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GLI’s Managing Director of GLI Europe and Africa Martin Britton said, “We would like to thank ONJN in awarding the first Class II license to GLI, and we wish them every success. This will allow our clients to move forward in this regulated market, and we would be happy for suppliers and operators to contact GLI as we have up-to-the-minute information about the Romanian regulation, along with all the various certification and audit requirements. “We see Romania as a key regulated jurisdiction for suppliers and operators moving forward,” he said.

“We are a company that strives to bring people together from across the globe sharing the same values, innovative spirit and the drive to move the lottery industry forward and provide our customers with up to date technology and services that will help to improve their contribution to the good causes they in turn serve,” said Frank Cecchini, the CEO of NLS. “Our guests were impressed by the enthusiasm and creativity of the NLS team which only assures me that we are on the right track to establishing a leading position in this industry,” added Heidar Karlsson, the CTO of NLS. Click here to read release

G2E 2015 Las Vegas

EL Congress 2015 in Oslo, Norway "Touch Tomorrow" Photo Collage

EL Congress 2015 - DAY 2 - PHOTOS in Oslo, Norway "Touch Tomorrow" Photo Collage



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