Iowa Lottery CEO Terry Rich said that the Lottery took note of the ease with which it could interface with Szrek2Solutions’ equipment as well as the reporting features that the equipment provided. “Szrek2Solutions’ proposal aligned well with the details in the Lottery’s request for proposals for drawing equipment,” Rich said.

"It absolutely was a great decision for us and has had a positive effect on not just consumer sentiment but sales as well," said Lottery Executive Director Drew Svitko told a Senate panel this week.

“The Kentucky Lottery was an early adopter of sales force automation and our team is very excited to begin using the OnePlace system, which takes advantage of the latest technology,” said Arch Gleason, President and CEO of the Kentucky Lottery. “We are pleased to continue our long-term relationship with Hudson Alley and to work with their team to help improve our service to retailers and to grow sales in order to provide educational grants and scholarships to Kentucky’s post-secondary students.” According to Pete Ramsey, Lottery VP of Sales, “Since FY 2005, we have experienced aggregate growth of 37% in instant/scratch-off tickets and 41% in total sales. Hudson Alley’s OrderPad solution contributed significantly to our sales force’s improved service to retailers and the related sales increases over the last decade.” “We are excited to continue our long relationship with the Kentucky Lottery,” said Adam Perlow, Hudson Alley’s CEO. “We look forward to working with the Lottery for the next seven years and in helping the Lottery to achieve its goals.”
“IGT is committed to providing products and services for sustainable lottery growth,” said Michael Chambrello, IGT CEO, North America Lottery. “To that end, we will continue to work closely with the Michigan Lottery to provide added convenience to its players and retailers through additional self-service lottery vending products and the use of evolving technology.”
“We have always been proud of our work,” said DC Lottery Interim Executive Director Tracey Cohen. “With the conclusion of the Best Practices study--the planning, the research, the implementation—all the hard work of the employees and retailers is confirmed. We appreciate the confirmation of the best practice study, but we can also use it as a tool to help us achieve even greater success,” said Cohen. “We certainly could not have ranked among the top 10 lotteries without the unwavering support of Chief Financial Officer DeWitt and the OCFO team,” said Cohen.
“With the tremendous success of Super Ticket 7’s we knew we wanted to give players another super-sized scratch ticket,” said Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery. “It is our continued mission to identify new and innovative games to generate revenue for public education, and we anticipate The Big Money Super Ticket™ will do just that.”
Data from PokerStars, the world's biggest online poker website, indicate that 8.4% of its players are from Russia. (PGRI Note: That is an amazing percentage.  If it is true, and if it is illegal in Russia, does that mean that PokerStars continues to ignore the laws and operate illegally??)  Igor Shuvalov, the nation's First Deputy Prime Minister has ordered the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Justice to collaborate on a report on the legalisation, regulation and taxation of online poker.

Alibaba is back in the lottery business. Last year, the e-commerce giant’s lucrative lottery business was suspended due to government’s restrictions. Now the Hangzhou-based company has reached a deal to buy controlling stake in Hong Kong-listed AGTech Holdings for $308 million.

RAWA has been on life support since a disastrous hearing in front of the House Judiciary Committee in December of 2015.  And with Pennsylvania and California making headway towards passing online gaming legalization bills, along with a political atmosphere where obstructionism is seen as progress, the plug may soon be pulled on the desultory effort to ban online gambling.  The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia will likely grind the United States Senate, and particularly the Judiciary Committee, to a complete halt – as compared to the near-complete halt it’s currently been ground down to.  “It’s hard to justify having a hearing on Sheldon’s thing and not holding a hearing on a Supreme Court nominee,” an unnamed casino lobbyist told Gambling Compliance.

Maryland Lottery and Gaming is responsible for all matters relating to regulation of the state’s casinos. In this regulatory role, the agency oversees all internal controls, auditing, security, surveillance, background investigation, licensing and accounting procedures for the facilities.

The Wisconsin Lottery is helping to find those with Alzheimer or dementia who wander off for days. They're teaming up with the Wisconsin Department of Justice's Silver Alert program; a Silver Alert is similar to an Amber Alert.

