To celebrate, New York Lottery’s Yolanda Vega will present the man the check
The Government decided on Thursday at a plenary session, the Prime Minister's Office set up a game-integration company FRV Oy. Fintoto, Veikkaus and the Finnish Slot Machine Association will each own 15 percent of the company and the government 55 per cent. Earlier in the autumn it became known that the Chairman of the Board of Directors appointed the former CEO of Nokia, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo

PGRI Comment: The outcomes of random-number-generated gaming are 100% chance. The playing field is perfectly even, with players all having an equal opportunity to win. That’s not true for skill-based games. Players can apply knowledge, data, and other resources to give them an edge. That’s the whole point of skill-based games. Sounds fun, perhaps more interesting and stimulating than games where the ability of the player has absolutely no effect on the likelihood of winning. The prize pool in skill-based games will, by definition, migrate towards those who are applying more skill. The problem with this is that there is emerging a professional class of gamblers, and a professional class of managed fund investors, who are applying sophisticated computerized data-crunching “skills” to the world of recreational gaming. This gives them an edge. And even if the edge is small, the result is the vast majority of the prize pool will migrate towards this professional class of gamblers. It already is in Daily Fantasy Sports. So everyone does have an equal chance. But the individual should recognize that when they enter the ring, their opponent is the heavy-weight champion of the world; if it’s a golf tournament, you’re playing against Jordan Spieth and Rory Mcilroy; if it’s football; you’re quarterbacking your high school team against Tom Brady’s Patriots. I would think that the industry needs to figure this out in order to have a business model that is sustainable and will retain players going forward into the future.
PGRI Comment: This is great example of freemium game model. It’s very clever, with lots of modern game concepts that deliver a player experience that is layered with lots of different ways to play and win and enjoy the play experience.
I may be misinterpreting the situation, but it sounds like the SD Gambling Commission needs to adjust their perspective.It appears that this gambling commission sees their charter as being to regulate “gambling” and to not regulate activities that some may classify as not “gambling”. So, insofar as Fantasy Sports and Daily Fantasy Sports are deemed by some to be games of skill and therefore not to be classified as “gambling”, the SD Gambling Commission is concluding that means they do not have the authority to regulate it! Hopefully they will at some point take note that other gambling commissions and attorneys generals sees it as their job to decide if an activity is gambling. If the SD Gambling Commission does not have that authority to make that call , then who in ND does? To throw this question over to the courts, as the commissioners say is what they are doing, is an misguided abdication of responsibility. The courts need g uidance from the legislative branches of government on how or whether to regulate skill-based games like FS and DFS (and what about other skill-based games like i-poker).
Still a ways to go before iGaming is regulated in PA. Must get approval of the full House (no pun intended) and then the Senate. But this is a very promising first step.
Rosenberg likened playing in one of the leagues to placing bets at a horse racing track. “I want to take the word ‘athlete’ out of whatever sport we are talking about and insert the word ‘horse’…it's all the same thing,” he said. “You basically are evaluating the performance of the individual athlete. You look at their records, you look at how they play against other people, you look at how they play within their team and how this, that, and the other affects their performance and the likely outcome. “Effectively you are making a wager as to whether they are going to throw a touchdown, whether the team is going to win, whether they are going to gain a certain number of yards. It’s the same that goes on in horse racing,” Rosenberg continued.  “You look at the list of the horses, you compare their past performance, you look at how they run against the other horses that are going to be in that race, you make a judgement, then you go to the window and place a bet. “And, if they win first, second, or third, you pick up your money.”
After 10 years in Windsor, the Responsible Gaming Resource Centre has assisted more than 85,000 people. “This is a service, that before the centre opened, simply didn’t exist in Ontario,” said Jon Kelly, CEO of the Responsible Gambling Council.
The Gambling Authority has fined a total of almost half a million of fines to two gambling companies behind the website Their offerers focused on the Netherlands illegal games of chance. In parallel payments from consumers through a company that later turned out not to exist. It is the highest fine imposed so far in a gambling company by the Gaming Authority.
