PGRI Note: This is an uplifting story for the “once-in-a-lifetime experience” it gave the many winners of this lottery promotion. It is also a very interesting story for the ability of special experience-based prizes to attract attention and generate sales.
Now there is only Powerball and mega Millions. "I'd like to see scratch tickets come in," Clontz said. "They're fun. People like them. I'm getting asked a lot about them. Me personally, I hope we get to do scratch tickets." Clontz said he knows the Legislature and governor would have to modify the law to allow scratch tickets or video lottery. The board can add a Wyoming-specific lottery, raffles or other forms of gambling without permission from the state, he said.

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Ø Panel Discussion moderated by

May Scheve Reardon, Executive Director, Missouri Lottery

Doing Business with Major Retail Chains Stores:

Data is King for Retailers trying to evaluate performance of the products and how to allocate POS and shelf-space.  How can all vendors and Lotteries work together to capture, organize, and present the data in ways that the retailers require.  How can Lottery build multi-state standards that comply with (or at least attempt to comply with) the expectations (or at least some of the expectations) of national chain stores and PCATS standards?  Can Lottery and Retailers plan their strategies together with the kind of lead-time that Retailers require?  Insofar as "Big-Box" Retailers refuse to upsell ("ask for the order"), what can Lottery do to grab attention and impact consumer behavior at the point of purchase?  What can Lottery do to cross-promote its products with the retailers' products, or to otherwise engage the Retailer in a collaborative process helping each other achieve mutually desirable goal of influencing consumer behavior in the store?

Kevin GassVice President, Lottery Gaming, BCLC (British Columbia)

Mark Hagen
Category Manager-Lottery, 7-Eleven Inc.

Scott Hoss
, Senior Marketing Manager, INTRALOT

Bishop Woosley
Executive Director, Arkansas Lottery

GLI has been serving the gaming and lottery industry for over 25 years.  Operating in more than 450 jurisdictions all around the world, GLI provides a comprehensive range of IT consultative services.  GLI combines technological and engineering depth with the knowledge of regulatory systems and laws at the jurisdictional level.

Kevin Mullally came to GLI in 2006 after having served as the Executive Director of the Missouri Gaming Commission.  Mr. Mullally is a teacher, author and frequent speaker on business law, public policy development, regulatory issues, and problem gambling.  Our discussion at the ICE Gaming Show in London focused on the expansion of GLI into the broad range of IT consulting and support.

“Over the past five years, we have established a strong working relationship and foundation with the West Virginia Lottery,” said GTECH Americas President and CEO Jaymin B. Patel.  "As we enter into this extension, we are committed to build upon that foundation and assist the Lottery in increasing its sales and returns to the state to aid education, senior citizens, and tourism.”
It is with profound sadness that we report the passing of Doris Burke on May 15th after a lengthy illness.  She died peacefully in her sleep surrounded by her husband, Duane, of 65 years, her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  Doris was born on September 19, 1930.  She lived an accomplished and adventurous life, starting new businesses, writing books, travelling and raising two children with her husband Duane.  She and Duane founded Public Gaming Research Institute (PGRI) in 1971.  She is survived by her loving husband, her two children, Susan and Steve, her grandchildren Nicolle, Julie and Robert and her great grandchildren, Jack and Ella her many cousins and other beloved family.   Doris lived a wonderful life. Her kindness and love was such a blessing for everyone who knew her and her spirit will always shine brightly in our hearts.
Funeral services will be held on Monday, May 19, at  Sunset Hills Funeral Home 1215  145th Place SE Bellevue, WA  98007 Phone 425-746-1400.
Condolences may be offered here

Ø Panel Discussion moderated by Scott Bowen, Commissioner, Michigan Lottery

The Regulatory Front

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Scott Gunn, Senior Vice President, Global Government Relations, GTECH
Mark Hichar, Partner, Chair of Gaming Law Practice Group, Hinckley, Allen, Snyder Law Firm
Kevin Mullally, Vice-President of Government Relations & General Counsel, Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)
Lynne Roiter,
Secretary General, Vice President Legal Group, Loto-Quebec, and General Secretary of the World Lottery Association (WLA)
Philip Smith
, Director of Legal Services, Missouri Lottery

Philippe Vlaemminck , Partner, Altius Law Firm, Legal Counsel to the European Lotteries

PGRI Introduction: Having teamed up to provide the full range of  iLottery services, Pollard Banknote and NeoGames have been selected to develop, implement, operate, and maintain a system to provide iLottery services to Michigan Lottery players. (See the Scott Bowen interview in this issue).   The Michigan Lottery's iLottery services will allow Michigan residents to play their favorite existing lottery games through new distribution channels - over the Internet and on mobile devices. The introduction of iLottery services in Michigan will also allow for the cross-promotion of traditional paper  products with digital channels, and is expected to enhance and strengthen the Michigan Lottery’s  existing retailer network.  Michigan Lottery’s iLottery services are scheduled to launch in the fourth quarter of 2014 and are  estimated to increase the revenues that the Lottery provides to the state’s schools by  approximately $480 million over the next eight years.

"We view video lottery as a business and we want to be in a position to compete with our competitors for those discretionary dollars," South Dakota Lottery Director Norm Lingle said.   "As advancements in technology happen, there's always new opportunities for different changes to the gaming world. That's one of the things we have gotten caught in the competition but vast majority of machines are approaching 25 years old with very little changes to the terminals," Lingle said.
Michelle Carinci, CEO of Lottotech commented, 'This great accomplishment motivates us to remind players of an important fact; It is all thanks to you! For each Lotto and instant ticket played, you are making a significant contribution to society. Even if you do not win a prize when you play our games, you are contributing to the development of the country through the various improvement initiatives being implemented in our communities.  With Lottotech, Everybody Wins!’