Today, R. John Custodio, NJL’s Deputy Executive Director, held a joint press conference with Neva Pryor, Executive Director the CCGNJ, to discuss joint efforts to promote public awareness about the dangers of problem gambling.    “We want everyone to enjoy playing the lottery as entertainment and remind our players to play responsibly,” Custodio said.  “The Lottery joins with the Council today because we recognize that it’s important to “Have the Conversation” about responsible play and raise awareness about how to recognize the warning signs of problem gambling.”
The European Online Dispute Resolution service will act as a solution of last resort when a resolution from the online casino is unacceptable. Online gambling operators will be using the roll out of the service as an opportunity to comply with the European Union’s initiative to provide the internet wagering industry with a transparent and honest system that will build confidence for the consumer.
Jim Kennedy, Group Chief Executive, Lottery for Scientific Games, said, “Scientific Games continues to serve as a technology thought leader in the global lottery industry, developing secure solutions for government lotteries as they respond to the technology integration being driven by consumer trends and business intelligence. Our mission is to help our lottery customers manage their business to maximize returns to beneficiaries like Georgia’s HOPE Scholarship and Pre-K programs.”

The social games developer said it has appointed Frank Gibeau as chief executive officer, effective March 7, 2016

“As Ohio’s gambling landscape continues to evolve, it is critical that we focus on prevention, training and treatment of problem gambling,” Ohio Lottery Director Dennis Berg said. “This event is a key component of that effort.”
“We are proud to be part of this nationwide effort to emphasize the importance of responsible play,” said Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director Gordon Medenica. “Lottery and casino games are intended to be sources of entertainment, and we encourage people to play within their means.” “Promoting responsible play is a year-round endeavor for us, but we are especially supportive of the National Council on Problem Gambling’s efforts this month,” said Maryland Lottery and Gaming Responsible Gambling Coordinator Mary Drexler.
The West Virginia Lottery is opposing the bill because of what John Myers, acting director of the Lottery, called “an expectation of transparency” among players. “They want to know that, when we tell them that there’s a grand prize winner, that we actually give that money away and that it’s to somebody that played the game and followed the rules,” he said. “That’s important to our players.” Public prize claims also help drive sales, according to Myers. “This really sets this apart as a big game, a big reward and people know that and that’s why, I think, we see the place on that game (Powerball and the like) that we don’t see on some of the others,” he said.
H.C. Madsen, CEO for Danske Spil A/S, said, "Scientific Games has demonstrated that their integrated systems technologies, expertise and quality of service meet the complex business needs of Danske Spil for secure lottery and gaming operations. We believe that a new open architecture system, advanced lottery numbers games and unified PAM solution will play an important role in our overall mission to increase revenues in the coming years." Patrick McHugh, Senior Vice President, Lottery Systems for Scientific Games, said, "Danske Spil is one of the most progressive lottery and gaming organizations in the world. Scientific Games is leading innovation in the industry for integrated technology that creates a seamless player experience across all products and all channels of play. We are a great match.". Michael Lightman, Senior Vice President, Lottery Interactive for Scientific Games, said, "The Danske Spil interactive PAM contract demonstrates that Scientitifc Games is on the leading edge of the convergence of the lottery and gaming industries, and offers the most complete technology solutions for progressive operators seeking to  deliver a unified player experience across all games and channels."
Buzz Aldrin, the second astronaut to walk on the moon, will make a special appearance at the casino March 3 to officially launch the promotion.  Casino officials say it’s the first of its kind conducted by a gaming facility anywhere in the world.  From March 1-26, all Live! Rewards Card members can earn entries for a chance to win a trip to space via one of several companies currently testing their flight vehicles.  Four trips will be awarded.

"2015 was a transformational year for Scientific Games, culminating in a strong finish for our fourth quarter operating results," said Gavin Isaacs, Scientific Games' President and Chief Executive Officer. "We completed the heavy lifting of integration, benefited from $231 million of implemented annualized cost synergies, and built a strong foundation for our future. We are one company, with one mission and three strong businesses, offering the broadest product portfolio in the industry. Our innovation was showcased at G2E, NASPL, and most recently at ICE. We believe that our innovation has helped generate our improved fourth quarter performance, and is already driving our momentum into 2016. Our winning edge consists of our people, our innovative new products led by our new TwinStar and Dualos cabinets, our Lottery contract awards, our systems successes, our electronic table growth, and our booming social gaming business. We will not rest on our laurels; we will continue to innovate and to improve our business processes in order to increase cash flow and reduce leverage."

Anthony Kerastaris, CEO, Intralot said: "I would like to thank Diomedes Vassiliou for his cooperation and valuable contribution to such a pivotal position in our company and wish him every success in his future steps. George Koliastasi welcome to our team, and look forward to our good cooperation to achieve the new strategic objectives Intralot as a leading power of the world industry. "

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