“Our new project in the Nigerian market is a big step towards INTRALOT’s strategy to establish a solid presence in the developing African market”, stated Mr. Nikos Nikolakopoulos, INTRALOT Group Chief Operating Officer, adding “We are pleased to offer to ILGL, our valuable, new partner in Nigeria our innovative lottery technology and services as well as our extensive operational know-how. INTRALOT’s dedicated team in the region with the support of our global operations team will work together with International Lottery and Gaming Limited, so as to implement our common vision for a successful lottery operation. We are confident that our partners’ deep knowledge of the local market, along with our global experience, will lead to the delivery of secure and entertaining games offering to the Nigerian players exciting gaming experiences.”
The New York Lottery Acting Director Gardner Gurney said, “The innovative I LOVE NY Cash and Travel game offers exciting prizes for our players that showcase all the beautiful regions of New York State. Additionally, by working with our I LOVE NY partners, we are bringing two seminal New York State brands together to highlight exceptional tourism opportunities and fun Lottery games in the Empire State.”

Paul Jason, PGRI: Once a year in October, the North American State & Provincial lottery Association (NASPL) holds its annual conference and trade-show event.

This fabulous event was held in Dallas.  Our host lottery, the Texas Lottery with Executive Director, Gary Grief, (pictured left) and all the Texas lottery executives, pulled out all of the stops and made it a week to remember!! Keynote speeches and breakout sessions were great.  The exhibitors had much more new technology than ever, new tools to enhance operator performance, and new user-interfaces to enhance the player experience.  Most importantly, there was positive buzz on the lottery director and operator side of the business, reflecting their focus on moving this industry forward.  In spite of regulatory constraints and market-driven challenges, Government-Lotteries continue to grow.  But there is the realization that growth is no longer a given, no longer something that we can assume will happen without major changes.  In fact, the industry operators and their commercial partners are poised for a renaissance of inspired initiatives to drive change and progress to meet the needs of the modern consumer.  It’s happening now.  Long-term sustainable success, though, depends upon the full embrace of progress, innovation, and multi-state cooperation of all stakeholders in all lotteries everywhere.  Our retailers depend on it.  The consumer expects it.  The optimization of brand value creation won’t happen without it.  Recognizing the fact that we no longer operate in our own isolated market silos, U.S. lotteries are more intent than ever on forging a collaborative pathway towards a future which depends on it.  The challenges to multi-state cooperation are significant, but the will to overcome them greater.  The year ahead promises to be transitional.  Let’s take full advantage of the opportunities to ensure that the transition is positive, forward-leaning, and positions the business for the long-term success that Lottery’s beneficiaries and stakeholders expect from us.  Congratulations to TEAM NASPL, and to Gary Grief and the fabulous staff at the Texas Lottery for hosting this fabulous event!!!

