63% of retailers indicated "enable seamless customer experience online and in the store " as one of their top corporate initiatives and 29% ranked the "ability to buy anywhere, get anywhere, return anywhere" as a key priority.
Statistics show that people only retain 10% of what they hear and about 20% of what they read. In an era defined by dwindling attention spans and voracious content consumption across multiple devices, cutting through the proverbial clutter has never been more difficult. Today’s content marketers are faced with the challenge of populating myriad platforms with constantly updated content, satisfying the market’s need for instant gratification whilst at the same time establishing a real connection with customers. So how do you create compelling content that not only resonates with your customer base, but also promotes understanding of your brand and generates real ROI for your business?
PGRI Note: Amazon is by far the most successful online retailer.  Its entry into the land-based sector would seem to be a most telling sign of the enduring relevance of the land-based retailing.   A recent study from global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney suggests that the best approach to retail may actually be a combination of physical stores with an online presence, or  what it calls “omnichannel commerce.”


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