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Regulators are considering opening up the casino market to new investors and the draft law could be finalized by the end of the year, changing the face of the Cambodian gambling industry.  Online gambling could also be included in the package.

Industry News

The GBGA continues to insist that introducing laws that require all operators to apply for a license from the UK Gambling Commission is in fact a breach of European law.  "The likely impact of this legislation will be to drive UK consumers towards unregulated or poorly regulated operators, leaving them exposed to unnecessary risks," said Peter Howitt, the chief executive of GBGA.  Gibraltar's government is encouraging the challenge, fearful that the 15% tax and new rules could encourage UK bookies to relocate back to Britain.

PGRI Note: Operators based in tax havens like Gibraltar and Malta are constantly complaining about anything and everything the member states do to regulate and tax i-gaming.  Their mission is to convince the EU Commission to force all EU member states to de-regulate the industry with the result that all i-gaming revenues will flow out of the nations that have a tax rate higher than these remote operators deem to be acceptable, which is like 1%.

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