Director Sarah Taylor is touring the state to promote the civic good in Indiana’s oldest form of state-sanctioned gambling.
“We have developed a very close and cooperative working relationship with TLC over the past seven years,” said Doug Pollard, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Pollard Banknote. “The unprecedented growth experienced by TLC in recent years is a reflection of the Lottery’s hard work and dedication to providing secure, high-quality games to the people of Taiwan. We are committed to building on the proven success of this partnership and continuing to explore new and innovative products and marketing strategies for Taiwan’s unique marketplace.”
Around the world, there are individuals who want to make a buck off of gaming without contributing to communities, undergoing stringent background checks and adhering to gaming regulations. Offshore online gaming operators, operators of grey machines, so-called "Internet Sweepstakes Cafes" (ISC), and illegal gambling halls are examples that can be found across the U.S. These illegal operators harm the image of regulated gaming and siphon revenue to communities in which they operate. The AGA will launch an aggressive public relations campaign to raise awareness around these illegal operators and promote enforcement to shut down these rogue outfits.
“ the initial concept discussions, we viewed this project as a great opportunity to extend the lottery’s marketing and communications reach to another important focus in Iowa, which in this case was travel and tourism,” said Teri Wood, lottery vice president of marketing. “And by partnering with Tourism and Natural Resources, we amplified the message even further by providing information to a wide variety of audiences.”
Norsk Tipping launches suite of 65 Internet games, including iBingo, iCasino, and eInstants

Norsk Tipping has launched its first range of iGaming products exclusively for the Norwegian market.  The operator of the Norwegian Lottery and gaming was asked by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture to develop online games to provide the Norwegian public with an attractive offering and at the same time be in the forefront of Responsible Gaming.  “With this launch, Norsk Tipping is challenging foreign betting companies not licensed in Norway by providing attractive games that are not as aggressive as the cross border operators’. Responsible Gaming is our trademark,” said Norsk Tipping CEO Torbjørn Almlid.

“This is a much-needed and long-awaited renewal of Norsk Tipping as a provider of money games in Norway. Norsk Tipping must be up-to-date to survive as a gaming company and provide customers with attractive games. We will launch a series of new games in 2014 and we will especially concentrate on new games for mobile,” continued Mr. Almlid.  “We are thrilled to see these solutions come to life, thanks to GTECH’s integrated platform and entertaining game solutions.” concluded Mr. Almlid.

Panel Discussion: Mobile as a Medium, and not just as a Channel for Distribution -Panel Discussion moderated by Jeff Anderson, Executive Director, Idaho
Please Click here to watch this video

Mobile as a Medium, and not just as a Channel for Distribution: Lotteries are using Mobile to connect with the consumer, to build brand awareness, to leverage brand awareness for the benefit of Lottery's retail partners, to deliver app's that engage the consumer with all things Lottery.  Additionally, how are Lotteries translating their incredible online/internet consumer connection into benefits for their retail partners (thereby gaining retailer support for digital channels)?  How might Mobile app’s be implemented on a national scale?  What are the regulatory issues?  Does Mobile as a channel for distribution require enabling legislation or regulatory approval?  How about when it is used purely as a medium for communication?

Panelists: Ralph Acosta, Chief Executive Officer, SkuRun 
Scott Bowen
, Commissioner, Michigan Lottery
Moti Malul, Vice President Sales & Business Development, Neogames
Brad Duea
, President, LotteryHUB powered by Shoutz
Paul Riley
, Vice President, Product Marketing and Interactive Wagering, GTECH

