"We are excited about the potential gains in efficiencies and in retailer satisfaction that will result from our upgrading to Lapis’ gemIntelligence platform," said Paul Mandeville, Assistant Executive Director/Director of MIS at the Massachusetts Lottery. "Lapis’ expertise and the flexibility of their Agile Platform™ supported the rapid customization of gemIntelligence, including adding many new features such as instant ticket real time ordering; all in just two months.”
The Director of the Mohegan Tribal Gaming Commission told the Public Safety Committee that the slot-style games violate their two-decade-old compact, which gives Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods casinos exclusivity of all slot machine gambling in Connecticut. He added the games "would relieve the tribe from their ability to pay 25 percent" of the yearly revenue.  Senate Bill 80, sponsored by State Sen. Dante Bartolomeo, would ban internet sweepstakes cafes.
10% of equity sold for 212 million pounds ($353 million), which makes the market value of this online gambling company $3.53 billion.
“Having this GSA Certification is a significant achievement, because it signals to our customers and the industry that our SGVideo System meets the highest standards for interoperability and efficiency,” said Brennen Lawrence, Senior Vice President of North American Gaming for Scientific Games.
When Springfield, Mass., needed to choose who would build its first casino, the city hired an outside adviser to help with the process.  The consulting firm Shefsky &Froelich recommended the deal go to MGM Resorts International. At the same time, the consulting firm also was working as a registered lobbyist in Illinois for MGM Resorts.  The arrangement highlights an often-overlooked trend as more cities and states embrace legalized gambling across the country: Private companies are being hired to write regulations and vet casinos, even as the same firms work the other side of the fence, helping casinos enter new markets and sometimes lobbying for their interests.  But letting consulting companies with deep ties to the gambling industry decide how casinos are run — and who runs them — is a significant departure from how established gambling states, including Nevada and New Jersey, do things.
PGRI Note: All over Europe, member states are fighting to prevent criminal i-gaming operators from invading their markets.  Belgium is currently on the front lines in this fight to enforce the laws over against illegal online operators.  Come to PGRI Smart-Tech in New York to hear why this has become a global issue, what individual countries can do to combat unlicensed gaming, and why government-lotteries need to collaborate globally to ultimately defeat this assault on national sovereign rights to regulate and tax gambling.  Friedrich Stickler (Managing Director, Austria Lottery, President of the European Lottery Association), Philippe Vlaemminck (Partner, Altius Law Firm, Legal Counsel to the European Lotteries) Piet Van Baeveghem (Deputy Director, Legal Counsel, Belgium Lottery) will be presenting on this very topic at PGRI Smart-Tech in New York.
That’s $4.45 billion U.S. dollars in January alone, up 9.2 percent year on year.   Welfare Lottery (a separate lottery) sales reached 15.83 billion yuan, up 7.8 percent year on year. And Sports Lottery sales rose 11.3 percent year on year to 11.32 billion yuan.  China's lottery sales topped 309.33 billion yuan ($50 Billion) in 2013, up 18.3 percent year on year.
PGRI Note:  The issue isn’t about whether there is a need to prevent problem gambling.  The issue is how best to accomplish the goal of preventing problem gambling.  This bill failed because some legislators felt that it would be a mistake for the state to impinge upon the methods of the OR lottery, which have worked so effectively for many years.  Legislators cited testimony from lottery director Jack Roberts that with or without the bill, the lottery is committed to responsible gambling efforts.  Everyone agrees on the actions, policies, and goals "But the question is, is the lottery doing it already? I think they are."  Legislators are “encouraged by the direction lottery director Roberts, and lottery commission chair Elisa Dozono, appear to be taking the lottery.
PGRI Note: There is a provision in UK lottery laws that allows for small local charities to operate legally.  A company called "The Health Lottery" has organized these many small local lotteries into a massive network that has become a formidable national operator of lottery, in clear violation of UK laws that assign exclusive rights to operate a national lottery to the UK National Lottery.   Applying a cap to the profits would address this problem by prohibiting profits from being generated en masse like the Health Lottery does (50 million pounds in 2013 alone, and it was launched just three years ago!), while allowing local charities to continue to operate and generate funds for local causes like the laws intend.
"The Hoosier Lottery is dedicated to upholding the ethics and standards of the WLA's principles of responsible gaming," said Hoosier Lottery Executive Director Sarah Taylor. "These principles are necessary to ensure the protection of Hoosier Lottery players, and emphasizes our commitment to our fellow organizations that are equally dedicated to addressing the effect of gaming on Hoosiers across the state."
Celebrating the licence signing, Dermot Griffin, CEO Designate, Premier Lotteries Ireland, said:  “ am delighted the Government has awarded Premier Lotteries Ireland the licence to operate the Irish National Lottery.  Premier Lotteries Ireland will invest in the National Lottery and its Retail Network, providing state of the art technology to facilitate game innovation. In addition, we will provide players with choice through the development of the online channel. These opportunities will allow us to grow the National Lottery, increase returns to Good Causes, and create jobs in Ireland. Premier Lotteries Ireland will continue to operate with the existing National Lottery branding, maintaining the highest levels of integrity and responsible gaming.”


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