Existing laws governing gambling in the nation were written in 1947, and were never changed to reflect the fact that gambling now takes place in the virtual world just as frequently as in brick-and-mortar casinos.   According to Mexican Gaming Commission President Fernando Zarate Salgado, the new laws took into consideration input from industry representatives, businesses, academics and even anti-gambling groups. If any major issues are found with the bill, there’s still time to work out the details. No specific details have been leaked, though it is expected that the  regulations should be friendlier to the gambling industry than those proposed in a draft seen last year.
“It has been both an honor and a privilege serving Nebraskans during my career. I want to thank Governor Heineman and Tax Commissioner Conroy for the trust they placed in me. Along with all the wonderful people I’ve had the opportunity to work with, we’ve achieved many significant goals. I’m going to miss them, but look forward to my new role serving church congregations in north-central Nebraska.”  Nebraska Lottery Marketing Manager Jill Marshall will serve as Acting Lottery Director and Lottery & Charitable Gaming Legal Manager Aaron Hendry will serve as Acting Charitable Gaming Director and Acting Athletic Commissioner until a replacement for Haynes is named.
State legislation passed the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Act of 2009, requiring the lottery to “cooperate in identifying debtors to owe money”.
"One of the obligations given to us in our management contract, says Communication Manager Loterie Nationale, Pierre-Laurent Fassin, is to be where the player is. " But he adds,"the player finds himself increasingly on smartphones. "
Franz Wohlfahrt, Novomatic’s CEO, said: “The first half year results for 2014 demonstrate that our dual business strategy has once again proved to be the right way to a successful future. We achieved an increase in gaming operation revenues of 17 per cent. A significant growth in turnover was also achieved in the sales, e-business and betting segments.”
The GBGA filed its challenge last month in the British courts which it hopes will overturn new gaming legislation.  At the heart of GBGA’s grievance is the UK government’s decision to introduce regulation and taxation at the point of consumption, rather than the country of origin. GBGA’s only hope is the European Court of Justice, although Julian Harris says this would be incredibly unlikely to happen. “I am not aware of any piece of legislation ever being struck down by any court,” he says. “The ECJ could strike it down but it would have to be fairly flagrantly in breach of European law. And it’s not.”
“The governor’s office expressed concerns over the way the bill was written, and it was not so much that they disagreed with the concept of allowing sports betting,” NJ State Sen. Jennifer Beck said.  While Beck is leading one charge, Sen. Raymond Lesniak (D-Union), sponsor of the most recent bill, has scheduled a Sept. 22 vote to override the governor’s veto. “That is going to be the vote in the Senate, and it is really critical to the horseracing industry in Monmouth and Ocean counties,” Lesniak said.
"Advertisement and the activities of illegal operators became too aggressive, and that obliged us to proceed with the block of the sites and of all the transactions related to their operations."
Gavin Isaacs President and Chief Executive Officer of  Scientific Games  said, "Dan is a passionate leader with an eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to continuous improvement. His expertise in marketing, product definition, brand management, product and customer research, and experience in company integrations will greatly benefit and speed the transformation of  Scientific Games  as we begin this exciting new journey as a larger, customer-centric company."
“The Launch of the Wyoming Lottery has been a rewarding and exciting experience said Jon Clontz, CEO of Wyolotto. This was a very smooth launch executed with persistent attention to detail and precision. The combined high quality experience of our gaming vendor INTRALOT and LOTTERY staff proved to be a formula for success. My staff and the INTRALOT team logged countless hours to include weekends ensuring benchmarks, deadlines and milestone objectives were met. INTRALOT and my team maintained a constant team oriented attitude and a positive and motivating drive that led to a successful launch with no major concerns”, he said. INTRALOT, Inc. President and CEO, Mr. Tom Little, said: “We have been working closely with the Wyoming Lottery towards a secure and successful launch since our award in April. We are extremely excited because this is our 14th contract award in the U.S. market and our second start-up of new lottery operations; the previous being the successful start-up of the Arkansas Lottery in 2012. The excitement surrounding this start-up was apparent as the lottery reported $1,000 in sales per minute for the first hour and achieved an impressive $401,638 in sales prior to the first draw on Tuesday. In fact, that amount was just shy of the projected sales for the entire first week. It has been a pleasure working with the WyoLotto™ team and we are looking forward to a long successful partnership together.”
Year-over-year revenue increased 22% for the 12-month period ending June 30
“Our efforts are based on the idea that it’s better to have a large number of people, each buying a few tickets, rather than a smaller number of people playing more,” said Virginia Lottery Executive Director Paula Otto. “We were able to grow the number of people playing by two percent, resulting in record profits for education in the Commonwealth.” “The Lottery sales staff places a priority on increasing the number of retailer partners and working to build sales with our existing partners,” said Otto. “Customers who come in to buy lottery tickets usually make other purchases as well, which is good for business, especially at smaller independent stores.”
“When we launched our Internet gambling site in August 2004, we were the first lottery in North America to sell products online,” said James Reilly, Atlantic Lottery’s Senior Manager, eCommerce. “For 10 years now, Atlantic Canadians have been enjoying a range of entertaining products with us, online. Today’s alc.ca offers players big jackpot lottery games LOTTO 6/49 and LOTTO MAX, their favourite regional draw and PRO•LINE games, and online-only offerings iBingo and Pick’n Click. We offer our players the convenience of playing at home at the only legal, regulated Internet gambling site in Atlantic Canada today.”
Coercing or enticing players, officials and administrators into rigging matches has netted fixers millions of dollars while soccer is left counting the cost to its integrity.  The problem is widespread, says Terry Steans, who has worked as an investigator for soccer's world governing body, FIFA.  "I never thought it would be across the globe but it is, and that's the most surprising thing to me (along with) the consummate ease with which fixers gained access to football,"  In February last year, the European Union's law enforcement agency, Europol announced that 680 matches (380 of them in Europe) played between 2008 and 2011 were under suspicion of being rigged.  "This is the work of a suspected organized crime syndicate based in Asia and operated with criminal networks around Europe," Rob Wainwright, director of Europol said following an 18-month probe.  But match fixing extends far beyond Europe's borders with scandals uncovered in Asia, Africa and Latin America in recent years.

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