“Veikkaus’ decision to use GTECH-developed Proxilotto technology as the engine behind its new geolottery game demonstrates its trust in the integrity and functionality of our solutions,” said GTECH International Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer EMEA Declan Harkin. “This exciting new game reaffirms Veikkaus’ position as one of the world’s most successful lottery operators, and will help to sustain and grow its gaming program, which ultimately benefits all Finns.”
The executive director of the Virginia Lottery was presented with the 2014 Thomas Jefferson Award for Public Relations
"We have seen compounded growth rates over the last two to four years ranging from 15 to 30 per cent... and with the roll-out of sports, mobile, telephone and text betting the industry is expected to see another 10 to 20 per cent increase," said Gary Peart, Chairman of the Betting, Gaming and Lotteries Commission (BGLC).
Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians and the San Manuel Band of Serrano Mission Indians have reached a consensus regarding the number of poker sites that a licensee would be eligible to operate. Initially, Pechanga felt that one per licensee would suffice whereas San Manuel felt that no restrictions should be placed on this number. The tribes have now reached consensus and have agreed to two poker sites per licensee. An outstanding issue which is preventing online poker legislation in California is a recent partnership between three state card rooms, the Morongo Band of Mission Indians and PokerStars. Unfortunately, PokerStars continued to operate in the U.S. after the gambling ban and so they are viewed as a ‘bad actor’ and this would exclude them from participating in online gambling in the state. Industry observers, however, believe that PokerStars will be given permission to participate once they adhere to a penalty.
The fight to regulate online poker and gambling in the U.S. lost a major player as the American Gaming Association (AGA) has announced that it will no longer be supporting the cause. Citing divisiveness among the casinos it represents, AGA CEO Geoff Freeman stated that the organization will cease lobbying efforts regarding online gambling, referring to the matter as "an issue that the association cannot lead on," the Wall Street Journal reported. PGRI Note: This is a must-read for anyone interested in the politics of regulating i-gaming, and the in-fighting among the biggest casino operators, in the U.S.
The state AZ Court of Appeals on Thursday rejected a bid by Jerry Hannosh to sue the operators of an off-shore Internet gaming site for the $800,000 he lost. Judge Maurice Portley, writing for the unanimous court, said the state racketeering laws that Hannosh said should protect him from illegal activity do not apply. He said Hannosh was aware of the terms, “Voluntary Internet gambling is a gamble - Gambling losses would not qualify as an injury to person because gambling without a chance to lose is not a legally protected interest,” the judge wrote. “Because Hannosh voluntarily took the understood risk that he could win and that he could lose, his losses cannot be considered an ‘injury to person’ recoverable through an Arizona RICO lawsuit.”
PGRI Note: This is an uplifting story for the “once-in-a-lifetime experience” it gave the many winners of this lottery promotion. It is also a very interesting story for the ability of special experience-based prizes to attract attention and generate sales.
Now there is only Powerball and mega Millions. "I'd like to see scratch tickets come in," Clontz said. "They're fun. People like them. I'm getting asked a lot about them. Me personally, I hope we get to do scratch tickets." Clontz said he knows the Legislature and governor would have to modify the law to allow scratch tickets or video lottery. The board can add a Wyoming-specific lottery, raffles or other forms of gambling without permission from the state, he said.


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Receptions to be held 5:00 to 7:00 pm on the evenings of Tuesday, Weds, and Thursday, Sept. 9, 10, and 11
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Lottery Expo Conference Schedule (Notice that there are NO sessions on Friday.  Conference is on Weds and Thursday, and closes with the Reception on Thursday evening):
--  Tuesday September 9:  5:00 pm. Opening night reception
--  Wednesday, Sept. 10:  Conference Sessions followed by Reception at 5:00 pm.
--  Thursday, Sept. 11: Conference Sessions followed by Reception at 5:00 pm.
Our receptions traditionally end at 7:00 pm., so do not conflict with dinner plans. 

 LOTTERY EXPO 2014 Panel Discussion Topics :  

--  Maximizing Net Funds by balancing the mix of high and low margin products  Looking at how consumer products marketers apply category management principles to maximize sales of their high-margin products.  How do consumer products companies manage this systemic capitalist dynamic of finite product life-cycles, margin erosion, customer migration to lower-margin products, etc.?  What are the marketing principles that others apply to produce the optimal balance between high and low margin products, and use the consumer appeal of some products to drive traffic to others?   How does the consumer interact with the entire category of lottery products, what drives their behavior towards one set of product attributes over another, and how can Lottery appeal to those drivers such that we are channeling the maximum volume towards the high-margin products, and/or at least extracting maximum net profit from the category, etc.? 

