The North Dakota Lottery offers five multi-state games, and ticket sales are highly dependent on big jackpots, Miller said. North Dakota also experienced record lottery sales in 2012 and 2013, and Miller said the number of jackpots during those two years resulted in player fatigue in 2014, with some players waiting for bigger jackpots before jumping into the game.  “You can’t continually sustain that growth,” he said, adding, “We’re very pleased with the results of the lottery.”
Rebecca Hargrove, chairwoman of Monopoly Millionaires' Club and president and CEO of the Tennessee Lottery, said officials want to learn from the game, which was aimed at players who have asked for prize money to be split between more people.   "Every project gives you the chance to experience and grow," she said in a statement. "As with any other consumer good, our goal is always to provide a game that players want."
“In any industry, innovation is the name of the game,” said New Mexico Lottery CEO David Barden.  “We will continue to innovate on behalf of players who have asked for a game that shares the wealth among many winners rather than makes only a few people extraordinarily rich.”

“Lotteries developed the MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB game concept based on feedback from players across the nation who desired a game with the potential to make many people millionaires rather than just one person winning many millions,” said Alice Garland, executive director of the N.C. Education Lottery. But sales have disappointed the participating lottery agencies, Garland said. The focus now will be on reviewing and improving the game to create one “ truly entertaining to our players and one that they will really enjoy," Garland said.

Consumers who wish to play as part of a group can do so in two ways: They may create their own group and then invite people to participate, or they may join an existing group. As group tickets are made up of a pool of shares, the chances of winning a prize are that much greater!  There are many advantages with this new online group tool. Players from all over the province can get together to play. The tool also simplifies the task for the group representative, as he or she can send invitations to members by e-mail or through social media (e.g. Facebook).  The online group tool can be accessed from or via the Lotteries mobile application. Players who wish to create or join a group must have a Loto-Québec Espacejeux account. Security controls associated with client accounts are used to validate the player’s age and place of residence.

Our goal is to maximize revenues for education, so if we can take that little extra white space on a lottery ticket and place an advertiser’s message for a fee then we’ll be able to return that revenue to the scholarship program and help more students go to college,” explains New Mexico Lottery Representative Linda Hamlin.

PGRI Note: This is interesting and potentially has significant tax implications – as in commerce conducted with Bitcoin is not subject to state sales tax.  

The Kansas Lottery is accepting applications until Dec. 19 for a fourth casino, to be built in southeast Kansas. “It was a big number, even given the relative infancy of the industry in Kansas,” said Chris Moyer, director of media relations for the AGA. “When we looked at the report for each state, even we were surprised to see just how large the industry is and how wide-ranging the impact is.”

"Scientific Games is pleased to welcome two extremely accomplished, talented, and highly qualified leaders to our Board," said Gavin Isaacs, Scientific Games President and Chief Executive Officer. "Richard is an extraordinary executive who led Bally to record profits and revenues and has a deep background in growing high-performing companies. Gabrielle has an internationally renowned record for integrity and fairness, as well as a deep background in law, compliance and international business. Richard and Gabrielle are strong additions to our already outstanding Board."

“Record sales in Australia are a result of a growing database and a good run of jackpots including a $70 million powerball”, said Mr Mike Veverka, CEO of Jumbo Interactive.   “This clearly demonstrates continuing growth in the internet lottery market in Australia”, he said.  “Jumbo’s customer demographic is skewed towards younger age groups indicating that internet lotteries are growing the overall market by attracting customers that would not play the lottery through traditional outlets”, he concluded.

Just days after the launch of Desert Rose, California Attorney General Kamala Harris filed a complaint and Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) against Santa Ysabel’s online bingo site, and the DOJ later added a  UIGEA violation  to the list of charges already rendered by the California AG. PGRI Note:  This is a must-read article for anyone interested in the legal/political battleground of U.S. states’ rights versus Tribal Indian rights.  Do Tribal nations have the right to export Internet gaming out of their sovereign land and into the homes of residents outside of their sovereign lands?  This particular legal dispute in California may prompt the U.S. Dept. of Justice to clarify the law and ensure that states’ rights are not trampled beneath the rubric of Tribal “sovereignty”.  This article is interesting for lots of other reasons.  For one thing, it points out the incredible folly that would ensue, bringing in the very online gaming operators and suppliers that should be banned for previous bad behavior (like corruption on major scale that resulted in systemic fraud perpetrated on i-poker players), and doing so with no provisions for state oversight to protect its citizens from being victimized by these operators.

