The county has been trying for years to get the Cayugas to pay county, town and school district taxes on the more than 1,200 acres the nation owns in the county and acquired since 2003.  The Sherrill vs. Oneida Indian Nation U.S. Supreme Court case ruled that tribes have to pay taxes on non-reservation land they own.
If you listen to lottery players for years as I have, they continually tell us that, why should one person win $100 million, why can't 100 people win a million apiece? That's what this game is going to bring them," said Rebecca Hargrove, president and CEO of the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation and national chairman of the game.
“The unique design of the MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB lottery game is expected to generate more simultaneous millionaires than any other game in lottery history,” said Kansas Lottery Executive Director Terry Presta.   “The Kansas Lottery is thrilled to have the opportunity to offer our players a game that gives them three different ways to win at least $1 million,” said Presta. “It’s fun, it’s entertaining and it will be a unique addition to our product lineup.”   “The MONOPOLY brand is one of the most successful brands in gaming with players winning with MONOPOLY-branded lottery, slots and sweepstakes. With our MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB lottery game, the Top Prize will break the bank and make more millionaires than ever before,” said Steve Saferin, president of properties group and chief creative officer for Scientific Games. “Our player research consistently indicates that participants would prefer to see the millions of dollars in lottery prizing distributed to multiple winners, rather than one or two players winning hundreds of millions of dollars each.”
Pat McHugh, President, North American Lottery Systems for Scientific Games said, “This conversion project was a great example of collaboration with the North Dakota Lottery and its retail network. With the new systems technology, the player subscription program, players club and Points for Prizes™ program, North Dakota is well-positioned for continued growth with additional ways to their engage players. Players are also responding positively to the new self-serve kiosks installed as part of the systems conversion.” Scientific Games has served as the central gaming systems provider for the North Dakota Lottery since the Lottery began in 2004.
"The Hoosier Lottery's 25th anniversary is a milestone that all of us should be proud of," said Executive Director Sarah Taylor. "Today's celebration is a reminder of the Lottery's commitment to maximizing revenue for good causes."
“GTECH is looking forward to offering lotteries humorous, animal themed instant tickets featuring From Frank imagery and content.  We are confident the From Frank brand will add value and appeal to this category for lotteries,” said GTECH Senior Director, Brand Licensing & Marketing Pat Schmidt. Lotteries are excited about the brand and believe it will translate well into successful lottery games that will appeal to core and light players alike.”

Gary Grief was inducted into the Lottery Industry Hall of Fame.  The induction ceremony was held on Tuesday, September 30, at 4:00 pm, Room 312, at the Atlantic City Convention Center. Click here to visit the Lottery Industry Hall of Fame website

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