Businesses that understand and apply gamification techniques will out-flank their competitors in the race to capture the scarcest commodity of the 21th century – the attention and engagement of staff and customers.”
PGRI Note: This story is interesting for the great ideas and insights it is generating from convenience store owners.  First, there is the recognition that lottery ticket sales have a powerful residual impact on overall sales, i.e. lottery customers end up buying other products when they come in to buy lottery products.  Second, convenience store owners are getting creative and resourceful at figuring out how to compete, how to cross-promote lottery with other products to drive store traffic.  Insofar as it galvanizes action like that, a little “worry”, a little competition, would seem to be just what this industry needs.
PGRI Note:  Great article.  Companies whose products have little to do with games are using games to infuse fun and entertainment to engage the consumers’ interest.  The notion of this would seem to have big implications for Lottery.  First, we could learn from the multitude of consumer products companies who are “gamifying” their interaction with consumers; we could glean some ideas for how to connect gaming with consumers.  Second, maybe the agenda of big consumer products companies to “gamify” their products could be the basis for more, bigger, better marketing/advertising/promotional collaborations with popular consumer brands?  Third, if consumer products companies pile onto the gamification bandwagon, the notion that Lottery is competing for the “entertainment dollar” will take on a whole new meaning.

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