“Today’s hearing was about one thing – checking the box to advance Mr. Adelson’s bill,” said John Pappas, executive director of the PPA -Never in the history of U.S. Internet gaming legislation has Congress ever considered overriding states’ rights to regulate online gambling within their own borders and yet Mr. Adelson’s bill would do just that. If an unelected billionaire is granted the power to re-write history by imposing a federal prohibition, the future is bleak for every American who values their Internet freedom,” continued Pappas.
“The idea that getting close can count in a lottery drawing brings new excitement to two of our core games, Carolina Pick 3 and Carolina Pick 4,” said Alice Garland, executive director of the N.C. Education Lottery. “Many of our players are giving 1-OFF a try. We’ve seen a nice increase in our Pick 3 and Pick 4 sales so far and hope that it continues.”
Poker Players Association, whose executive director, John Pappas, said the original law was designed to stop unregulated online gambling from offshore locations, not state-regulated websites. The PPA boosted its lobbying spending to $535,000 in 2014 from $350,000 in 2013.    "This is something the states have done very effectively," Pappas said. "There shouldn't be a federal bill that prevents states from offering their citizens a safe and regulated place to play online poker."
"This lottery scratch game captures the essence and fun of the 'MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES' CLUB' television game show that has already started production in Las Vegas," said Steve Saferin, president of properties group and chief creative officer for Scientific Games. "The studio audience reaction to the show has been wildly enthusiastic, and there's no better way to celebrate the 80th anniversary of MONOPOLY™ than to give fans of the game yet another way to play."

Sharon Sharp 'Good Causes' Award

Honoring the Lottery with the Sharpest percentage increase

to bottom line funds contributed to its beneficiary

Presented by Public Gaming Research Institute

at the PGRI Smart-Tech Conference on April 1, 2015 at the

Marriott Marquis Times Square in New York City

Hoosier Lottery, Indiana

RAWA, the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, will be discussed by the US House of Representatives Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security on RAWA Thursday, March 26th.  RAWA (Bill HR 707) seeks to amend the federal law’s Wire Act in order to outlaw the transmission of Internet betting and wagering activities.  Backed by casino tycoon  Sheldon Adelson, the world’s 18th richest person according to Forbes, RAWA would effectively eliminate online poker and Internet casino games in the United States. In addition, HR 707 could prevent state lotteries from offering Internet services even for its drawings.

Though conservative Republican lawmakers have tended to steer clear of online poker, the GOP is no longer completely on the same page. Adelson is a longtime financial backer of conservative candidates and will likely have a considerable impact on the 2016 election process through political action committees.  But not all GOPers are on-board with Adelson and RAWA, including former Texas Rep. Ron Paul, a two-time presidential candidate who associated with both the Republican and Libertarian parties. Paul called RAWA “crony capitalism” and said it has no business being in mainstream politics.  Grover Norquist, perhaps the most influential person in DC for conservative politicians said, “States don’t need federal government babysitting them.” Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ), a likely 2016 candidate, is also thought to be against RAWA as he signed Internet gaming into law in New Jersey.

