The bill gives professional sports teams the exclusive right to conduct charitable gambling by selling raffle tickets known as 50-50. Half the proceeds are paid out as prize money and the other half goes to charities of the team's choice. Some nonprofit charities opposed the bill, saying it gives franchise owners an unfair exemption others don't have.
Draft Kings hasn't contacted Chicopee state rep who handles Massachusetts gambling issues Massachusetts State Rep. Joe Wagner told the State House News Service that the Draft Kings fantasy sports site that lures customers with the potential to win money could be an item of discussion between lawmakers and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and said whether it would prompt any legislation is an open question.
PGRI Note:  This means that at least one jurisdiction has decided not to blacklist PokerStars and Full-Tilt for their criminal violation of U.S. laws prior to “Black Friday” (April 13, 2012, when these companies were indicted for operating i-poker websites in the U.S. in spite of its being illegal to do so).
Proposals to legalize online gambling, skill-based slots and fantasy sports in Pennsylvania are still “alive and well” says the chairman of Gaming Oversight Committee in the state House. Various courts have ruled that betting on fantasy sports is legal, but Rep. John Payne sees a “huge difference” between being legal and being regulated. Regulation would protect bettors, raise money for the state and allow the public to know how much is bet and how much is paid out, he says. Slot machine rules approved this month in Nevada could set the stage for games that revolutionize casino gambling throughout the United States. The Nevada Gaming Commission adopted guidelines for skill-based games, which allow players to win based on their skill at arcade-style attractions such as pinball, shoot-'em-ups and maze-running rather than relying on pure luck, as traditional slots do. Like many other gambling regulations, the Nevada rules will be a template for other states, including Pennsylvania. A bill to allow skill-based games in the Keystone State is one of several pro-casino measures before the Legislature.

EL Congress 2015 in Oslo, Norway "Touch Tomorrow" Photo Collage

EL Congress 2015 - DAY 2 - PHOTOS in Oslo, Norway "Touch Tomorrow" Photo Collage



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