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“We interviewed four exceptional candidates and each one could provide the leadership and innovation that the New Mexico Lottery needs in an entertainment marketplace where players have lots of choices,” said Dan Salzwedel, chairman of the lottery’s board of directors.  “In the end, we selected David Barden because we believe he has the ability to hit the ground running and to make high-impact changes that will result in a higher profile for the lottery, better sales and more revenue for the Legislative Lottery Scholarship program.”  “Leading the New Mexico Lottery is an exciting opportunity for the exact reason that there’s so much potential for the New Mexico Lottery to do more,” David Barden said. 
“Beth is driven by results, and her strategic marketing approach has been a boon to the cities and towns that depend on Lottery profits for unrestricted local aid,” said Grossman.  “Her innovative management style is one of the main reasons that the Lottery has generated such unprecedented levels of revenue, and I’m delighted that she is assuming this top leadership role.” “I appreciate the Treasurer’s confidence in my capabilities and am honored he has asked me to undertake this leadership role at the Lottery,” said Bresnahan.  “Our team has worked to build an even more efficient and profitable business model during the last three years.  I look forward to guiding the Lottery on a continued path of growth and success.”
"We're pleased to have completed the purchase of  Diamond Game , an innovator in lottery technology with multiple patents, and excited to have the company's staff become part of Amaya's global team," said  David Baazov CEO of Amaya. "Placements of  Diamond Game's  latest lottery product, the LT-3, have grown substantially over the past year and we foresee that growth continuing, including in new jurisdictions. We anticipate integrating games from Amaya's extensive library of titles into  Diamond Game's  lottery technology. Additionally, we plan to leverage our network of relationships to provide new revenue opportunities for  Diamond Game  while leveraging  Diamond Game's  U.S. lottery relationships to potentially expand deployment of Amaya's gaming solutions
Veikkauksen performance and improved cost-effectiveness in a challenging environment. At the same time, we developed our business more responsibly and reliably, with special attention to the prevention of gambling addiction and the introduction of a strong, bank identifiers based on the so-called Tupas identification, says CEO Juha Koponen.
The Philippines is a relatively mature gaming market with several forms of gambling available, including casino-based gaming.  The growth is driven mostly by the addition of new casinos.
Under the current law, Iowa residents are prohibited from playing fantasy sports on Web sites like ESPN and Yahoo! But no Iowan has ever been prosecuted for participating in a fantasy sports league.  Iowa is one of just five states — along with Arizona, Louisiana, Montana and Vermont — that outlaw prizes for fantasy sports. Even so, almost one in 10 Iowa residents participate in fantasy sports.
“We are very proud to have been selected”, says Ales Kulich, President of QLot Consulting.   Ed Van Petten, Executive Director of the Minnesota State Lottery: “We were very impressed by the proposal and credentials of QLot, clearly making them a partner for our move into the future. Their extensive international lottery and gaming knowledge, combined with both technical and commercial expertise, was exactly what we were looking for.”
Excellent re-cap of how this issue has unfolded over the last three years, and why state legislatures may be poised to pick up the pace in moving towards a legalize, tax, and regulate model for internet gaming.
Compared to the  VIP segment, which is driven by credit conditions in  China, mass market is less cyclical. Second, it is more profitable.  In 2013, VIP revenue represented about two-thirds of the gross gaming revenue but only 35% of the gaming EBITDA.  As China’s growth slows and investors become more nervous of the shadow banking system there, Macau investors should be happy if the industry’s revenue mix tilts more towards the more profitable and stable mass market segment.  The revenue mix for the mass market segment (versus the VIP segment) improved to 39.4% from 36% in December.
Portugal is essentially betting millions of euros in the hope of gathering the billions the government says is siphoned off by businesses every year.  Here’s how it will work: receipts with a nine-digit personal tax number from cafes, hairdressers and other businesses will be automatically converted into one or more coupons that enter into the competition.  It will hold as many as 60 draws over 12 months to award “top-range” cars. “The government wants to end this scourge that is called the parallel economy.  If we make sure everyone pays their taxes, it will be easier to reduce the tax burden in the future.”
Lottery officials can act on their own because an existing law gives them authority to add terminal-based games like keno, Meuser said, but added that legislative support would be welcomed.
Executive Director Ed Van Petten said the game is aimed at attracting a younger audience, and he expects many of the new players to buy paper tickets at retail outlets. He said the Lottery’s goal is not to build an online scratch-game following. “We look at it more as brand awareness, more of a marketing tool than anything, to introduce our product to a new demographic,” Van Petten said.
“We believe that this upgrade to AEGIS NGS will allow us to securely support our current business requirements, as well as lead us into the future with opportunities to add new game content, add new sales channels and reach new players,” said Dani Pokornik, Vice President, Information Technology at WCLC.  “AEGIS NGS is a next-generation system we purposefully engineered from the ground up with an integrated architectural approach,” said John Donahue, Managing Director for Scientific Games International.  “AEGIS NGS is a ‘future-proof’ system for lotteries that offers incredible support for current business requirements as well as innovative features to help lead them strongly into the future. We are very excited to be launching it in North America with our longstanding customer, WCLC.”
“Pollard Banknote is pleased to collaborate with the Michigan Lottery to launch Instants Plus™, the latest in our growing number of interactive offerings,” said Doug Pollard, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Pollard Banknote. “This launch once again demonstrates the Lottery's innovative spirit and its keen understanding of the importance of keeping up with changing technology in order to keep players engaged. We look forward to building on the momentum of this exceptional product and explore ways in which Instants Plus™ can be tailored for use in other jurisdictions.” “We are excited to once again partner with Pollard Banknote to offer our players this unique new tool,” said Tom Weber, Chief Deputy Commissioner, Michigan Lottery. “The addition of Instants Plus™ to our newly designed website will help generate the kind of informative experience players have come to expect online, while still supporting our retail network. It caters not only to our existing player base, but will also help attract new demographics by giving players and potential players a convenient, and readily available means to access a wealth of information about lottery products.”

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