"Both FanDuel and DraftKings have vastly expanded their operations in just the last year, bringing in hundreds of thousands of additional players in New York alone. A stay here would thus not merely preserve the status quo, but instead give a green light to the continued, massive growth of DFS into the New York market," Schneiderman's office said in its letter to the Supreme Court. Schneiderman, who maintains that DFS is gambling, also argued that DraftKings and FanDuel would not "suffer irreparable harm" if the stay is denied.
Tribal Gaming interests have contracts (called “compacts”) with states that include terms and conditions under which gambling is licensed and conducted in the state.  The operation of DFS may represent a conflict with those prior state commitments.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver  commented "One of the reasons I've been pushing to legalize sports betting is not because that I'm necessarily an advocate of sports betting, it's because all the research shows that it's a multi-hundred-billion dollar business just in the United States right now," Silver said. "In terms of the integrity of the sports leagues, it's only bad news for us when it continues to remain underground ... [to] the extent there are fantasy sites or flat-out betting sites, where consumers identify themselves by putting credit cards in and then can be tracked the same way the stock market can track buying and selling, then that's much healthier for the leagues."

"We're always looking and researching game ideas and trying to add to our product mix to keep things fresh and add some variety for players," Lottery Director Randy Miller said.  "We're very excited, and I think our players will be excited as well, to get a new game out there," Miller said.

The video is fabulous for 2 reasons. First, the case he makes for funding the sciences (and by extension Education which is supported by so many Government-Lotteries. Maybe a Brand Lottery commercial like this could be produced?) Second, it is an amazing production/presentation, a work of art. Thank you to Bill Gates’ blogs for referring us to this! (www.gatesnotes.com)
EL President Hansjörg Höltkemeier has stated: “EL Members belong to a special and sustainable lottery model which is based on the four following principles: integrity, solidarity, precaution and subsidiarity. Our contribution to employment in Europe during these difficult times of economic crisis clearly shows that when we say that we are driven by principles, like solidarity, it is not just words, but a concrete fact. This special model that enables EL Members, driven by key principles, to be a force for good, needs to be safeguarded and recognised, so that the employment benefits of lottery funding are not jeopardised.
"Responsible gaming is a core value of the Hoosier Lottery," said Sarah M. Taylor, Executive Director of the State Lottery Commission of Indiana. "Corporate social responsibility is put at equal value with driving sales, and we are pleased this has been recognized by the industry and international community."
“This has been an incredibly successful first quarter for the Texas Lottery,” said Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery. “Record lottery sales mean more revenue for the important causes we support including public education and Texas veterans.”
Sheldon Adelson is the casino magnate who is spending big to get the U.S. Congress to impose a nation-wide prohibition of internet gambling.  Part of the strategy to accomplish that goal appears to include the acquisition of a media outlet to shape public opinion
Though Van Petten stressed to The Associated Press he did not own those units and insisted that using those timeshares actually saved the state money. “It didn’t cost the state a dime more. I didn’t see that it would be an issue,” he said, adding that he had not cleared the arrangement with others. “But there is a rule. There is no ownership interest whatsoever, but it appears that way.”
Bill 186/2014 would legalize casino gambling for the first time since 1946, as well as create a regulatory framework for online gambling.
Klaus Scharrenberg, CEO, of Lotto-Toto GmbH Sachsen-Anhalt said: “We look forward to continuing our trusted relationship with Scientific Games that began back in 1991. His colleague, Maren Sieb, CEO, added: “We want to offer our retailers and players modern technology that serves their needs in a secure and convenient way.”


International Game Technology‘s CEO Renato Ascoli, left, and global chief product officer Victor Duarte pose for a portrait at the IGT headquarters in Las Vegas Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2015. Erik Verduzco/Las Vegas Review-Journal Follow @Erik_Verduzco

The Lottery and Gaming Pursuit Project. This project will see the formation of a highly skilled team to pursue the growth of the Lottery and Gaming (L&G) sector in Sault Ste. Marie

"We appreciate Loto-Quebec's extension of this Agreement and look forward to continuing this relationship over the coming year," said Richard Weil, Chairman and CEO of INNOVA. We also hope to add new features and content to our existing deployments to improve the gaming experience and increase revenue."

G2E 2015 Las Vegas

EL Congress 2015 in Oslo, Norway "Touch Tomorrow" Photo Collage

EL Congress 2015 - DAY 2 - PHOTOS in Oslo, Norway "Touch Tomorrow" Photo Collage


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