-- Content Marketing is the provision of free content for the purpose of engaging the consumer who hopefully becomes a paying customer.  But it is also being used to build a deeper connection with your customer. Connecting Lottery with a new generation of consumers means thinking and feeling like them - and building relationships based on that emotional connection.  It’s about telling a story more than selling.  It’s about re-branding, re-shaping our image so that everyone feels that Lottery “is for people like me”, it’s about integrating digital technology and retail merchandising strategies so that we are talking with our customers rather than at them so that consumers embrace Lottery as part of who they are and want everyone to know it.  How is Lottery evolving its approach to create this emotional connection that drives sales? 

--  Multi-Jurisdictional Games, promotional campaigns, and marketing strategies   Creating truly national brands requires national advertising, marketing, promotion, and distribution.  Forging consensus among 44 + lotteries requires compromise, and the conviction that the goals are worth the effort.  Some might ask: Why should we do that when our markets are confined to the boundaries of our state - and our state statutes, gaming cultures, and consumer attitudes all vary from state to state, and certainly from region to region. Why is it so important for Lottery Directors to work hard to create nation-wide branding and promotional programs?  Multi-state initiatives provide economies of scale not achievable on an individual state basis. That is key to the TV Lottery Game Show.  How relevant is that to the calculus of cost/benefits/ROI for other factors like developing new games, and new promotional and branding initiatives?  What are some actionable ideas for additional nation-wide promotions and marketing campaigns?

--  Retail Modernization drives Lottery Modernization     Retail is changing.  What can Team Lottery do to make sure make sure that Retail Modernization results in increased sales of its products?  Merchandising and POS trends, demand for better data capture and analyses and reporting, transaction processing technologies, increased consumer options like self-serve and digital connections, cross-promotional marketing, adding entertainment value to the in-store shopping experience.  Integrating Retailer products into Lottery promotions, and vice-versa.  How can Team Lottery continue to modernize itself to take full advantage of these trends?   

--  The triumph of Traditional Lottery over i-gaming      The growth of casinos and casino-style i-gaming has flattened-out in the mature markets of Europe.  And sales are falling far short of projections in the U.S states that offer it now.  But not Lottery, which continues to grow. Additionally, casino-style gaming (both on-line and land-based casinos) is rife with intense competition that drives margins lower and lower.  Could the coming two years be the window of opportunity for Lottery to push harder than ever to focus on its strengths, its core competencies and products, and consolidate its position with the traditional games for the traditional lottery markets? The last few years have been witness to some major innovation. How can Team Lottery continue to build on that, add to the vitality and excitement and accelerate the rate of progress and innovation in Lottery’s traditional games? 

--  Leveraging the promotional power of the Internet to drive Retail sales       Is the real power of the Internet is as a promotional tool, much more than as a channel for distribution?  Marketing and promotional strategies are integrating the on-line and off-line worlds to drive sales at land-based Retail, leveraging the power of the Internet as a promotional tool to drive store traffic and lottery sales.    How are digital channels being used to generate maximum consumer engagement that results in increased sales at Retail? 

--  Decision-Driven Leadership: Exploiting the Abundance of Opportunity (or ... don't wait for a crisis to act)      The nation-wide approach to managing the multi-state games is not easy.  Forty four lotteries with different agendas need to manage the games together as one cohesive, unified body of decision-makers.  Creating nation-wide strategies for branding, promotions, advertising, distribution, and whatever else can be transplanted onto the national stage, could be the key to Lottery’s version of the “Next Big Thing."    What is the kind of governance structure that will drive effective decision-making and action? How can lotteries work together to act now to produce the results we need sooner than later in the multi-state gaming space?  

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