The odds of banning online gambling nationwide have never actually been good, despite sensationalist and misleading media reports claiming otherwise. In addition to Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware have real-money online gambling, and California is looking to authorize it next year. To discontinue the industries already running would be almost inconceivable.

PGRI Note:  “Cryptocurrencies” have no value outside the virtual world of Internet-based commerce.  They do, however, have the potential to create a massive underground gambling economy.  Banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions and payment processing mechanisms which operate “on the grid” of conventional commercial networks are subject to laws that can be used to control, or even prohibit, online gambling.  These “Cryptocurrencies” operate off-the-grid with no exposure to the laws that govern financial and commercial networks.  This enables online gambling networks can operate freely wherever they wish.  That is why the percentage of BitCoin transactions for gambling is sky-rocketing.  Of course, by avoiding regulatory oversight, cryptocurrencies also enable the operator and players to avoid paying taxes.  The impact on the online gambling world is potentially huge.

Mr. Dermot Griffin, Chief Executive, Premier Lotteries Ireland, said: “Premier Lotteries Ireland is extremely pleased to have successfully completed transition. We have commenced operations and look forward to further developing the National Lottery and its associated games. The awarding of the licence to PLI represents the next step in what has been an incredible journey for the National Lottery so far. PLI is committed to responsibly growing the National Lottery over the next 20 years and to guaranteeing the ongoing support for good causes across Ireland.”

The provinces want to take action against private competition of state lottery companies. But now threatens the countries a considerable setback.   Die Bundesländer wollen gegen die private Konkurrenz der staatlichen Lottogesellschaften vorgehen. Doch nun droht den Ländern ein erheblicher Rückschlag.

"The sales of scratch tickets for the Iowa Lottery have been absolutely in the historic, record area for the last five months," said lottery CEO, Terry Rich, dating back to when the new fiscal year began July 1. He said the strength of those sales has the lottery on track to hit its sales, profits and budget targets — presuming the "lottery gods" grow another mega-jackpot via the two headline-grabbing lotto games — Powerball and Mega-Millions.  "We're exceeding and we think sales will be really strong even in what looks like a soft economy for the state in general," Rich said.

FDJ today launches the scratch game "Happy Holidays," 6th edition of the event-scratch game on the holidays of years. 20 million tickets to this game (€ 3), which allows up to € 50,000, will be sold for a period of 4 months in the FDJ® 33,400 outlets. The range of ILLIKO® games, shows both in FDJ® outlets and, recorded in 2013, 5.56 billion euros in sales, representing 45% of sales, up 3 3% vs. 2012. The range consists of about 20 games in the network and is regularly updated to meet the expectations of players, fond of novelties.

“They(retailers) are our business partners, our service delivery system,”  lottery director, Jack Roberts says, without whom the Oregon Lottery would generate only a fraction of what it does. The Oregon Lottery is in the middle of replacing its 12,000 terminals over a four-year period that will end in 2016-17. Of the $225 million total, the Oregon Lottery will pay for a third directly, and the rest will be drawn from lottery earnings before the state gets its net proceeds.

“The feedback we are receiving from operators as well as players is extremely positive,” said GTECH International Vice President of Commercial Gaming Marcel Heutmekers. “Players are enjoying the 3D effects, as they enhance the typical gaming experience and add an extra level of excitement. The efficiency of the installation, as well as the customer satisfaction, has demonstrated our team’s professionalism and commitment. We are looking forward to introducing more TRUE 3D titles to the industry in the months to come.”

Some of the highlights of the 28-page report, conducted by Oxford Economics and put out by the American Gaming Association, show gaming has, so far, brought in $1.4 billion to the state's economy, approximately 8,000 jobs have been created and about $543 million in local, state and federal tax revenues have come in. PGRI Note: One leguislator commented that is not necessarily good if the gambling revenues are coming from residents of Maryland as opposed to out-of-state residents bringing new money into the Maryland economy.  This article fails to point out the obvious fact that at least some of the money gambled by Maryland residents would have been taken out of the state to casinos in WV and DE if they had no in-state casino options.

Lawmakers were on the verge of unveiling a $1.1 trillion spending bill to keep the government running through next September. Along with the necessary funding, they were negotiating possible riders affecting government actions on pensions, insurance, transportation, the environment — and online gaming. Officials cautioned anything still could happen during the hectic final days of the post-election lame-duck session that could be completed by the end of this week. The spending bill “is still open for negotiations so there is always room for shenanigans,” said John Pappas, executive director of the Poker Players Alliance that has lobbied against prohibitions on Web poker.



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