"As the lottery’s executive director, I would much rather see more people buying a few tickets, than a few people buying more tickets, said Otto."  The theme of this year’s National Problem Gambling Awareness Month is “Have the Conversation.” Take some time to learn more about problem gambling and gambling addiction, and if you see the telltale signs in a friend, colleague or loved one, don’t chance it. Talk to them and let them know help is available.
Up 23.9 percent from the same month last year.  Welfare lottery sales increased by 10.7 percent, while that of the sports lottery surged 42.7 percent  2014 lottery ticket sales totaled 382.38 billion yuan ($61 billion), up 23.6 percent from 2013.
Slot machine giant International Game Technology signed a deal with Bahamian resprt to provide games to half of the casino’s slot machine floor. IGT will install more than 500 of the company’s slot machines and deploy its management system in the casino, which is set to open later this month.
Really?  Back to analog?  “The standard digital computer cluster equipped with multiple central processing units (CPUs), each programmed to tackle a particular piece of a problem, is just not designed to solve the kinds of equations at the core of large-scale simulations.”  These critical equations, known as partial differential equations, describe fundamental physical principles like motion, diffusion, and equilibrium.  They involve continuous rates of change over a large range of physical parameters relating to the problems of interest, so they don’t lend themselves to being broken up and solved in discrete pieces by individual CPUs.
In the 43 states with state lotteries, Chaffetz’s bill would mandate how those lotteries can be run to the point where some lottery sales will be prohibited. That has repercussions for states that fund education (or other) priorities through lottery proceeds.   And, absent those lottery finds, we all know where the states would move next to raise those funds – taxpayers.
Today, we estimate that more than 70 million NCAA March Madness brackets were completed. With an estimated 40 million Americans betting $2 billion dollars on brackets – and another $7 billion on individual games – it is clear that gaming is increasingly embraced nationwide.
Lobbyist JeremyChou said, “The lottery is operating efficiently. … You have a problem at the Racing Commission, I think. … But if you do have a problem with the Racing Commission, we ask you, fix the Racing Commission. I don’t think the answer is the creation of a new agency. I don’t think that addresses your issue.”
“This is an entertaining instant ticket that continues the MONOPOLY™ theme and ties-in with the dynamic new television game show of the same concept,” said Rebecca Hargrove, CEO and President of the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation. “We believe this innovative collaboration will add excitement for our players while furthering our mission to raise funds for education in Tennessee.”
Anne Noble, CEO of the Connecticut Lottery Corp., said any new gaming would cannibalize lottery revenue, which totaled nearly $320 million for the state last year. That's more than the two existing casinos combined, she noted.
Idaho House panel Introduces bill to create a gaming commission that would oversee all gambling in Idaho, putting racing and lottery both under one commission.
Betting on college basketball is more than twice the amount wagered on the Super Bowl, which was closer to $4 billion. While some state legislatures grapple with the issue of legalizing professional and college sports gambling as another means of beefing up gaming revenue that otherwise goes to places like Nevada, betting has increasingly become acceptable within popular culture.
Sen. Lindsey Graham's lack of email use is surprising since he is one of the lawmakers spearheading Sheldon Adelson-backed efforts to ban online poker nationwide via a proposal to augment some of the language in a 1961 federal bill called the Wire Act. You would think someone bold enough to outlaw a certain Internet industry would at least know something about the internet, the worldwide web, and its business applications.
Three years after the Denmark National Lottery operator Danske Spil lost its monopoly on online gambling, there are 29 different companies licensed to offer casino games and 15 licensed for betting.

Danske Spil is still the biggest company in the Danish market, but the changing gambling habits of Danes have come at a cost to the company.  Danske Spil's financial statements for 2014 show that their profits were DKK 95 million down on 2013, representing a 5.8% drop.

"With the combination of Scientific Games and Bally, we are focused on becoming the partner of choice for gaming, lottery and interactive customers," said President and Chief Executive Officer Gavin Isaacs. "To this end, we plan to launch an exciting array of new products across our Bally, WMS, Shuffle Master, Williams, Barcrest and lottery brands throughout the world in 2015. At the same time, as we continue to invest in developing innovative new products and services to help our customers grow their businesses, we also are just as committed to quickly implement our integration plans to realize targeted cost savings and generate growing free cash flow." Mr. Isaacs continued, "We believe that our planned new product and service introductions will demonstrate that no other company can match the breadth and depth of our differentiated solutions to address the needs of gaming, lottery and interactive customers. The diversity of our products and services and the scale of our operations uniquely position Scientific Games to effectively serve our customers and achieve long-term growth."
“We ended 2014 on another robust quarter, with strong product sales in the Americas and International and steady service revenues overall,” said Marco Sala, CEO of GTECH S.p.A. “We are finalizing the acquisition of IGT, ready to initiate the integration of our two companies, and to consolidate our leadership of the global gaming industry.” "Our underlying operating performance was very solid in the fourth quarter,” said Alberto Fornaro, CFO of GTECH S.p.A. "Excluding one-off items primarily related to the IGT acquisition, we achieved or exceeded guidance in all our key full-year metrics: EBITDA, CapEx, Operating Income, and Net Financial Position.”
"We are very pleased with our financial results for the 2014 fiscal year and the fourth quarter," commented Co-Chief Executive Officer John Pollard. "The positive trends experienced during the year have continued and we expect the same to carry on through 2015."   "We achieved record revenue in 2014, driven by the success of our proprietary products including our Scratch FX® and PlayBook® instant tickets."



