While Mississippi is one of six states that isn’t a part of the Powerball lottery — Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah are the others — we were the third state to legalize riverboat gambling in 1990.Casinos in the state of Mississippi have all suffered since Hurricane Katrina destroyed most of the coast casinos in 2005 and the recession of 2008 hit everyone hard. Casino revenue numbers continue to decrease, causing a shortfall in projected money for our state. Anyone who regularly visits the Tunica casinos or the ones on the Gulf Coast knows how things have changed in the last decade.
The 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was ratified 224 years ago — almost to the day — to ensure that the rights of the people would be protected from a government in Washington, D.C., eager to impose its will on them. Unless a power is specifically delegated to the federal government under the Constitution, it is “reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”   It is also important to note that no bill in Congress would or could ban online gambling, in part because it is impossible to prevent foreign operators in places like the Caribbean, China, and Russia from bringing their gambling business into U.S. markets.  States have already proven that they have the ability to prohibit gambling or approve and regulate it.  Moreover, it’s not Congress’s job to pick winners and losers. Chaffetz’s bill would allow some domestic Internet gambling and prevent others, essentially picking the winners and losers. FanDuel and DraftKings are just two examples. And, for years, Americans have been legally allowed to bet on horse racing over the Internet. We urge all members of the House Oversight Committee to stand for the principles in our Constitution.

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