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The problem with banning online gaming is that it already exists, but it is just relegated to the shadows. A quick Internet search reveals that anyone with a credit card can start betting on any number of shady operators overseas. In any potential legalized U.S. gaming system, there would be an eight-point verification process, including Social Security number verification.  This would be more than enough to catch fraud and ensure consumer protections. In the three states that currently operate online gaming, there have been no allegations of underage or out-of-state betting. The same cannot be said for brick-and-mortar casinos. Since 2009, Adelson’s Sands Casinos in Bethlehem, Penn., have been fined more than $220,000 for allowing underage gambling on  more than 20 occasions. In recent cases, two 17-year-olds were able to place bets before casino security finally asked for identification. Rep. Chaffetz’s bill could restrict state lotteries’ online games that many states use to fund important priorities, like education. Without those funds, citizens might see taxes increase in other areas. When that issue was raised in a conference call with state lottery officials earlier this year, Chaffetz suggested that state officials try to pass their own federal bill instead of trying to amend his bill.

Internet, Mobile & Sports Betting

ESPN has been cautiously attempting to enter the eSports market since it first streamed the world championships of the game Dota2 in July 2014 on Despite ESPN president John Skipper telling re/code back in September that eSports aren't sports — they're competition, like chess — the company has reportedly been pleased with the viewership their online streams of tournaments have received, which is why on Sunday it made an unprecedented move in the United States to finally broadcast eSports over the airwaves.


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