"We need a concerted effort to make sure that nothing happens in the lame duck, and we need to brace ourselves for 2015 at the federal level," said John Pappas executive director of the PPA. "There's certainly opportunity for some shenanigans to happen, and everyone in the gaming industry should be keeping a close watch on what Congress may do, he said."
Since 1974, the state has awarded $3,000,000,000 prizes and transferred back $1,200,000,000 back into the state’s general fund, according to Gregg Mineo, Director of the  Maine  Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations.
The app, which is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play, features the ability to scan tickets for entry in the Second Chance Prize Zone, new and old winning numbers, instant games, access to the VIP Players Club, retailer locations and more. Lottery Executive Director Sil Lutkewitte says, “Our players asked us to develop an app and we listened. With the soaring popularity of smartphones and greatly increased mobile traffic to our website, our official app will make it simpler and easier for players to stay connected with us.”  Players still must visit Lottery retailers in order to purchase and validate tickets.
Facebook, the world's most popular social networking site, recently complied with a request sent by Lotteritilsynet, the Norwegian Gaming Authority, to remove pages associated with online gaming operators who are illegally marketing to Norwegian customers.   Lotteritilsynet has also sent warning letters to foreign illegal gaming operators reminding them of Norway’s gambling laws and requested them to eliminate all operations and marketing targeted at Norwegian consumers.  The Director of Lotteritsynet Atle Hamar states that, “Some companies have also publicly stated that they operate in accordance with Norwegian law, and it is wrong. The foreign online gaming companies are using increasingly famous Norwegian spokespersons or ambassadors in an attempt to market the games in Norway [and] these individuals thus contribute to the illegal marketing.”
The Seattle Seahawks have teamed up with Washington's Lottery to release the $5 Seahawks 12 Scratch ticket using special Hazen holographic board that incorporates the Seahawks logo into the holography.
"We're proud to team up with the NHL® to offer NHL® LOTTO for hockey fans and lottery players to take a chance on winning big throughout the season and all year round," said  Greg McKenzie OLG Senior Vice President, Lottery. "Associating this great new game with the best hockey league in the world will make NHL® LOTTO far more popular than a generic theme.  It's time to drop the puck and see who wins!"
IGT has retained Citigroup Global Markets Limited, Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. and Credit Suisse Securities ( USA ) LLC to act as solicitation agents in connection with the consent solicitation and  D.F. King  & Co., Inc. to act as the information and tabulation agent for the consent solicitation
“Introducing a $30 price point to our instant game portfolio was a very strategic step and World Class Millions  has proven to be a record-breaker in Massachusetts,” said Beth Bresnahan, Executive Director of the Massachusetts State Lottery. “We are so honored that the industry has recognized the game’s success and the thought put into its development and launch with NASPL’s prestigious Best New Instant Game Award.”
Italy’s Finance Ministry, Pier Carlo Padoan, holds that unlicensed operators are responsible for costing the country up to €122 million every year in potential tax revenues. As a result, the Finance Ministry has now set out its plans to combat the problem in a new 140-page report entitled “Report on Tax Evasion,” and as an extract of the document, explains:   “The law enforcement operations against various illegal activities related to gambling.. aim not only to fight against tax evasion, but also to protect the market from the attempts of infiltration of organized crime, money laundering activities and at the same time protect consumers from unsafe and dangerous game offerings.”
In Sweden, poker players are not taxed on winnings from sites licensed inside the European Economic Area, but those players gambling at poker rooms not part of the EU are required to declare their winnings and pay regular taxes on them

Innovative “MONOPOLY Millionaires Club™” Launches October 19

Companion One-Hour TV Game Show to Debut February 2015
“Lottery players have long told us they’d like to see a game with more million-dollar prizes,” said Rebecca Hargrove, President and CEO of the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation and National Chairman of the game. “With three chances to win a million dollars or more, and a game design that ensures multiple million-dollar winners, MONOPOLY Millionaires’ Club has the potential to make more millionaires in one drawing than any game in U.S. lottery history. That’s great for our players and great for the education programs funded by proceeds from the Tennessee Lottery.”

Announcing the new game, Rebecca Paul Hargrove, president of the Tennessee Lottery, explained, “Lotteries across the country came together and listened to what players wanted.”

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