Gavin Isaacs, President and Chief Executive Officer: "Our focus on developing new player entertainment experiences that engage players and drive growth for our customers is equally matched by our focus on realizing expected integration cost savings and increasing our free cash flow. The process of integrating Bally and Scientific Games is ahead of schedule. We are firmly focused on driving revenue opportunities enabled by leveraging the synergies created by our combined strengths in technology and product development.”
On track to have another record-breaking year.
Fantasy sports would be declared a game of skill in Kansas so they wouldn't be illegal under a measure that won final legislative approval Thursday. Insofar as the outcomes depend upon the knowledge and skill of the players, the games are not illegal.
Mr. Lyle Beckwith and NACS aren’t overly concerned about geolocation failures or underage gambling. They want to protect their monopoly on lottery sales for land-based retailers.

NACS Senior Vice President of Government Relations Lyle Beckwith asserts that in this day of technical savvy and Google searches, there is virtually no such thing as “intrastate gambling,” as it has become simple for anyone, anywhere – and any age – to play state lottery games. He writes, in part: “States looking to put their lotteries online, for example, want to pretend that this constitutes purely intrastate gambling activity, but they’re wrong. Unlike brick and mortar casinos and convenience stores that sell lottery tickets, the Internet is accessible any time, by anyone, from anywhere. Herein lies the real states’ rights problem. Say I’m in Hawaii, a state that does not allow any gambling. But all of a sudden, I can get online — apparently no matter how old I am — and play another state’s lottery from anywhere and everywhere with Hawaii. That means the state of Hawaii has lost its ability to control what gambling goes on within its borders and its citizens can gamble from home, work, the car and even church using their choice of computer, tablet or mobile phone. The rights of Hawaii and every other state in the country to limit the gambling that can be done within its borders are completely undermined by a single state offering online lottery sales.”

PGRI Comment: This illustrates either an astonishing level of ignorance, or the disingenuous machinations of one who is trying to sew misinformation into the dialogue about i-Lottery. I suspect the latter, since geo-location and age-restriction technologies have worked to great effect for many years, in Canada, Australia, most countries in Europe, and many other places all around the world; and now in the U.S. as well. It’s hard to believe that anyone would believe this Lyle Beckwith narrative. Unfortunately, one would think he would not be pitching this line if he weren’t getting at least some people to buy into it.

Despite the rise of online and mobile casino gambling, the National Lottery is still the most popular form of gambling in the UK. Ticket sales for the National Lottery was the most common form of gaming, accounting for 36% of gambling.
The NBA has been in recent negotiations with several global sports betting companies. One of them could soon become the league's official partner in Europe's regulated markets, which allows for betting on American pro sports. "The NBA has seen the success that English Premier League soccer clubs have had with sports betting operators, and they're following that same model," a source with knowledge of the discussions said. "They've seen the naming rights and the size of those deals, and they understand that it's an opportunity to open up another revenue stream overseas, in the hundreds of millions of dollars." The simple fact that the NBA, which declined official comment on the potential deal, is in these discussions is noteworthy.
The two state-run national lottery programs, run by the Russian Finance Ministry and the Sports Ministry, are extended to 2019. Non-state lotteries, which boomed after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, have been prohibited in Russia since last year.
Innova's Shares commenced trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "IGG".  "We're extremely pleased to have completed our IPO. This is an important milestone that we anticipate will help us accelerate our development of new and innovative products, games and technologies for the large government lottery and gaming industries," said Innova's Chairman and CEO, Richard M. Weil .
The gambling industry has a total economic footprint of £5 billion, supports almost 40,000 jobs and is likely to continue to thrive well into the future.
“We couldn’t be any more pleased with the sales of the new Super Ticket™ 7’s,” said Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery. “The game produced more than $1 million in sales every single day of its second week in stores.” At 12 inches by 8 inches, Super Ticket™ 7’s is the Texas Lottery’s largest scratch-off on the market and gives players the opportunity to play four separate scratch-off games on one play area for only $10. “We take our mission to generate funding for public education very seriously,” said Grief. “To that end, we are committed to providing the best entertainment experience available for our players through innovative games and we accomplished that with Super Ticket™ 7’s.”
The emergency ordinance introduced late last year to introduce fundamental changes at several levels in remote gambling will now be sent to the President of Romania for final approval, so it can be fully activated in the country. The President does have the power to send the draft law back to be reconsidered, but this is thought to be unlikely. The draft law will amend several requirements for obtaining an online gambling licence and authorisation and provide a requirement list for an online gaming transitory period (ending on December 31, 2015). Romania is now officially on the map of fully regulated European online gambling markets.
New Jersey state Treasurer Sidamon-Eristoff said the contract itself is “complex,” but Northstar has followed through on its commitments to staffing, sales and marketing and modernizing lottery technology. He pointed to an 11 percent expansion of the lottery’s retail network, including Wawa convenience stores and Rite Aid pharmacies, helping generate at least $165 million in new sales revenue. Northstar has also invested nearly $30 million in technology and “other improvements,” which he said would have been “highly unlikely” due to the public bidding process if it were still under state’s control.
Wyoming lottery survey shows most players earn at least a middle-class income
“IGT’s selection as a Champion in Info-Tech Research Group’s iGaming Platforms Vendor Landscape report affirms our B2B leadership in the interactive space,” said Matteo Monteverdi, Senior Vice President, Global Product Marketing, Interactive. “The recent merger of GTECH and IGT strengthens our global presence and positions the organization as the vendor of choice for operators looking to enter the world of iGaming. We are proud to be recognized for our complete product line, which covers the entire iGaming spectrum – from social and play-for-fun to real-money gaming, sports, and lotteries.”
Maryland Casinos Generate $89 Million in Revenue During April, an increase of 24.5% over April 2014
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver advocated the legalization and regulation of sports betting, pointing out that in much of the rest of the world, sports betting is legal and widely popular.
Betting on games of chance in Greece increased by 9% in 2014 from 2013 totals. This was the first time the gaming industry in Greece saw an increase in betting since 2009.
"Thirty years have brought amazing growth and change to our lottery, and we're in a healthy position today," Terry Rich, CEO, Iowa Lottery said. "The lottery has evolved from an organization with just one product available at its start to one with dozens of games for sale at a time and a product mix that continues to evolve, Rich added. "Today's consumers want variety and choices, and we've responded. Statistically we know that our results will fluctuate from year to year, but we anticipate that lottery games will continue to be a consistent, key source of proceeds for vital state causes here in Iowa."
“Our overall goal is to continue improving our systems to support more agile innovation. gemIntelligence™ will help us do that for our sales force automation and increasing our support for our retailers”, said Ed Van Petten, Minnesota State Lottery Executive Director.
National regulator Santa Casa de Misericordia de Lisboa will oversee the licence awarding process and acquire a number of other responsibilities under the new structure. Licences will be made available for casino games, sports betting, horse racing, poker and bingo. Operators of online games will face a taxation rate of between 15% and 30% while those offering sports betting services will pay turnover tax of between 8% and 16%. All operators must also have representation in Portugal, use a .pt domain and send financial transactions through a Portuguese bank account. In addition, the bill sets out procedures to combat illegal online gaming, such as the ability to block websites.
John Musgrave, Executive Director,  said the Lottery will host an advisory board meeting of video lottery distributors and retailers on May 7.


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