The government is planning to impose a fee on offshore gaming companies which take in $1 billion a year in bets on New Zealand racing and sports, and may allow the TAB to widen its product range to stem the flow of Kiwis betting online with offshore operators.
Rosenberg likened playing in one of the leagues to placing bets at a horse racing track. “I want to take the word ‘athlete’ out of whatever sport we are talking about and insert the word ‘horse’…it's all the same thing,” he said. “You basically are evaluating the performance of the individual athlete. You look at their records, you look at how they play against other people, you look at how they play within their team and how this, that, and the other affects their performance and the likely outcome. “Effectively you are making a wager as to whether they are going to throw a touchdown, whether the team is going to win, whether they are going to gain a certain number of yards. It’s the same that goes on in horse racing,” Rosenberg continued.  “You look at the list of the horses, you compare their past performance, you look at how they run against the other horses that are going to be in that race, you make a judgement, then you go to the window and place a bet. “And, if they win first, second, or third, you pick up your money.”
The Gambling Authority has fined a total of almost half a million of fines to two gambling companies behind the website Their offerers focused on the Netherlands illegal games of chance. In parallel payments from consumers through a company that later turned out not to exist. It is the highest fine imposed so far in a gambling company by the Gaming Authority.
The move is intended to direct online gambling revenues to the government’s own website, Espacejeux, and the government said in March it expects to bring in an additional $13.5-million in 2016-17 and $27-million a year after that.  Nathalie Roberge, a spokeswoman for the Finance Minister, said the Quebec government simply sees this as an extension of its long-held right to regulate gambling. “These activities evolved and they are now online,” she said Friday. “We have jurisdiction to regulate gambling activities and that’s what we’re doing with this project,” she said Friday.

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