La Française des Jeux introduces a prize for life

to its KENO game

After the success of the relaunch of Keno game in 2007 with the “multiplier” option, la Française des Jeux (FDJ®) is introducing new features to its Keno game.

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, the formula of the game has been simplified and now offers a lifetime prize, from February 24. It is the first Keno game in the world that offers a prize for life.

2 different playslips have been launched aiming at recruiting new customers and reinforcing regular players’ loyalty. :

· A new simple playslip has been implemented aiming at attracting new players. So far, 1.5 million customers play Keno. The new formula enables players to win up to €20,000 a year for life (unique stake of €2 and the player has to choose 9 or 10 numbers).

· The formula (2-10/20/70) and the minimum stake (€1 per grid) of the classic formula remain unchanged. But the maximum stake has changed from €5 to €10. A new option has been introduced on the traditional playslip: by doubling its stake and adding €1, the player can at least triple its winnings. Furthermore the conventional playslip offers a lifetime prize up to €100.000 a year for a stake of €10. The player can choose the midday and/or evening drawing. This formula enables players to win regularly small prizes by selecting few numbers or win from time to time bigger amounts by selecting a lot of numbers.

The launch of the new formula will be supported by a new multi-media campaign:

· TV (still 2 TV drawings a day and a new TV campaign (by Young and Rubicam), the first one since 2008;

· Point of sales advertising and POS promotions such as vouchers’ distribution. In 330 POS, a €2 grid will be offered to players who will play at least €4;

· Game advertising on the Internet on and on Facebook.

With sales of almost €500m in 2012, Keno is the 6th game of la Française des Jeux (FDJ®).

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