Opponents of Indian gambling and local California officials are pushing back against a proposed federal rule that would simplify the recognition of American Indian tribes. At stake is a potential surge of new casinos in the state, which critics of the federal changes argue would damage local communities.  The Stand Up for California report estimated that the proposed rule change could lead to the rapid recognition of 34 more Indian tribes in California, resulting in another 22 casinos. Those newly recognized tribal governments would also be able to assert ownership over state lands, it added, removing them from land-use rules and local laws.
Regulators said the technology, which is operated by Gibraltar-based 888 Holdings, could be the model for the planned system that would run the shared online gaming network between Nevada and Delaware.
“This is a $500 billion industry, most of which is illegal,” said Dennis Drazin, consultant to the  New Jersey Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Association, which operates  Monmouth Park. “It would literally save Monmouth Park, save thousands of jobs. “It would have a big impact on our economy, and we are looking forward to offering the public sports betting in  Monmouth Park in September.”  New Jersey did win a minor victory  when the Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the state. That ruling shaped the Lesniak bill, he said. “So Sen.Lesniak carefully evaluated what the courts had said, and he drafted a bill in the Senate,” Drazin said. “The bill is on the governor’s desk, awaiting a decision whether he will sign it.
"The Florida Lottery welcomes Wawa as the newest partner in our retailer network," said Florida Lottery Secretary Cynthia O'Connell. "With the broad array of products available at Wawa stores, adding Florida Lottery ticket sales provides customers with a convenient one-stop shopping experience while helping raise more money for Florida students and schools."   "We're excited at the opportunity to sell Lottery products in Wawa locations in Central Florida," said Tom Delacenserie, Deputy Secretary of Sales at the Florida Lottery. "We look forward to Wawa, Inc., becoming one of our top-selling corporate chains, which will benefit their bottom line and increase Lottery revenue for education."
INTRALOT Group Managing Director of Asia, Mr. Marios Mitromaras, said: "We are very proud of, and satisfied by this Extension. We are certain that this project will further enhance our close relationship with Magnum Corporation and will ensure the continuity of Magnum’s successful operations at top level”.
“PAC-MAN™ is a welcome addition to Pollard Banknote’s growing portfolio of properties aimed at targeting nostalgic players with established, yet still-relevant game concepts, while also engaging the younger demographic who have been introduced to these brands more recently,” said Sina Aiello, Vice President, Marketing, Pollard Banknote.
Iowa Lottery CEO, Terry Rich, said “I’m not as interested in internet gambling as mobile gaming — being able to utilize a cellphone on a one-time purchase,” He says you could for instance, use your phone to buy a Powerball ticket.  Rich says the one thing he wants to see is the Iowa Lottery retain control. “Our big thing is, it needs to be kept within state borders and controlled by our state legislators — not by somebody nationally or somebody in Las Vegas controlling whether we do or don’t do it,” Rich says.
“Our primary goal is and always will be to generate as much money as possible for education,” said Florida Lottery Secretary Cynthia O’Connell. “We set our goals high at the beginning of each year, and with a collective effort from Lottery staff, our retailers and our loyal customers, we have once again exceeded our annual sales goal, resulting in record contributions to Florida’s student and schools.”
More than $4.9 billion in lottery tickets have been sold during the fiscal year that ends Monday.  That’s not only a record, but also a significant increase from the $4.4 billion worth of tickets sold the previous fiscal year.  Acting Lottery Director Paula LaBrie said: “It’s been a record year for the California Lottery, and we’re proud of what we’ve been able to achieve for California schools. However, we have tremendous opportunities for continued growth in the new fiscal year, and we’re determined to make this another great year for the Lottery and for public education.”
The report showed a comparison between remote and non-remote gambling, and indicated that non-remote betting retained its market dominance as the most popular form of gambling in the UK.  Non remote betting generated £3.3 billion in gross gambling yield and claimed a 48% GGY total.  The Gambling Commission will implement the new Gambling Act on October 1st, 2014.  All operators who provide gambling services in the UK and want to continue doing so need to submit an application for a continuation license by the middle of September.
“The MUSL model provides the best foundation for pursuing new opportunities and innovation,” said Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency Director Stephen Martino. “I am confident that Maryland will benefit because of the infrastructure and support of the MUSL team and member lotteries.”    “We are extremely pleased to have the Maryland Lottery as a member of the association,” said MUSL Executive Director Chuck Strutt. “The strength and experience of the Maryland Lottery staff will benefit all member lotteries as we reshape our business operations and the joint games for the future.”
Aside from the World Cup, the lottery firm further attributed the increase in sales revenue to the diversity of betting options, from NBA basketball games and Major League baseball games in North America to ATP tennis games in Taiwan.  Meanwhile, the company also generated more sales through easier and more interesting betting methods. This includes live betting, allowing people to watch the game and bet at the same time.


