Black Friday saw internet traffic up 60% compared with last year, while online sales for Cyber Monday grew by 21%, with mobile sales exceeding 17% of total online sales. But while shoppers may be turning to online channels to get their retail fix, the high street has also been evolving. From interactive storefront windows to holograms in changing rooms, technology is changing the way we shop in-store. Connected shelves, robots and 3D printing are being tested in retail settings and could well become a regular fixture of high street stores in the future.
Consumers are getting savier, and are now increasingly likely to browse for items online for price, and actually make the purchase in the store. The practice is called reverse showrooming, or “webrooming,” and some have been calling it the brick-and-mortar retailers’ secret weapon in 2014.
The big bang shake out happened around the year 2008-09 when retailers shifted their focus from product-centric to customer-centric expansion and consolidation, setting up premium store locations at strategic locations which would serve as a value proposition to pave the way for a biga big leap forward and precipitate a monumental expansion in both online and brick and mortar formats, facilitating greater visibility, building allegiance and gaining referral.
Lotteries worldwide are waking up to the wonders of creative advertising. Commercials for the biggest lotteries these days are pretty engaging and entertaining, with a fun quotient right up there with beer ads. There’s a distinct shift in theme and underlying message, one that moves away from good ol’ heart-warming “change-your-life” to good-natured everyday fun with low risk and high stakes. This is not surprising considering the fact that most lotteries are trying to connect with a younger customer-base that probably does not buy into the concept of luck-by-numbers (unlike previous generations), or is interested in the preachy philanthropic value of the game (think National Lottery).
Customer Acquisition was the key in a product-selling word.  Customer Retention is the key in a services-based world, and it’s all a services-based economy now.

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