Co-Hosted by PGRI and the Florida Lottery  Eden Roc Hotel South Beach Miami, Florida Wednesday and Thursday, September 10 and 11

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Lottery Expo Basic Agenda:
Conference Sessions to be held 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on Wednesday and Thursday, September 10 and 11
Receptions to be held 5:00 to 7:00 pm on the evenings of Tuesday, Weds, and Thursday, Sept. 9, 10, and 11
Luncheons and coffee breaks to be held on the conference days of Wednesday and Thursday
Friday: Networking Day

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Check out website for conference updates.Venue:  Eden Roc Miami Beach
Lottery Expo Conference Schedule (Notice that there are NO sessions on Friday.  Conference is on Weds and Thursday, and closes with the Reception on Thursday evening):
--  Tuesday September 9:  5:00 pm. Opening night reception
--  Wednesday, Sept. 10:  Conference Sessions followed by Reception at 5:00 pm.
--  Thursday, Sept. 11: Conference Sessions followed by Reception at 5:00 pm.
Our receptions traditionally end at 7:00 pm., so do not conflict with dinner plans. 

 LOTTERY EXPO 2014 Panel Discussion Topics :  

--  Maximizing Net Funds by balancing the mix of high and low margin products  Looking at how consumer products marketers apply category management principles to maximize sales of their high-margin products.  How do consumer products companies manage this systemic capitalist dynamic of finite product life-cycles, margin erosion, customer migration to lower-margin products, etc.?  What are the marketing principles that others apply to produce the optimal balance between high and low margin products, and use the consumer appeal of some products to drive traffic to others?   How does the consumer interact with the entire category of lottery products, what drives their behavior towards one set of product attributes over another, and how can Lottery appeal to those drivers such that we are channeling the maximum volume towards the high-margin products, and/or at least extracting maximum net profit from the category, etc.? 

-- Content Marketing is the provision of free content for the purpose of engaging the consumer who hopefully becomes a paying customer.  But it is also being used to build a deeper connection with your customer. Connecting Lottery with a new generation of consumers means thinking and feeling like them - and building relationships based on that emotional connection.  It’s about telling a story more than selling.  It’s about re-branding, re-shaping our image so that everyone feels that Lottery “is for people like me”, it’s about integrating digital technology and retail merchandising strategies so that we are talking with our customers rather than at them so that consumers embrace Lottery as part of who they are and want everyone to know it.  How is Lottery evolving its approach to create this emotional connection that drives sales? 

--  Multi-Jurisdictional Games, promotional campaigns, and marketing strategies   Creating truly national brands requires national advertising, marketing, promotion, and distribution.  Forging consensus among 44 + lotteries requires compromise, and the conviction that the goals are worth the effort.  Some might ask: Why should we do that when our markets are confined to the boundaries of our state - and our state statutes, gaming cultures, and consumer attitudes all vary from state to state, and certainly from region to region. Why is it so important for Lottery Directors to work hard to create nation-wide branding and promotional programs?  Multi-state initiatives provide economies of scale not achievable on an individual state basis. That is key to the TV Lottery Game Show.  How relevant is that to the calculus of cost/benefits/ROI for other factors like developing new games, and new promotional and branding initiatives?  What are some actionable ideas for additional nation-wide promotions and marketing campaigns?

--  Retail Modernization drives Lottery Modernization     Retail is changing.  What can Team Lottery do to make sure make sure that Retail Modernization results in increased sales of its products?  Merchandising and POS trends, demand for better data capture and analyses and reporting, transaction processing technologies, increased consumer options like self-serve and digital connections, cross-promotional marketing, adding entertainment value to the in-store shopping experience.  Integrating Retailer products into Lottery promotions, and vice-versa.  How can Team Lottery continue to modernize itself to take full advantage of these trends?   

--  The triumph of Traditional Lottery over i-gaming      The growth of casinos and casino-style i-gaming has flattened-out in the mature markets of Europe.  And sales are falling far short of projections in the U.S states that offer it now.  But not Lottery, which continues to grow. Additionally, casino-style gaming (both on-line and land-based casinos) is rife with intense competition that drives margins lower and lower.  Could the coming two years be the window of opportunity for Lottery to push harder than ever to focus on its strengths, its core competencies and products, and consolidate its position with the traditional games for the traditional lottery markets? The last few years have been witness to some major innovation. How can Team Lottery continue to build on that, add to the vitality and excitement and accelerate the rate of progress and innovation in Lottery’s traditional games? 

--  Leveraging the promotional power of the Internet to drive Retail sales       Is the real power of the Internet is as a promotional tool, much more than as a channel for distribution?  Marketing and promotional strategies are integrating the on-line and off-line worlds to drive sales at land-based Retail, leveraging the power of the Internet as a promotional tool to drive store traffic and lottery sales.    How are digital channels being used to generate maximum consumer engagement that results in increased sales at Retail? 

--  Decision-Driven Leadership: Exploiting the Abundance of Opportunity (or ... don't wait for a crisis to act)      The nation-wide approach to managing the multi-state games is not easy.  Forty four lotteries with different agendas need to manage the games together as one cohesive, unified body of decision-makers.  Creating nation-wide strategies for branding, promotions, advertising, distribution, and whatever else can be transplanted onto the national stage, could be the key to Lottery’s version of the “Next Big Thing."    What is the kind of governance structure that will drive effective decision-making and action? How can lotteries work together to act now to produce the results we need sooner than later in the multi-state gaming space?  

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