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Texas Congressman (Republican) Joe Barton introduced a bill, HR 2888, also known as the Internet Poker Freedom Act, that if passed could regulate online poker throughout the country and allow each state the ability to decide whether or not they wish to allow the activity within its borders.   This isn't the first time Barton has introduced a bill in hopes of regulating online poker.  Barton introduced a bill, HR 2366, the Online Poker Act of 2011, in June 2011 cosponsored by 11 Representatives across party lines. Two years later, in July 2013, Congressman Barton tried again with the HR 2666 theInternet Poker Freedom Act of 2013.

Internet, Mobile & Sports Betting

This week, presidential candidate and Senator Lindsey Graham introduced S.1688 – a bill with a name and policy pitch that rely on a false history of U.S. gaming legislation. The bill would expand the Wire Act’s scope, which currently includes only sports betting, to include all forms of gaming. In doing so, the bill would also reverse those portions of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 that permitted states to license and regulate online poker and other limited forms of online gaming on an intra-state basis. Thus, with this bill, Senator Graham and other legislators seek to deprive states of the ability to establish regulated gaming and compact with other like-minded states. The bill is identical to legislation introduced by House Oversight Committee chairman Jason Chaffetz in February of this year, and to a bill introduced in the Senate a year ago.


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