The move is intended to direct online gambling revenues to the government’s own website, Espacejeux, and the government said in March it expects to bring in an additional $13.5-million in 2016-17 and $27-million a year after that.  Nathalie Roberge, a spokeswoman for the Finance Minister, said the Quebec government simply sees this as an extension of its long-held right to regulate gambling. “These activities evolved and they are now online,” she said Friday. “We have jurisdiction to regulate gambling activities and that’s what we’re doing with this project,” she said Friday.
Ms. Silverman co-led international investigations for four state governments in connection with the hiring of private lottery managers.
The IBM Watson Trend app distills the sentiment of tens of millions of online conversations by scouring 10,000 sources across social media sites, blogs, forums, comments, ratings and reviews. Unlike other apps or lists that provide a static ranking of "hot" products, the Watson app reveals how consumers feel about the products they are considering or have purchased. The App uses a combination of API capabilities from IBM's open Watson Developer platform including Sentiment Analysis, Keyword Extraction, Concept Tagging and Taxonomy Classification. In the future, IBM Watson Trend will continue to evolve with the addition of new capabilities including geographic and language data, and an increased level of personalization that caters to each consumer's unique interests and preferences.
The House failed to pass a contentious and heavily lobbied bill Monday that would block construction of a controversial casino in a Phoenix suburb. The local battle among a handful of tribes has featured some of the highest-paying lobbying contracts on K Street in recent years, as the state’s tribes fight over a facility that could bring in hundreds of millions of dollars.
The New York state court rejected demands from DraftKings and FanDuel to issue restraining orders blocking the state attorney general from making good on his threats to shut them down in New York. DraftKings and FanDuel wanted to be able to continue to operate in NY while their appeals are litigated. Judge upheld the cease-and-desist order of the state's attorney general, Eric Schneiderman. The AG filed for Temporary Injunction.
Mr. Antonios Kerastaris, INTRALOT Group CEO, commented: "We are delighted to ratify INTRALOT’s strategic alliance with Bit8 in the presence of the Prime Minister of Malta, Hon. Dr. Joseph Muscat. The combination of Bit8’s innovative and flexible technology with INTRALOT’s global footprint, operational expertise and jointly developed cutting-edge products will provide our customers with a world of new and exciting gaming experiences.” Mr. Kerastaris underlined INTRALOT’s long-term presence in Malta, noting “We have invested in the Maltese market since 2004 when our subsidiary, MALTCO Lotteries, was granted the first licence to operate the National Lottery. All these years we have become part of the country’s economic growth, creating employment, generating revenues for the state, fostering cooperation with local stakeholders and supporting the Maltese community.”
Scientific Games President and Chief Executive Officer Gavin Isaacs said, "We welcome Mike (Michael Quartieri has joined Scientific Games as Vice President and Corporate Controller) to Scientific Games and to our finance and accounting team.  I am confident that his leadership, experience and wide range of capabilities will benefit our organization and all of our stakeholders as we grow and evolve our business."Mr. Isaacs also commented on the retirement of Mr. Schweinfurth, "On behalf of the Board of Directors and everyone on the Scientific Games team, I want to thank Scott for his leadership and significant contributions to our company. We look forward to an orderly and seamless transition of his responsibilities. I've known Scott for many years and having worked so closely with him during the last 18 months, I will miss his good humor and friendship. We wish him and his family all the best as he embarks on a new chapter in his life."
Top daily fantasy sports companies are fiercely rejecting the idea that their rapidly growing industry should be considered gambling in the United States. But FanDuel and DraftKings are OK with that label in the United Kingdom. They're embracing it as a step toward global expansion. U.K. gambling regulators granted a gambling license to DraftKings in August, while FanDuel applied earlier this month for a license as a ''gambling software'' company.
“MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE is extremely popular with our players, they ask for the game year in and year out,” said Florida Lottery Interim Secretary Tom Delacenserie. “This year’s Raffle gives players the chance to become a new millionaire before the year’s end, plus those who buy early will have even more chances to win.”
"Whether we will reach projections depends on several factors," said Bishop Woosley, who has been lottery director since February 2012.   "That said, I am encouraged that we are ahead of budget and way ahead of where we were last year with very little sales boost from the multistate games this fiscal year. Hopefully, the low gas prices and our [scratch-off] ticket sales trends will continue and the changes made to Powerball will create higher jackpots and more ticket sales for scholarships," he said in his written statement.

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