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Lottery Expo Conference Schedule (Notice that there are NO sessions on Friday.  Conference is on Weds and Thursday, and closes with the Reception on Thursday evening):
--  Tuesday September 9:  5:00 pm. Opening night reception
--  Wednesday, Sept. 10:  Conference Sessions followed by Reception at 5:00 pm.
--  Thursday, Sept. 11: Conference Sessions followed by Reception at 5:00 pm.
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 LOTTERY EXPO 2014 Panel Discussion Topics :  

--  Maximizing Net Funds by balancing the mix of high and low margin products  Looking at how consumer products marketers apply category management principles to maximize sales of their high-margin products.  How do consumer products companies manage this systemic capitalist dynamic of finite product life-cycles, margin erosion, customer migration to lower-margin products, etc.?  What are the marketing principles that others apply to produce the optimal balance between high and low margin products, and use the consumer appeal of some products to drive traffic to others?   How does the consumer interact with the entire category of lottery products, what drives their behavior towards one set of product attributes over another, and how can Lottery appeal to those drivers such that we are channeling the maximum volume towards the high-margin products, and/or at least extracting maximum net profit from the category, etc.? 

-- Content Marketing is the provision of free content for the purpose of engaging the consumer who hopefully becomes a paying customer.  But it is also being used to build a deeper connection with your customer. Connecting Lottery with a new generation of consumers means thinking and feeling like them - and building relationships based on that emotional connection.  It’s about telling a story more than selling.  It’s about re-branding, re-shaping our image so that everyone feels that Lottery “is for people like me”, it’s about integrating digital technology and retail merchandising strategies so that we are talking with our customers rather than at them so that consumers embrace Lottery as part of who they are and want everyone to know it.  How is Lottery evolving its approach to create this emotional connection that drives sales? 

--  Multi-Jurisdictional Games, promotional campaigns, and marketing strategies   Creating truly national brands requires national advertising, marketing, promotion, and distribution.  Forging consensus among 44 + lotteries requires compromise, and the conviction that the goals are worth the effort.  Some might ask: Why should we do that when our markets are confined to the boundaries of our state - and our state statutes, gaming cultures, and consumer attitudes all vary from state to state, and certainly from region to region. Why is it so important for Lottery Directors to work hard to create nation-wide branding and promotional programs?  Multi-state initiatives provide economies of scale not achievable on an individual state basis. That is key to the TV Lottery Game Show.  How relevant is that to the calculus of cost/benefits/ROI for other factors like developing new games, and new promotional and branding initiatives?  What are some actionable ideas for additional nation-wide promotions and marketing campaigns?

--  Retail Modernization drives Lottery Modernization     Retail is changing.  What can Team Lottery do to make sure make sure that Retail Modernization results in increased sales of its products?  Merchandising and POS trends, demand for better data capture and analyses and reporting, transaction processing technologies, increased consumer options like self-serve and digital connections, cross-promotional marketing, adding entertainment value to the in-store shopping experience.  Integrating Retailer products into Lottery promotions, and vice-versa.  How can Team Lottery continue to modernize itself to take full advantage of these trends?   

--  The triumph of Traditional Lottery over i-gaming      The growth of casinos and casino-style i-gaming has flattened-out in the mature markets of Europe.  And sales are falling far short of projections in the U.S states that offer it now.  But not Lottery, which continues to grow. Additionally, casino-style gaming (both on-line and land-based casinos) is rife with intense competition that drives margins lower and lower.  Could the coming two years be the window of opportunity for Lottery to push harder than ever to focus on its strengths, its core competencies and products, and consolidate its position with the traditional games for the traditional lottery markets? The last few years have been witness to some major innovation. How can Team Lottery continue to build on that, add to the vitality and excitement and accelerate the rate of progress and innovation in Lottery’s traditional games? 

--  Leveraging the promotional power of the Internet to drive Retail sales       Is the real power of the Internet is as a promotional tool, much more than as a channel for distribution?  Marketing and promotional strategies are integrating the on-line and off-line worlds to drive sales at land-based Retail, leveraging the power of the Internet as a promotional tool to drive store traffic and lottery sales.    How are digital channels being used to generate maximum consumer engagement that results in increased sales at Retail? 

--  Decision-Driven Leadership: Exploiting the Abundance of Opportunity (or ... don't wait for a crisis to act)      The nation-wide approach to managing the multi-state games is not easy.  Forty four lotteries with different agendas need to manage the games together as one cohesive, unified body of decision-makers.  Creating nation-wide strategies for branding, promotions, advertising, distribution, and whatever else can be transplanted onto the national stage, could be the key to Lottery’s version of the “Next Big Thing."    What is the kind of governance structure that will drive effective decision-making and action? How can lotteries work together to act now to produce the results we need sooner than later in the multi-state gaming space?  

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