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March 30, 31, and April 1

Marriott Marquis Times Square, New York City · Join over 200 of your colleagues for Smart-Tech NYC. · Fabulous Program: Cutting Edge Topics, World-Class Speakers (See below) · Fabulous Venue:  Marriott Marquis is at 45th & Broadway, the heart of Times Square and the Theatre District · Fabulous opportunity to visit with the leaders from 50+ different lotteries. · Fabulous Networking Opportunity:  Three Receptions from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.
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SMART-Tech 2015 Conference Program

March 30, 31, and April 1

Marriott Marquis Times Square, New York City

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Monday Reception from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm on Monday at the Fabulous 16th Floor SkyLobby Lounge

Tuesday, March 31    Westside Ballroom Salon 1 & 2  5th Floor 

7:30 to 8:30 am:          Continental Breakfast  Westside Ballroom Salon 1 & 2  5th Floor 

8:30 AM: Conference Sessions Begin   Note that sessions begin at 8:30 am.) 

Ø 8:30 am. Paul Jason, Chief Executive, PGRI, opens the conference sessions  Westside Ballroom Salon 1 & 2  5th Floor 

Ø Gardner Gurney, Executive Deputy Director of the New York State Gaming Commission and its Acting Director of the Division of the Lottery

Ø Terry Rich, Chief Executive Officer, Iowa Lottery; President of the North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries (NASPL)

Ø Panel Discussion:  Nationalizing Brand Messaging and Public Relations

Nurturing a positive public persona is key for all brands. Multi-billion dollar companies all have a public relations departments that build the brand image on the national level, not just the local level.  Lottery's counterparts in the gaming and casino gambling industries certainly have very well-funded PR machines. How can Team Lottery carve out a more prominent place in the national consumer consciousness, and promote a positive public image for Brand Lottery on the national stage?  (Yes, we do need to deal with limitations on self-promoting PR; and the fact that 45 lotteries do not have identical PR agendas.  But still…)

Moderator: Terry Rich, Chief Executive Officer, Iowa Lottery and President of the North American Association of State & Provincial Lotteries (NASPL)


Gerald Aubin, Executive Director, Rhode Island Lottery

Gary Gonder, Chief Branding Officer, Missouri Lottery

Cynthia O’Connell, Secretary, Florida Lottery


Michael Chambrello, Chief Executive Officer of North America Lottery, GTECH

Jim Kennedy, Executive Vice President, Group Chief Executive Lotteries, Scientific Games

Ø Panel Discussion:  Reinvigorating the draw-games category

What can we do to recapture the magic and growth in the draw games?  How can we improve the player experience, perhaps augment the jackpot-driven buyer-motive with other attributes and promotional angles to stimulate consumer interest, and otherwise increase the appeal of the draw-games?

Moderator:  Rebecca Hargrove, Chief Executive Officer, Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation and Senior Vice President of the World Lottery Association (WLA)


Sean Athey, Vice President, Systems Sales, Scientific Games Corp.

Dennis Berg, Executive Director, Ohio Lottery

Alice Garland, Executive Director, North Carolina Lottery

Anne Noble, Chief Executive Officer, Connecticut Lottery Corp.

