Michael Conforti, President, Corporate Development & Global Strategic Accounts for Scientific Games, said, "We appreciate the professionalism and creativity exhibited by POSC and its leadership team, and we look forward to supporting their numerous growth initiatives over the next several years."  Willy Ocier, President, Pacific Online Systems Corporation, said, "Scientific Games has demonstrated a strong commitment to our systems technology over the last decade, and we are pleased to continue working together to grow lottery sales in the Philippines. The new terminals installed through this contract extension will allow us to retire some of our older terminals and provide our retailers with advanced technology that drives efficiencies and makes it easy and convenient for retailers to sell lottery games."
“I want to thank Governor Rauner and the General Assembly for this legislative accomplishment. It allows the Illinois Lottery to fully return to the business of supporting education, capital projects, and select charitable causes throughout the state,” said Acting Director B.R. Lane. “We are excited to be back and look forward to a revitalized experience for our players.”
California State Controller Betty T. Yee announced that payments from the Lottery Education Fund to school districts, higher educational institutions and state agencies for the 2014-15 fiscal year totaled $1.39 billion
The state lottery is expected to generate approximately $1.2 billion during the current two-year budget, which is roughly 6 percent of the state’s $19.5 billion in available revenue, according to the Legislative Revenue Office.
The House Oversight & Government Reform Committee will hold a hearing this week entitled “A Casino in Every Smartphone – Law Enforcement Implications.” The insidious title comes as little surprise given that the committee chairman, Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), is the lead sponsor of a bill to ban states from regulating online gaming. Mr. Chaffetz’s bill, H.R. 707 the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA), has often been referred to as the “Adelson Bill” named after casino billionaire and political mega-donor Sheldon Adelson. This description is well deserved. Not only did one of Mr. Adelson’s lobbyists write the bill language (per reporting from the New York Times), but the billionaire himself has said that he will “spend whatever it takes” to stop states from regulating online gaming.
INTRALOT Australia Pty Ltd, rolled out on December 1st the first Voluntary Pre-commitment Scheme branded YourPlay” for a network of 28,500 electronic gaming machines (EGM) across the State of Victoria, including the Melbourne Casino. The official launch follows a contract sealed in 2014 between INTRALOT and the Victorian Government to operate the pre-commitment service for a period of 12 years, until August 2027. Mr. Nikos Nikolakopoulos, INTRALOT Group COO, commented“INTRALOT has a successful track record in the delivery of demanding and challenging projects across geographies. We are extremely pleased to celebrate today the launch of an unprecedented Voluntary Pre-commitment Scheme. We are confident that it is a great asset of the Victorian Government and will strongly support it in its endeavours to enhance Responsible Gaming across the state.”
"At Pollard Banknote, we focus on developing innovations that will drive sales and attract younger players. Our WebPlay® games extend the play value of an instant ticket with the understanding that technology—especially mobile technology—is an integral part of people's lives," said Nancy Bettcher, Vice President, Product Innovation & Development. "The statistics support the importance of the mobile channel. Three-fifths of games played for fun are played on mobile. Research shows that the 18-to-34 demographic accounts for about 60% of WebPlay® app downloads. For all of these reasons, we anticipate that the Power Bingo app will prove to be very appealing to the Michigan Lottery's players."
"With our brand new site and mobile applications, we are taking user experience to a whole new level. Three days after going live, we've already recorded new all-time highs in active players and revenues alike. We couldn't have hoped for a more enthusiastic welcome from our loyal online players, which is the best measurement of the success of this new partnership between NYX and Golden Nugget. We'd also like to thank Bally Technologies for their contribution to Golden Nugget early online success and for their professional commitment during the platform migration project." commented Thomas Winter, Vice President Online Gaming of Golden Nugget.
“We’re pleased that one of our PlayOLG members has the winning ticket for the LOTTO 6/49 Guaranteed $1 Million prize,” said John Mahony, OLG’s Vice-President, iGaming. “PlayOLG players should log into their accounts or check their email to see if they are a big winner!”
Companion Instant Lottery Game Hits Milestones with More Than $200 Million in Sales and 19 Million+ Entries Awarded in Online Promotion. Since debuting earlier this year, the television game show has averaged more than one millionaire per seven episodes, which outpaces any other game show. The companion instant lottery game has been on sale in 15 states since spring 2015. A 16th state lottery offers players the opportunity to participate in the ‘MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES CLUB’ promotion via their loyalty program. The “MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB” studio audience consists of lottery players and their guests. The lottery players all won a five-day, four-night trip for two to Las Vegas, with a stay at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, and a seat in the audience to watch the taping and potentially be chosen as a contestant on the show.
State Senator Garrett Richter of Naples believes even more could go to schools if buying lottery tickets were easier. “This money funnels directly through education,” Richter said. Last year, lottery sales funneled $1.5 billion into Florida schools. Richter said he's sponsoring a bill to boost ticket sales and education funding. The bill is expected to increase sales through convenience. No longer will customers have to get out of their cars and physically walk into the store to purchase tickets from a lottery terminal. Instead, they can swipe their credit card right at the pump.
Billionaire Len Ainsworth, the 91-year-old who made his fortune from making poker machines, attributes the lift in the amount Australians are betting to "natural" levels of growth. "There's a very simple answer: over the last 62 years that I've been in the business each year, every year the amount of money that goes into gambling is directly related to the state of the economy," Mr Ainsworth told Fairfax Media. "If the economy goes up 5 per cent, you can bet the amount gambled will go up by that or even more." He argues Australians will always keep a fixed portion of their disposable income available for gambling.  "We're involved in social gaming and the number of people who spend money on games is only 10 per cent. But the number of people we have as customers around the world is astronomical. We've got a huge number of people learning to gamble who've never gambled in their life for the most part and eventually, those people will try other forms of gambling too."

