery and Gaming

John Pollard, Co-Chief Executive Officer Pollard Banknote 

Nigel Railton, Chief Executive Officer, Camelot UK

Bishop Woosley, Managing Partner, Woosley Gaming Advisors, and former Director, Arkansas Lottery Commission


October 15      Thursday


Session III                                                     10:00 am CST Central Standard Time

Digitization of the in-store shopping and player experience

Has the pandemic accelerated the rate of modernization and digitization of Retail - enough to keep up with changes in consumer behaviour, and the changes in the retail market-place?  How might technology address new concerns for contactless interaction and heightened priority of ease and convenience?  What are the highest-priority investments that Lottery should be making in modernization, retailer support functions, and in-store digitization?

The Future of Lottery Presentations:

Scott Henneman, Vice President - Business Development & Governmental Affairs, Grover Gaming

Terry Presta, Head of North America Business, Abacus Lottery International


Digitization Roundtable Leader: 

Gary Grief, Executive Director, Texas Lottery


Michelle Carney, Vice President Global Lottery Marketing, IGT

Maxwell Goldstein, Vice President Sales, Carmanah Signs

Nick Papadoglou, Chief Commercial Officer, INTRALOT US 

Jennifer Westbury, Executive Vice President Sales & Customer Development, Pollard Banknote  


October 16      Friday   10:00 am CST Central Standard Time

Session IV                            10:00 am to Noon CST

iLottery:  There is so much to talk about as 2021 promises to be a very big year for more U.S. states to authorize iLottery, and for players to want to avail themselves of online options.  What should all lotteries be doing now to position themselves for the possibility that iLottery may be soon approved in their jurisdiction?  What are the key drivers for success in the world of online lottery?  How are the online and off-line channels integrated to be mutually supportive, engage the players on multiple channels, drive traffic to stores, and otherwise optimize the whole lottery omni-channel ecosystem?  What is the value of social-media based initiatives that nurture the online connection with the consumer?  And how do we stay close to the player amidst all these technical issues?  As one industry leader observed: “It’s not just the plumbing we need to focus on, it’s the players.”


Brian Roberts, President North America, JUMBO Interactive

U.S. iLottery – Some basics:  Jason Lisiecki, Vice President, North America, IWG (Instant Win Gaming)

The Future is Here: Liz Siver, General Manager, NeoPollard Interactive

Karri Paavilainen, Senior Director North America Interactive Lottery Services, IGT

Andrea Williams, Senior Marketing Manager Gaming, IGT

2021: What the Machines See Coming:

Merv Huber-Calvo, Director, Growth Marketing, Scientific Games

iLottery Roundtable Leader: 

Gretchen Corbin,  President and Chief Executive Officer,

Georgia Lottery Corporation


Richard Bateson, Chief Commercial Officer, JUMBO Interactive

Kevin Hall, Executive Director, Virginia Lottery

Doug Pollard, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Pollard Banknote and Co-CEO of NeoPollard Interactive

Stephanie Weyant, Deputy Executive Director, Marketing & Product Development, Pennsylvania Lottery

Andrea Williams, Senior Marketing Manager, Gaming, IGT


ONE 5-minute Producer Interview.  Lottery Director Interviews and posting audience’ responses to Poll-Anywhere questions.   


Session V                                          12:30 pm to 2:00 pm CST  

Maximizing the endless potential of Instant Scratch-offs to continue to drive growth for years to come.  Scratch ticket sales have been growing for years, but exploded for many lotteries during the pandemic. What’s driving the growth during these pandemic times, and what can lotteries do to leverage new insights and drive ongoing growth in Instants?   How can a balanced and mutually-reinforcing relationship between online and off-line Instants be built?  Why is it important to attract and engage players on multiple channels?  What are future growth platforms, POS devices, pathways to expand access to the games and attract new consumers?

Instant Scratch-Offs Roundtable Leader: 

Beth Bresnahan, Executive Director, DC Lottery


David Barden, Chief Executive Officer, New Mexico Lottery

Charles McIntyre, Executive Director, New Hampshire Lottery

Meghan Dondero, Regional Vice President, Scientific Games

Mike Purcell, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Kentucky Lottery Corp.

Brad Thompson, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Pollard Banknote





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