John Pittman, Vice President Marketing, INTRALOT USA

Terry Presta, Executive Director, Kansas Lottery

Chuck Strutt, Executive Director, Multi-State Lottery Association

12:30 to 1:30 pm: Luncheon Lyceum Complex - 5th Floor

Ø Presentation:  Leigh-Ann Goad, Research & Consumer Strategist, Virginia Lottery Westside Ballroom Salon 1 & 2  5th Floor 

Ø Panel Discussion: The new science of Customer-Centric R & D What are the most forward-looking trends in the science of understanding consumer behavior? For instance, market analysis methodologies are moving beyond the limitations of conventional segmentation that focus on age, sex, and income classifications; and beyond surveying customers in stores or conducting of in-person focus groups. How are “virtual focus groups” and “psychographic profiling” and other new methodologies changing our perspective from product-centric to customer-centric?  What are the forward-looking methods in consumer research - and how will they improve our understanding of consumer behavior and enhance our ability to design and sell lottery products? Moderator: Paula Otto, Executive Director, Virginia Lottery, and Lead Director of the Mega Millions Consortium Panelists:

Don Feeney, Research & Planning Director, Minnesota Lottery

Nikki Orcutt, Deputy Director of Marketing, West Virginia Lottery

Wendy Montgomery, Vice President Marketing & Sales, OLG

Zurine de Saez Viteri, Managing Director, Lottovate

Ø Presentations:

· Fivi Rondiri, Corporate Marketing Coordinator, INTRALOT, USA

· Brian Roberts, President, North America, Jumbo Interactive

· Max Goldstein, Vice President Sales, Carmanah Signs

· Adam Perlow, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Hudson Alley Software, Inc.

· Jamie Bader, Managing Partner, Parthenon

·Richard Bateson, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Camelot Global

· Christine Thoma, Business Development Manager, Lottovate

Ø Panel Discussion:  Consideration, Chance, Prize: Is this foundational definition of gambling being circumvented by game developers and online operators?

The government-lottery industry depends on the effectiveness of regulatory frameworks to protect its business model.  Market-driven changes and well-funded private interests (off-shore online gaming operators, Facebook and Google, Sheldon Adelson, etc.) are making it increasingly difficult for governments and their regulators to control the industry.   “Non-money” online games (paradoxically, some that are making more money than real-money games) are integrating prizes into their game structures in ways that defy the traditional definitions of “gambling”.  Games are being invented that have an element of skill, or some twist on prize structure or the precise nature of the “wager”, or otherwise finding ways to avoid being classified as "gambling".  What about Fantasy Sports – why is it not classified as gambling? Bitcoin and cyber-currencies threaten to unleash underground economies that evade regulatory constraints and the obligation to pay taxes.   Online betting websites that replicate the lottery-playing experience and others that appear to be selling the most popular lottery games like Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions but are illegal and fraudulent … What are the front-lines in the battle to preserve the integrity of the gaming and gambling industry?  What can we do to prevent the breakdown of regulatory discipline and effectiveness?

Moderator: James Maida, Co-Founder & President, Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) Panelists:

Mark Hichar, Partner, Hinkley, Allen Snyder Law Firm, Chair of Gaming Law Practice Group

Friedrich Stickler, Managing Director of Austrian Lotteries and President, The European Lotteries Association (EL)

Philippe Vlaemminck, Partner, Altius Law Firm, Legal Counsel to various European Lotteries & Operators

5:00 to 7:00 pm:  Reception Lyceum Complex - 5th Floor

Wednesday, April 1    Westside Ballroom Salon 1 & 2  5th Floor  

7:30 am to 8:30 am:    Continental Breakfast  inside Westside Ballroom Salon 1 & 2 5th Floor

8:30 AM:   Conference Sessions Begin 8:30 AM:   Westside Ballroom Salon 1 & 2  5th Floor  

Ø Presentations:

· Julin Shaw, Manager of Interactive Sales & Marketing, NeoPollard Interactive

· Scott Bowen, Commissioner, Michigan Lottery Panel Discussion: Interactive goes Mainstream:  Everyone is online, connecting with merchants, with information resources, and with each other.  Lotteries’ huge brand awareness is already driving huge website traffic.   How are successful lotteries leveraging this online connection to drive consumer engagement, disseminate information, and drive sales?  How are some lotteries positioning themselves for a successful long-term sustainable business by integrating interactive strategies into every aspect of the business? Moderator: Scott Bowen, Commissioner, Michigan Lottery Panelists:

Debbie Alford, Chief Executive Officer, Georgia Lottery Corp.