NACS has noted that diverting lottery sales traffic to the Internet would significantly affect the profitability of convenience retailers. The average customer who comes to buy a lottery ticket spends $10.35 in the store, compared to $6.29 for non-lottery customers.

Their bill defines fantasy sport and exempts its operations from state gambling laws, requiring operators to register with the state’s consumer services agency. Companies would ante up $500,000 to get in the game, then pay $100,000 annual registration and regulatory fees. Their employees would be forbidden to play, and they’d have to verify that contestants are over 18.
Bishop Woosley, Lottery Director said; Bringing in an external expert can provide a fresh perspective on how things can be improved. Camelot Global is well respected and has helped other lotteries to draft and implement a successful business plan. We look forward to working with them. ” Richard Bateson, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Camelot Global, said;“We are thrilled to have been awarded this contract and look forward to working with Bishop Woosley and his team. We applaud the Lottery for recognising there are improvements that can be made to ensure more Arkansans can receive a scholarship and attend college. Our approach will be similar to that of a consumer goods company in putting the player at the heart of the strategy. Growing net revenue requires changes in player participation levels, changes in marketing proposition and changes in retail strategy. Our team of experts come from both marketing and retail backgrounds and have had both operational responsibilities in market as well as advisory experience from over twenty states/countries around the world. We look forward to starting work in Arkansas.”
We ask our lawmakers to oppose this federal power grab and let Nevada continue to regulate gaming within its borders as a constitutional states’ right and call on Attorney General Laxalt to reconsider throwing his support behind this measure.
Supporters of a nationwide ban on Internet gambling claim legalizing the activity would increase crime and fuel terrorism. But all the evidence—including the two-year experience of various states with regulated online gambling—belies those claims.  Preventing states from legalizing and regulating online gambling would simply push American online gamblers back into the black market, where crime is far more likely. In addition to being ineffective, a national online gambling prohibition would be unconstitutional. Regulation of Internet gambling is not a matter covered by any of the enumerated powers granted to Congress by the Constitution, and, as such, falls under the 10th Amendment jurisdiction of the states.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) hopes to breathe new legislative life into his attempt to federal ban internet gambling by holding a hysteria-filled hearing before the House Oversight Committee next week.  Coalition to Stop Internet Gambling (CSIG), a group heavily funded and supported by Adelson. CSIG is employing hysterical claims and scare tactics about internet-based gambling including claims it will allow rampant money laundering, financing of terrorism, fraud, and other criminal activity. The problem with that argument is that it applies not to what they oppose, but to off-shore illegal gambling that neither our states nor our federal government have any control over. Those seeking gambling sites to engage in such illegal activities will find overseas havens. The hearing next week, to revive Adelson’s and Chaffetz’s RAWA legislation, is a show hearing to attempt to revive an idea that has little support in Congress and a great deal of  opposition from many grass-roots conservative and liberty-oriented citizen groups.
The stakes are high. Although New York law won't be applied in similar decisions for other states, fantasy sports are unlikely to see nationwide legislation allowing them to operate free of worry, meaning they'll have to win in state-by-state battles. The New York population is a major prize. And the question of chance will likely come up again and again as regulators in other states examine fantasy sports. In Illinois, for instance, fantasy sports businesses are being investigated under a law that defines gambling as a contest of "chance or skill for money or other thing of value."

The bill, filed by Sen. Bruce Tarr, R-Gloucester, would allow only casinos licensed in the state to engage in Internet gambling

Gordon Medenica, Director of the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency, has announced Leo Mamorsky and James Nielsen to join Maryland Lottery

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