Every business and agency must examine changes in technology and adapt accordingly, said Charles McIntyre, executive director of the NH Lottery Commission.   The discussion and review comes as the Massachusetts State Lottery pursues legislative approval of a pilot program for online games, The Boston Globe reports. The marketplace is also seeing younger generations, the “digital natives,” eager to stay and play online.  “Their patience for content is much more limited than older generations,” McIntyre said.  McIntyre is keen to keep pace with trends and consumer interest, a focus that contributed to the state lottery exceeding $300 million in sales this year, which is a record. It’s another reason he and the commission are looking around at what other states are doing.  "When Mass. adopts online games, I certainly have a real fear on revenues,” McIntyre said.

“I am very pleased that the Lottery has once again been able to deliver record-setting revenues that will benefit all of our cities and towns,” said Deborah Goldberg, who as Treasurer serves as Chair of the Massachusetts State Lottery Commission. “The local aid derived from Lottery profits is crucial to municipal budgets and the funding of important initiatives and services at the local level.”

“We can balance our mission to raise money for good causes with our responsibility to look after the interests of players,” Executive Director, Alice Garland said. “Everyone who works at a lottery – whether they work in sales, security, advertising or any other department – has an important role to play in sustaining that effort.”

“The combined gaming revenues for Fiscal Year 2016 are $9 million ahead of last year’s record,” said Kansas Lottery Executive Director Terry Presta. “This was made possible by the support of our terrific players and we owe them a big ‘thank you.’ I also want to express my gratitude to our staff, lottery retailers and casino managers for their hard work. Together, we’re always looking for new ways to create and promote fun and exciting games for our players, while generating important revenue for the State.”

“This record of success is possible because North Carolinians enjoy playing lottery games and support the lottery’s mission,” said Alice Garland, the lottery’s executive director. “Prizes averaged $4.1 million a day last year, providing lots of good luck to folks all across the state. The fun adds up to more than $600 million to support education that wouldn’t be there otherwise.”

"This is just a convenience. We're keeping up with the modern times," said Sen. Don Humason, a Westfield Republican

Upon consummation of the transaction, Hydra's CEO Lorne Weil will become Executive Chairman while Inspired's founder and current CEO Luke Alvarez will continue in his leadership role as CEO in addition to being named to the Board of Directors.
Lorne Weil commented, "We have been searching for a compelling business that utilizes our skill set to drive growth. We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with Luke and his team as we work together to grow the digital business through increased focus and the deployment of new technology and content."  Hydra will host an investor conference call to discuss the business combination on July 19, 2016 at 10:00 AM ET.

The Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group achieved extremely positive results in the first half of 2016, as Director General Karl Stoss confirmed in a press statement on 15 July: “Clear growth in sales was achieved in many areas, and with excellent results for all group companies and segments, we are confident that we will close the 2016 business year with record sales and profits.”

Michelle Carinci, Lottotech’s CEO, says: “Our players are at the core of everything we do at Lottotech. The Lottotech team is always looking for effective ways to improve our product and services to our players. Over 77% of adults play Loto regularly and nearly 100% use a mobile device so it was logical to develop an app that would make the entire Loto experience more convenient and fun.”

Conference call: Thursday, July 28, 2016 8:00 a.m. EDT / 1:00 p.m. BST / 2:00 p.m. CEST

Legislation, which would make Pennsylvania the fourth state to legalize internet gambling, would allow state casinos to operate satellite locations with up to 250 slot machines each and would allow slot machines in airport terminals. The bill passed the House of Representatives on June 28, on a 114-85 vote, and is pending in the Senate. “Since that’s happened, I haven’t had a meeting with any of the commissioners to talk about our options,” acting lottery director John Myers Myers said. “There are certainly things we need to consider going forward. To stay competitive, we’ll have to consider these, as well.”

La Lotería de Navidad 2016 ya está a la venta Leer más: Lotería de Navidad: La Lotería de Navidad 2016 ya está a la venta Lotería de Navidad http://goo.gl/aFxCYT

“Although adverts placed on such websites are not criminal in themselves, they contribute to funding the websites, and are therefore associating gambling with crime. They also frequently appear next to other adverts and links containing malware or viruses,” the Commission say

Current Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director Gordon Medenica, who led the ceremony, expressed his heartfelt appreciation for Buddy.  “We all loved Buddy - he was just such a fun guy to be around,” said Medenica. “I had the good fortune of working with him in the industry over the years,” Medenica continued, “and underneath that wonderful showman's character was a very savvy guy who understood the lottery business better than most. It was a huge loss to the lottery community. And although we're celebrating Buddy's life today, we also extend our deepest sympathies to our good friends and colleagues in Kentucky with the recent passing of Arch Gleason. I just know that Buddy and Arch are in a good place right now, swapping stories and having a good laugh."

“Record sales of Powerball due to the $1.59 billion jackpot contributed to the growth, but we wouldn’t have hit $3 billion in sales without record performances from our KENO and EZPLAY® games and increases in our daily draw games,” said Ohio Lottery Director Dennis Berg.

“The only way to reach the younger market is via online lottery games,” said state Treasurer Deb Goldberg, who oversees the Lottery Commission. “It’s the future and we need to face it. ”Goldberg said the state lottery has studied online games and is now seeking legislative approval of a pilot program that would require players to register online and use a credit card. If online games are approved, the state lottery plans to launch a marketing plan to help (retail)  stores maintain sales, Goldberg said. One idea is to link the sale of gift cards at brick-and-mortar outlets to online lottery games, with the possible inclusion of free play. Another is to require anyone who wins a certain amount to claim it in person at a lottery retailer. “It used to be lottery tickets sold themselves,” Goldberg said. “Now we will go out and market them.”   Massachusetts’ lottery has been considered the country’s most successful, raising about $1 billion a year for local services such as public safety and education. But marketing studies show a clear preference for online tickets among people younger than 40, and Goldberg said the state can expect a sharp decline in revenue in the years to come if the lottery fails to adapt to the new digital reality.

Sally Cowdry, Consumer & Retail Director at Camelot, said: “EuroMillions has always captured the UK public’s imagination with its exhilarating jackpots and numerous multi-million pound winners – boosting returns to Good Causes in the process. It’s now time to re-energise the game and take it to the next level – and these fantastic enhancements will do just that, helping us to deliver even more for our players and UK Good Causes in the years to come.”

Developed with agency David&Goliath, the "Audience"30-second spot features a customer faced with the task of choosing whether to purchase a $2, $5, or $10 game. He turns to a live studio audience similar to what people do during the real Price Is Right for help. In turn, the audience, dressed in their game show gear, all scream different suggestions in an attempt to influence his decision

“This is a great achievement for the California Lottery and great news for our state’s public schools,” Lottery Director Hugo López said. “We know the money to schools is modest, but it helps in real ways. And our team is firmly committed to doing everything possible to make Fiscal Year 2016-17 another record year in prizes paid to winners and contributions to education.”

“The Arkansas Scholarship Lottery provides great benefit to students and parents across Arkansas,” said Lottery Director Bishop Woosley. “The Lottery is also fun for our players, and it provides an economic engine for retailers.”

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