Danny Bogus, Deputy Commissioner of Gaming Operations, Michigan Lottery

Richard Bateson, Commercial Director/Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing at Camelot Global

Doug Pollard, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Pollard Banknote

Ø Presentations:

· Matteo Monteverdi, Senior Vice President, iGaming, and Senior Vice President, Americas Interactive, GTECH

· Buddy Roogow, Executive Director, DC Lottery and

Tracey Cohen, Chief Operating Officer, DC Lottery

· Brendan McCarthy, Novomatic Lottery Solutions North America

· Sara Navidazar, Director of Marketing, Diamond Game

· Tony Fontaine, Vice President of Business Development, Interactive Gaming and Lottery Solutions, InComm

· Matthew Isaac, Director, Retail Development, Pollard Banknote Limited

· Rick Perrone, President & CEO – Gameology®; dba of Tournament One Corp

· Frank Rash, Chief Operating Officer, Shoutz, Inc.

· Brad Cummings, Chief Operating Officer, EquiLottery

· Kevin Gass, Vice President, Lottery Gaming, BCLC (British Columbia)

Ø Panel Discussion: Retail Modernization drives Lottery Modernization Retail is changing.  What can Team Lottery do to make sure make sure that Retail Modernization results in increased sales of its products?  Merchandising and POS trends, demand for better data capture and analyses and reporting, transaction processing technologies, increased consumer options like self-serve and digital connections, cross-promotional marketing, adding entertainment value to the in-store shopping experience.  Integrating Retailer products into Lottery promotions, and vice-versa.  How can Team Lottery continue to modernize itself to take full advantage of these trends? Moderator:

May Scheve Reardon, Executive Director, Missouri Lottery Panelists:

Max Goldstein, Vice President Sales, Carmanah Signs

Adam Perlow, Chief Executive Officer, Hudson Alley Software

Brian Roberts, President North America, Jumbo Interactive

Daniel Cage, Chief Executive Officer, Linq3

Sarah Taylor, Executive Director, Hoosier Lottery

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm:  Luncheon Wednesday Afternoon Lyceum Complex - 5th Floor

2:00pm -5pm - Westside Ballroom Salon 1 & 2  5th Floor  

Ø Presentation: Phil Holmes, Vice President Strategy & Planning, Atlantic Lottery      Westside Ballroom Salon 1 & 2  5th Floor  

Ø Panel Discussion:  Managing Uncertainty as the key to successful Innovation Lotteries operate in an unforgiving business and political climate, the stakes are high, and the rate of change is increasing while visibility into the future is decreasing.  How do we know when to move from the research and study mode to launch mode?  Are there ways for an action-plan to include the flexibility to adjust course on the basis of new information gleaned from the real-world consumer response?  How can this new science of managing uncertainty be applied to the business of designing and launching new lottery games, promotional campaigns, and innovation in general - - and building a solid and sustainable growth plan? Moderator:

Gary Grief, Executive Director, Texas Lottery Panelists:

Carole Hedinger, Executive Director, New Jersey Lottery

Phil Holmes, Vice President Strategy & Planning, Atlantic Lottery

Greg Smith, Executive Director, Vermont Lottery

Wojciech Szpil, Chief Executive Officer, Totalizator Sportowy (Polish Lottery)

Ø Presentation: Peter Sullivan, Chief Executive Officer, Jackpocket

Ø Presentation: Gordon Medenica, Former Director of the New York Lottery & Former President of NASPL

Ø Presentation: Susan Golightly, Principal, CODEI Marketing

Ø Award ceremonies

· Sharon Sharp Award for Good Causes

See page 12 for the announcement of the Sharp Award Winner for 2015:

Hoosier Lottery and Sarah Taylor, Executive Director, Hoosier Lottery

Awarded to the Lottery which produces the largest year-over-year increase in net funding to Good Causes

· Major Peter O’Connell Lottery Industry Lifetime Achievement Award

See page 10 for biographies of the 2015 Recipients:

· Margaret Gibbs, Chief Operating Officer, Kentucky Lottery Corporation

· Peg Rose, Deputy Director, Rhode Island Lottery

· Wanda Young Wilson, Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel, Tennessee Education Lottery Corp.

Reception 5-7pm Lyceum Complex - 5th Floor

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