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“We are proud to have Scientific Games as the Georgia Lottery Corporation’s instant game provider since we began in 1993 and we look forward to many exciting games created for Georgia players using the Alpha P-7 technology,” said Debbie Alford, President and CEO of the Georgia Lottery Corporation, currently the 2nd highest performing instant lottery per capita in the world with $2.6 billion in instant game sales in fiscal year 2013.
During the year ISBB launched 3 new betting platforms: new horse betting program (with GBI tote pool), new and most advanced betting site offering more games and options and a sophisticated mobile betting application. " the new technologies will enable us to reach our strategic income  goal of 3 Billion NIS within 3 years. We are sitting high in the saddle watching it come  true", says Zach Fishbein, ISBB Chairman.
In all, about $20 billion out of the nearly $70 billion in overall annual lottery revenues is used by states after prize money, retailer commissions, advertising and administrative expenses are taken out. Most states target their lottery revenue to specific causes, with education being the most popular."
Representatives of Scientific Games welcomed the governor and other dignitaries to a ribbon cutting ceremony for their new Alpha P-7, the company’s most advanced manufacturing technology for printing instant lottery games. Jim Kennedy, executive vice president, which produces tickets for more than 120 lotteries worldwide, said the new technology will allow Scientific Games to manufacture some 53,000 secure lottery instant game tickets per minute. “This year alone, that press, that single press — one of four in this building and one of 11 worldwide — will produce $2 billion of revenue for good causes,” Kennedy said.
Rep. Dan Pabon, D-Denver, said the bill is intended to protect private stores that sell tickets from losing business.   “This is, in a very simple way, a protectionist measure to simply stop the market force, stop technology from emerging and put this status quo in place,” Pabon said. “It is a step in the wrong direction because what are we going to do next when technology again sheds its opportunities upon a new industry?”
”We cannot say that, conceptually, watching a video-taped (or digitally recorded) image of a horse races makes the event any less of a horse race than watching a re-run of a basketball game makes it something other than a basketball game," Justice Venters wrote for the court.
The US Supreme Court will soon announce whether it has decided to examine the Dicristina case, thereby issuing a ruling that will have consequences for the legality of poker in many US States.  A decision by the Supreme Court would determine whether poker, as a game of skill, is covered by the Illegal Gambling Business Act.

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