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Under certain conditions the market shall also be opened for private online gambling providers – these conditions such as number of licences, tax rate, etc. will be discussed over the next months in a taskforce. A draft bill is expected to be introduced to parliament in the H2 of 2013.

In order to incorporate the interests of the international online gambling providers into the public and parliamentary discussion a “Online Gambling Association Switzerland (OGAS) was founded beginning of 2013. OGAS will be working on various levels to ensure a liberal Swiss online gambling market. For its members the Association creates an optimal starting point to apply for licences after in the post regulatory phase.

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Press Release, The Federal Council, 13.02.2013

Bern. The Federal Council has set benchmarks on Wednesday for future gaming legislation. According to the implementation of the new constitution in particular lead to the fact that the addiction can be effectively combated. Next to money games can be offered under certain conditions on the Internet. Finally, the Federal Council wants to eliminate the unequal treatment of gambling winnings.

On 11 March 2012 the direct counterpoint to the popular initiative "for gambling in the service of the common good" of the people and was accepted. The FDJP is now, together with representatives from the federal, cantonal, the gaming industry and the drug prevention from implementing the new constitutional provision. In future, the money game are being governed by a single law.

Effective protection against gambling

The organizers of gambling should be required to take appropriate precautions to minimize the dangers of gambling addiction. In particular, the focus will be laid on preventive aspects. A new independent body, which is composed of experts to combat gambling addiction is to advise the organizers here and support the regulatory authorities in their work.

Gambling on the Internet also

The Federal Council wants to loosen the existing ban on online casino games. In the future, money games that are offered on the Internet. Basically to the same rules and criteria as outside the Internet. In particular, the same requirements for safety, protection of minors and gambling addiction apply. With this offer, the Federal Council wishes to prevent illegal online games are offered, where access is not the type of protection against gambling addiction. Moreover, the Federal Council is not the revenue from online games left to the foreign suppliers, but the AHV / IV and projects in the field out cultural, social and sports.

New reflections on the taxation of gambling winnings

Current legislation must winnings from lotteries and betting to be taxed, however, are gambling winnings, which are achieved at the casino, tax-free. In order to eliminate this discrimination, the Federal Council recommends, gambling winnings taxed no more generally. The tax losses for the federal government and the cantons should be compensated by additional revenue for the benefit of non-profit or the AVS / AI least because the money game in Switzerland is likely to be attractive by the proposed changes.

Coordinated enforcement

There is a coordinating body be established, composed of members of law enforcement agencies equally between the federal government and the cantons. This is to institutionalize the exchange of views and cooperation between the federal authorities and the cantons. This is a consistent and effective gambling policy will be achieved.

The consultation on the new gambling law is scheduled to open in the second half of 2013.

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