To remain viable, the lottery must reach out to next generation of consumers, lottery Executive Director Ed Van Petten said. "That is the emerging market for all of us," he said.     David Gale of the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries told the House commerce committee that Minnesota must continue online sales "if you expect to remain relevant, if you expect to have a player option 10 years from now."  Van Petten said the scratch-off games, which began Feb. 6, are not hurting retail pulltab sales and should help them. He also said the lottery does not compete with charities that sponsor scratch-off games. The bill heads to the House rules committee. A similar bill awaits Senate consideration.
“The lottery’s sole mission is to sell tickets to raise money for education,” said Alice Garland, executive director of the N.C. Education Lottery. “The dollars raised as people play our games and win prizes are making a difference across the state. They help pay teachers’ salaries. They help build and repair schools. They give four-year-olds a seat in academic preschools. And they help students cover the costs of going to college.”
New York voters passed a referendum in November that approved up to seven private casinos statewide after lawmakers approved the constitutional amendment earlier in the year. The first four are limited to the Catskills, Southern Tier and Albany area.
Mr. Jean-Luc Moner-Banet, President of the WLA, said that: “This is indeed an accomplishment for the company who has been certified with a level 4 certification, being the highest level that a lottery can attain in this certification”.  The President of EL, Mr. Friedrich Stickler, commented: “Being recognized by the European Lotteries on such an important subject is indeed a huge landmark not only for Maltco Lotteries but also for Malta. I congratulate all the Maltco’s team for the hard work they have put towards this project”.

"We are very excited to begin working with Washington's Lottery for the first time in our company's history," said Doug Pollard, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Pollard Banknote, adding that "by securing this new contract, the Lottery demonstrates its confidence in our ability to offer the latest innovations to help maximize proceeds for the wide-ranging education programs it supports. We look forward to helping the Lottery creatively respond to changes in both the lottery industry and theWashington marketplace with exciting leading-edge innovations that have broad appeal."
State Sen. Ray Lesniak, Democrat from Union said, “Congress should leave us alone.” Lesniak added, “Instead of a dangerous, overseas black market, consumers in the state of New Jersey have a safe place to go – a program that not only includes essential consumer protections, but also generates thousands of dollars in revenue,”
Author and game designer  Jane McGonigal describes the idea of ten-year forecasting and how it impacts game design. The idea, she explained, is similar to how jellybeans can be mixed and combined to create different flavors, like a banana split or candy apple. But with forecasting, researchers look at signals, things that have become important topics of discussion, and see how they could combine in the future to create something new.  In her latest ten year forecasting McGonigal looked at a variety of signals and came up with five futuristic games inspired by the ideas that seem to be building buzz.
The National Lotteries Board (NLB), although a public body, is under no obligation to provide information to the media or anyone else on its operations when possible harm may occur if this information lands in the public domain.  This is according to a recent Pretoria High Court judgment.   “Instead of providing some detail so the NLB could respond and not be tarnished without the ability to respond, the applicant merely argued the NLB confuses its right to access to information.”  Judge Ebersohn said Media24 could not simply say it did not have to justify its request for access to this information.
The economic crisis in France and the complexity of poker as a game are blamed for the poker market’s underperformance
"FDJ is a valued and long-term partner and this is an extremely positive achievement for Scientific Games," said Jim Kennedy, Executive Vice President, Group Chief Executive of Lottery.  "It confirms our position as the number one instant game supplier for FDJ."


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