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"We are very proud to welcome our new customer Mifal Hapais to the NOVOMATIC Group. It is a positive proof of the market's need for more competition amongst the top tier providers, in order to bring innovation and value to this growing market", said Thomas Graf, CTO of NOVOMATIC AG. "We are very pleased to have concluded this contract with NOVOMATIC. Their commitment to us as a client is a lesson in excellent service, and their complete solution is a lesson in innovation. We are looking for- ward to many years of success, which will allow Mifal Hapais to increase the contribution for our good causes", said Eli Dadon, CEO of Mifal Hapais.

Worldwide Lottery

"We're proud to team up with the NHL® to offer NHL® LOTTO for hockey fans and lottery players to take a chance on winning big throughout the season and all year round," said  Greg McKenzie OLG Senior Vice President, Lottery. "Associating this great new game with the best hockey league in the world will make NHL® LOTTO far more popular than a generic theme.  It's time to drop the puck and see who wins!"

Worldwide Lottery

Government Lotteries and their commercial partners have become the market leaders.  Instead of responding to change as it occurs in the market-place, Team Lottery is leading the charge with innovative approaches to brand extensions, integrating multi-media strategies for new customer-acquisition and core customer relationship management, aligning game development and marketing strategies with real-world player profiles instead of old-school demographic segmentation, and converting ‘big data’ into better products delivered at the right time, in the right place, to the right consumer.  All the pieces are in place for Team Lottery to consolidate its position as the most progressive, exciting, and trusted operator in the games-of-chance industry.

Steve Jobs once said “The only ones crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do”.  PGRI Conferences are about giving voice to the ideas that matter most, the ideas that are making an impact, the ideas that may even be changing the world of government-gaming.  Join is in New York to be a part of the movement to reinvent Lottery for the modern consumer-driven market-place.

Congratulations to David Gale and Team NASPL for producing the fabulous conference and trade-show event at Atlantic City!  Susan and I so enjoyed seeing you all there.  The induction of Terry Rich as President of NASPL, and Terry’s acceptance speech as inspirational “call-to-action” was one of many high-lights to the program.  The Hall of Fame ceremony for Gary Grief was another.  And the chance to visit with and learn from our colleagues is always a privilege.  Next up is the World Lottery Summit Nov. 2 to 5 in Rome.  (See for complete info about program, speakers, registration, etc.)  Held only every other year, the WLS is the biggest event in the lottery industry.  PGRI hosts the Global Hall of Fame ceremony at the WLS on Tuesday November 4.  Inducted into the Hall of Fame at the WLS Rome will be:

Jean M. Jørgensen, Executive Director of the World Lottery Association (WLA)

David Loeb, President of the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC)

Tan Soo Nan, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Pools Pty Ltd td

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