PokerStars parent Amaya recently joined forces with Caesars Entertainment to increase lobbying efforts in Washington against the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA).  Financed by Sheldon Adelson, RAWA seeks to ban online gambling at a federal level.  In California, the company is fighting the cause of online poker with its partners, an alliance of tribal gaming operators led by the Morongo Band of Mission Indians, as well as the state’s main cardrooms.  The PokerStars coalition is opposed by a tribal alliance led by the Pechanga Luiseno Mission Indians.
Mr. Peter Kuipers, CEO of De Lotto, said, “We’ve had a trusted partnership with Scientific Games for many years. Our teams have worked with their instant product specialists to create a successful portfolio of instant games enjoyed by players throughout the Netherlands. We have increased the range of services Scientific Games will provide through this contract extension, particularly in the area of marketing and retail distribution, and we look forward to four more successful years together.” John Schulz, Senior Vice President, Instant Products for Scientific Games, said, “The level of collaboration we have had with De Lotto to manage their instant product has been outstanding. Our Cooperative Services Program drives great results in the Netherlands and in 18 other lottery jurisdictions around the world including Italy, Germany, Ukraine and Dominican Republic. Our instant product management program has consistently generated compound growth greater than the industry as a whole, and we do this by streamlining efficiencies in instant game portfolio design, production, sales, warehousing and distribution.”
“It is a national trend that we are dealing with,” Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff said. “I believe, frankly, that we are better positioned to withstand the negative impact of that trend than other states that don’t have a similar kind of management contract in place.”   Sidamon-Eristoff has said he’s satisfied with Northstar’s performance under the contract but that doesn’t mean he’s happy about it.  “We’re not meeting our expectations, but I think it’s fair to note we are in the middle of a very significant national downturn in lotteries.”   Democratic Budget Committee Chairman Paul Sarlo said younger people are not as likely buy lotto tickets.  “The younger generations don’t play the lottery. There’s a generation that went to the local convenience story, picked up their newspaper, picked up a cup of coffee, picked up a lottery ticket and went off to work,” Sarlo said. “The younger generations don’t do that.”
Last week, the Minnesota legislature passed a bill that will require the Minnesota Lottery to stop offering online games within four months.  By forcing a halt to the activity, the legislature is exposing the Lottery to potential early termination fees or breach of contract claims from the Lottery's suppliers.   Sponsors of the bill complained that the Lottery had overstepped its authority in launching online play, but at least some reports point to social conservatives, certain religious groups, tribal gaming interests, charitable gaming associations and retail stores (which derive substantial income from the sales of paper lottery tickets) as among those who opposed the "e-scratch" games.  Ultimately, the Minnesota decision is another example of the convoluted politics of gambling - an industry that is more heavily scrutinized, taxed and regulated than just about any other in America today.   Paul Hastings LLP- Behnam Dayanim
"Oregon's population is becoming increasingly diverse," said Oregon Lottery Associate Marketing Communications Manager Thais Rodick.  "In order to be more inclusive in our communication efforts, the Lottery has developed a multicultural plan that encompasses advertising and product development efforts to engage with the many diverse communities in Oregon."
If U.S. states think that there is even a remote chance that they may ever want to regulate and tax the online gaming industry, they need to act now to defeat RAWA.  The letter states: “RAWA usurps New York’s ability to determine for itself what forms of gambling are authorized within the state, a right which New York and every other state has historically exercised,”
The global online gambling market is worth $37 billion a year.  By putting in place more rules for real-money online gaming, the EU and the US are changing the face of the industry.  Insiders believe that the increased regulation means there will be more mergers in the industry. Consolidation will be important as regulatory costs and taxes increase going forward. That could create more stability for the industry, though there will be fewer companies vying for any significant market share.
Lottery officials argue it is a private company, since its board obtained a bank loan for startup costs and did not receive any public money. The newspaper contends it is quasi-public because the governor appoints the board and the lottery must submit quarterly reports to the state.
Consider it the ultimate in content marketing: Coca-Cola’s iconic 1971 TV ad, “Hilltop,” closed last night’s seven-year run of “Mad Men” on AMC. Digital consumption around the brand exploded by 991% (the equivalent of nearly two weeks of typical online consumption for the brand), according to Amobee Brand Intelligence.“Even though the clip featured in the ‘Mad Men’ finale was originally an ad, it is being seen and discussed like the highest-quality brand content,” said Ammiel Kamon, senior VP of product, Amobee Brand Intelligence.
"Convenience stores are very important to the lottery. The channel represents about 75 percent of our retailers and about 80 percent of our sales," Paula Otto executive director of the Virginia Lottery, said." "7-Eleven is our largest retailer in terms of number of stores under that name, including franchises. They are responsible for approximately 20 percent of our overall sales."   "We know helping 7-Eleven and our other partners grow their business helps us grow our business. What 7-Eleven told us is that they are putting a huge emphasis on fresh foods. They want to be known as a destination for fresh foods," she said. "We came up with the idea that every 7-Eleven Virginia Lottery ticket would be a winner and the prize would be one of their food items, Otto continued." Specifically, the bottom of every 7-Eleven scratch-off ticket is perforated and a coupon is attached for a food item.
Commenting on the first quarter performance, Marco Sala, CEO of IGT, noted: “We had a solid first quarter for GTECH operations, continuing to run the underlying business efficiently and profitably, at the same time as we were completing a transformative merger. We were ready to launch the integration from day one, focusing on revitalizing our R&D capabilities. Exciting content delivered across the whole range of platforms is the key to consolidating our leadership of the global gaming industry.”   “We achieved near-record GTECH EBITDA during the first quarter on top of challenging, multi-year comparisons. We also improved our net financial position excluding one-off items linked to the transaction. We have confirmed our $280 million target for cost and revenue synergies and are on track to deliver them on schedule,” said Alberto Fornaro, CFO of IGT.
PGRI Note: This is a group of commercial online i-lottery operators that did not exist two years ago. This new class of operator is inventing a whole new business model to profit from selling lottery tickets by leveraging the brand value and reputations of the most established lotteries to channel profits away from Good Causes and over to private shareholders. It is not legal in most consumption countries, but with licenses in Gibraltar, the UK, Malta, and other safe-harbours, these companies sell all the major lottery brands online. Brands like Euro Millions, EuroJackpot, Powerball, Mega Millions, and more. Some have both B2C and B2B strategies, others have one or the other. Either way, they represent a threat to government-gaming operators, the integrity of their brands, and the legally licensed distributors of those brands. Hopefully lawmakers and regulators will take action sooner than later.
A fascinating case of Darwinian economic competition is occurring before our eyes. Legacy consumer-packaged goods brands and retail giants, like Gillette and Sunglass Hut, are being challenged head-on by fast-growing brand-retailer hybrids appealing to digital natives that expect to be engaged in a digital dialogue before and after purchase.


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