Carole Hedinger, New Jersey Lottery’s Executive Director, met with Donald Weinbaum, Executive Director CCGNJ and Jeff Beck, Chairman of National Problem Gambling Awareness Month, to discuss joint efforts to promote public awareness about the dangers of problem gambling.   We want everyone to enjoy playing the lottery as entertainment and remind our players to play responsibly,” Hedinger said.  “The Lottery joins with the Council today because we recognize that it’s important to “Have the Conversation” about responsible play and raise awareness about how to recognize the warning signs of problem gambling.”
Stefan Szymanski, an economist at the University of Michigan, believes that legalization actually makes cheating less likely. Legal, regulated bookies are far less likely to fix matches than illegal bookies, Szymanski explained recently to The New York Times Magazine. They face much greater consequences for doing so, and the reward simply isn't worth it, in many cases.   Legalizing bookies reduces the pool of illegal bookies. But it also gives those regulated parties a legal form of recourse if they do believe a game has been fixed -- and those bookies, ever vigilant of their bottom-line, would place even more trained eyes on each game.   Illegal bookies, meanwhile, have no such options when they believe they have been wronged by a fixed game. And such elements put the welfare of legal bookie operations at risk, because if customers believe the games are fixed, they won't be so eager to place a bet -- and bookie revenues will dwindle fast.
"We are delighted to continue innovating with Scientific Games to bring entertaining lottery games to Atlantic Canadian players through technology that both serves us today and leads us into the future," said Brent Scrimshaw, President and Chief Executive Officer of Atlantic Lottery Corporation. "Our conversion to the AEGIS NGS and Sciplay systems will provide ALC with the opportunity to securely and responsibly grow through traditional retail channels, and now mobile, internet and emerging channels."  "The combination of the AEGIS NGS gaming system and the Sciplay iLottery system will offer ALC a completely integrated technology solution and a deep entertainment portfolio of traditional and digital lottery games for players," said Pat McHugh, Senior Vice President, North American Lottery Systems for Scientific Games.
"Many international gambling sites are very aggressive with their direct marketing," Timo Kiiskinen, Senior Vice President of Business Operations at RAY said. “And they make no effort to care for their customers. They can, for example, promise new customers 100 euro bonuses when they register," he said. The foreign companies are making offers that Finnish companies are not allowed to. "It's clear that often customers will take the best deal when they’re considering gambling," Kiiskinen said.  Raha-automaattiyhdistys (RAY), Veikkaus and Fintoto were set up as monopolies, and are required to give away profits to charitable organisations. They’re also charged with the promotion of moderate gambling. Foreign gambling sites have no such restrictions and by using social media and paying Finnish bloggers to help recruit gamblers to these sites, they circumvent current law.
Dutch licensed national operators the Dutch Lottery, Nederland Charites Lottery, Lotto NL, Holland Casino and Sportech Racing have been included as founding members of the ‘Netherlands Gaming Platform’.
“The combination of GTECH and IGT brings together two highly complementary legacy businesses to form the true blue chip company in global gaming. The new name and branding reflect this positioning. In addition, our two companies have similar core values; in fact, our respective names are derived from the same origin. The comprehensive footprint of our new group fully validates the global claim inscribed in the IGT name,” said Marco Sala, GTECH S.p.A. Chief Executive Officer.“Our new logo, marrying the IGT name and the iconic GTECH globe, draws upon the substantial brand equity of our two companies. It symbolizes our unique capacity to transform the industry with cutting-edge technology and innovative content; to deliver exciting game experiences through every channel, including gaming, lottery, interactive, mobile, and social; and to be the partner of choice in the global gaming industry.”
Legalized gambling won't increase the likelihood of rigged matches, because bringing betting out of the seedy black market underworld—where the vast majority  of gambling currently takes place—and into regulated legal markets would only add transparency.
The bill, HB 649, already has support, sponsored by seventeen Representatives.A recent study from the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee found that Internet Gaming is a large new source of revenue from which the Commonwealth could benefit.  Developments in technology and recent legal decisions have created an opportunity to legalize interactive gaming as a means to further enhance and complement the benefits delivered by casino gaming, licensed facilities and the communities in which they operate. [I-]Gaming has already been authorized in nearby states that directly compete with our current licensed casinos. Many Pennsylvania residents participate in illegal and unregulated gaming sites. Establishing a strong regulatory framework under the Gaming Control Board will assist in shutting down these illegal sites and enhance consumer protection for our gaming residents.
Germany’s association of state-owned lottery operators, DLTB requests the German Federal Government to intervene to prevent the partly state-owned Deutsche Telekom from launching online sports-betting without a German license.   Operators contend that their licenses in Austria (or Gibralter or Malta) entitle them to operate in Germany.  It is the position of government-lotteries, the European Lotteries Association, and in fact the Parliament of European Union member states, that license in the country where the consumer/player resides is required to offer online gambling to those consumers.
“OnePlace is an industry leader in providing relevant and timely sales data in a concise manner. The Arizona Lottery is thrilled to have this robust information available to assist in driving sales for all of our retail partners.” said Raynie Hosto Director of Sales at the Arizona Lottery. “We are excited to partner with the Arizona Lottery and are delighted that they chose to join the growing list of lotteries that are using OnePlace.” said Adam Perlow, Hudson Alley’s CEO.
State Rep. Bob Rita introduced a bills that would create five new casinos in: Chicago, the South suburbs, Lake County, Winnebago County (Rockford) and Vermillion County. Inc. is upping the ante on its $1 billion bet on videogame-streaming site Twitch.   Twitch draws 100 million users each month to watch others play online games such as “Minecraft” and “League of Legends”, and now, online poker players.
“Responsible Gaming is very important to all of us at the California Lottery, from our employees to our retailers, vendors and players,” said Paula LaBrie, Acting Director of the California Lottery.  “We knew our Responsible Gaming Program was one of the strongest in the nation, but we’re always looking for ways we can continue to improve our practices. Given the size of the California Lottery and the amount of supplemental funding we provide to public education, achieving a Level Four status is quite an accomplishment. We are pleased the California Lottery is the first lottery in the nation to achieve this certification.”


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