Supporters of legalizing casino gambling and pari-mutuel betting on horse racing in Georgia will bring some new talking points to the 2017 General Assembly session they didn’t have in 2016.

The lottery transferred $26.1 million in profits Friday to the Lottery Proceeds Fund, bringing the total for the 2017 fiscal year to more than $143.7 million.

Andy Duncan, CEO of Camelot, said: “It’s really important that people understand that this allegation relates to a unique, one-off incident dating back to 2009 and involves a potentially fraudulent claim on a deliberately damaged ticket. It has nothing to do with The National Lottery draws themselves. “We accept that, at the time, there were some weaknesses in some of the specific controls relevant to this incident and we’re very sorry for that. We’ve strengthened our processes significantly since 2009 and are completely confident that an incident of this nature could not happen today. We welcome the Gambling Commission’s confirmation that this is the case.”

"IGT is committed to supporting the growth of its customers," said Walter Bugno, IGT CEO, International. "With this extension, we look forward to upgrading the Buenos Aires Lottery's operating system and providing ongoing services necessary to support their next phase of growth."

Terry Presta, Executive Director, Kansas Lottery, said, “We look forward to working closely with Scientific Games to bring even more innovative and entertaining games to Kansans. We are excited to collaborate with the world’s largest supplier of lottery instant games on game planning strategies that will help us continue the excellent growth we are experiencing in this product category.”

"We are excited to continue our successful relationship with the Kansas Lottery on a new front as their player loyalty partner," said Doug Pollard , Co-Chief Executive Officer, Pollard Banknote. "The lottery industry currently faces a common barrier—anonymous players. Unlike other industries that are able to develop intimate levels of understanding about their consumers' preferences and purchase behaviors, lottery consumers remain largely unknown due to the anonymity of purchases at retail. Our PlayOn® player engagement solution acts as a first step to acquiring consumer information, capturing interactions, and providing lotteries with in-depth insights and analytics about their players' preferences, behaviors, and expectations. This information will enable the Kansas Lottery to better understand its customers in order to market to them more effectively and interact with them in more meaningful and personalized ways."

From the editor- Lottoland operates legally in Gibraltar and Malta but illegally in many jurisdictions throughout Europe. Their business model is to take bets on the outcome of branded lottery games like EuroMillions, EuroJackpot, Powerball, MegaMillions, and many of the national lottery games as well. They use the brand logos, or slightly modified versions of the logos for these popular games, so the consumer typically thinks they are buying the lottery ticket from a legitimate licensed seller. Lottoland keeps the revenues and the profits for the benefit of its own shareholders, neither buying the ticket from, nor sharing the profit with the Lottery. You would think there is basis for legal recourse to shut this business model down. Instead, it has been growing and diverting more and more revenues from the Lottery. This Lottoland business model effectively redistributes money away from the Good Causes supported by Lottery over to the private accounts of the shareholders of Lottoland. It is hard to understand why governments want to do that.

“This allows us the opportunity to improve our technology, provide quality services to our players and retailers, and continue protecting the security and integrity of our games here in the Gem State,” said Idaho Lottery Director Jeff Anderson.

“MGM National Harbor successfully demonstrated that it has met the state’s legal and regulatory requirements and is ready to open,”Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director Gordon Medenica, said. “Our teams have worked tirelessly to oversee the launch of this exciting, new entertainment destination which will provide more than 3,000 new jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in additional funding for education and other state programs.”   Maryland’s casino program, which began in September 2010, has generated more than $4.28 billion in contributions to the state, including more than $1.6 billion for the Maryland Education Trust Fund.

Photo caption:

Presentation of WLA certificate to LOTENAL at WLS 2016, Singapore.

From left to right: Lic. Roberto Compean Woodworth, Sub Director of Commercialization, Loteria Nacional; Thierry Pujol, Chairman SRMC, WLA; Pedro Pablo Treviño Villarreal, Managing Director, LOTENAL; and Thomas Bierbach, GLI Director, Lottery & Gaming Practice.

"IGT is pleased to partner once again with Sony, a company that consistently delivers popular television and theatrical entertainment, to bring the Shark Tank brand to lottery customers," said Michael Chambrello, IGT Chief Executive Officer, North America Lottery. "Together, IGT and Sony will develop a Shark Tank lottery program which will encompass the hallmarks of the brand which has reinvigorated entrepreneurship in America. Shark Tank offers our customers a unique way to integrate relevant and popular entertainment into their game portfolios with a brand that is synonymous with money and winning."

“The Kansas Lottery is excited to continue working with IGT, a partner that has helped us to develop and grow our lottery since its inception,” said Terry Presta, Kansas Lottery Executive Director. “IGT’s industry expertise and innovative thinking bring the new, fresh concepts that our customers have grown to love and expect from Kansas Lottery games.” “We are certainly grateful to continue our relationship with the Kansas Lottery and to further develop relevant and successful instant tickets,” said Michael Chambrello, IGT Chief Executive Officer, North America Lottery.

Chairman of EL Sport Committee, Torbjørn Almlid, noted “It is clear that the setting up of national platforms, cooperation and sharing of information among all relevant stakeholders, as also required by the Macolin Convention, are vital for the fight against the phenomenon. Lotteries all over Europe are already actively contributing towards this direction. As highlighted by many speakers, though, illegal betting operators pose obstacles and undermine the efficient information sharing among the national actors and it is vital that states need take concrete measures against illegal betting.”

Pat McHugh, Senior Vice President, Global Lottery Systems for Scientific Games, said, “Despite challenging economic conditions, Lotería Electrónica has a very strong brand in Puerto Rico and offers players one of the top performing draw game portfolios in the industry. Scientific Games is honored to be a trusted partner in their remarkable success. We appreciate the continued confidence in our games, innovative products, technology and services to maximize profits for Lotería Electrónica and their retailers.”




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