Betting with the 2012 result was 501.2 million. million (-2.5%). Revenue was EUR 1 775.8 million. million (- 0.9%).

Tipping the 2012 comparable earnings rose by 3.2%. Then the comparison is taken into account in the beginning of 2012 occurred in one-time changes in the environment: the lottery tax increase and the horse moving away from Veikkaus games. Betting lottery tax paid 2 percentage points because of an increase over the previous year EUR 16.5 million. million more than the old 10 percent tax rate would be made available. In addition, in 2012, was one of Lotto's lap less than in 2011.

- Veikkaus year 2012 contained a number of changes. Challenging circumstances reached almost to the expectations according to the result. Tipping activities are the cornerstones of the development of cost-effectiveness, accountability and reliability, and we made ??progress in all of these well over the past year, says Juha Koponen .

Registered players increased by 1 463 000 (+ 6.9%). The new mobile apps website visits per week rose to 100 000 a week. Identified Veikkaus share of gaming revenues increased and is now 50.1%.

The most rapidly growing groups, the game network game room games in which reached 112.4 million. turnover of € (11.3%), and sports betting games in 290.6 million. sales of EUR (6.1%).

Players were paid a total of 950.0 million in winnings. million (-1.1%).

Betting is aiming for 2013 earnings to grow moderately. The company was reorganized in the beginning of 2013. The changes is straightforward management structure, performance accountability, and lower organizational structure.Operating within the organizational changes made to support the new business strategy.

- We also believe that profitability will develop positively, while this year we invest in gaming, as well as the ease of customers to encounter even more attractive products through multiple channels and through better service, emphasizes Juha Koponen.


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