Within a matter of weeks, the question has shifted from not "if" daily fantasy will be regulated, but "how" it will happen.  Mark Hichar explains the likely scenarios, and the profound affect they will have on the current model of daily fantasy sports.
Tax-free gambling: Online casinos and low-stakes private poker tournaments could be legalized under a new bill proposed by the federal government which would also make winnings from all gambling, including the lottery, exempt from tax. The new law, supported by the cantons, could result in a loss to the federal and cantonal coffers of 30 million and 90 million francs a year respectively.
Nevada state’s casino regulators have ruled that companies running such contests were illegal gambling operations unless licensed. “As a proponent of state regulation of daily fantasy sports, we respect the decision of the Nevada Gaming Control Board and no longer allow Nevada consumers to play for real money on StarsDraft,” Amaya said. “We are an advocate for strict state regulation of DFS and the recent activities at some companies underscore the need for state regulation.”
“We thought it would be fun to have real students tell us their dreams and goals,” said May Scheve Reardon, executive director of the Missouri Lottery. “Since 100 percent of our profits go to public education, we thought it would be interesting to let the students tell how education impacts their lives.” All Missouri public school students from kindergarten to post-graduate are eligible to enter. The best and most creative entries could be selected to appear in an upcoming Missouri Lottery education-themed commercial.
Nowhere can that be seen more directly than in this week’s mutual decision by DFS market co-leader DraftKings and the Caesars Entertainment-owned World Series of Poker to immediately stop all DraftKings advertising within WSOP events and venues. The interruption was initiated by DraftKings, but it doesn’t seem as if Caesars or the WSOP was too bothered, given the recent opinion put forth by the Nevada Gaming Commission that DFS is in fact a form of sports betting and thus must be licensed by the state.
The announcement of new guidelines for the junket sector followed an alleged fraud amounting to tens of millions of U.S. dollars that rocked the Macau VIP gambling segment in September. Investment analysts covering the gaming sector say that the revision of junket regulation in Macau is likely to intensify industry consolidation among the junket operators. Several add that while it could weigh on the industry, it might also help restore the confidence within the sector.
Mr Tzvetkoff was facing a 75-year jail term in the US for bank fraud, money laundering and conspiracy to operate an illegal gambling business when he was arrested by the FBI in a Las Vegas casino in 2010. But after turning informant for US authorities (and helping to bring down three US online poker giants) Mr Tzvetkoff was ordered to pay $13 million but allowed to go free and return to Australia. Discharged as a bankrupt in 2013, he appears to be reemerging in a big way. Tzvetkoff’s special skill-set resides in his ability to operate behind the front pages of the internet, becoming a pioneer of what these days is known as “the Dark Net”. PGRI Comment: This is a must-read for anyone interested in the business of online gambling. It also provides a simply stated and fascinating glimpse behind the scenes of “Black Friday” (April 13, 2012, the day that online poker companies were indicted in the U.S).
This political action follows the success of grassroots initiative "For gambling to serve the common good." Loterie Romande believes that this project takes into account the interests of all stakeholders. The provisions of the law should help ensure that the benefits of gambling within the meaning of Article 106 of the Constitution are properly allocated to public benefit and are not diverted to the sole benefit of private providers. In an increasingly competitive environment, the new legislation should enable the companies to operate lottery games both attractive, profitable and responsible, to ensure long-term stability of the profits distributed to the public interest.
It is illegal to advertise for gambling firms not named Svenska Spel, but Sweden’s media outlets have routinely flaunted this prohibition. Across the border in Norway, the government is asking local media outlets to be on the alert for stealthy advertising by companies other than the Norsk Tipping and Norsk Rikstoto monopolies. Last December, the Ministry of Culture determined that unauthorized international online gambling sites were responsible for 90% of all TV betting ads.
SA Business Services and Consumers Minister Gail Gago said the changes were prompted by questionable practices used by sports betting agencies outlined in an August report by Financial Counselling Australia (FCA), as reported by The New Daily. “In some cases, account holders are offering credit ranging from $200 to the tens of thousands [of dollars] with no consideration given to the person’s circumstances, their capacity to repay or their wellbeing.” Also revealed in the report is that betting operators were offering credit to a person already in arrears “and things like making it extremely difficult to withdraw funds from their accounts”. FCA policy manager Lauren Levin said the organisation welcomed the proposed changes and that SA was showing leadership, urging other states and territories will follow their lead. She said the effects on gambling addicts by ruthless practices used by legal online sports betting companies licensed in Australia, was harrowing.
Shoppers in Finland will no longer be verbally invited to purchase lottery tickets by staff working at point of sale stations. Police top brass say the practice constitutes aggressive marketing and have persuaded the national betting agency Veikkaus to put an end to it.
The ability for the Lottery to pay out prize winnings is pending the passage of a new state budget. With 2015 revenues exhausted and no appropriations bill in place for the current fiscal year, the state’s comptroller doesn’t have the legal authority to pay winners, the Lottery says. Illinois is now in its fourth month of fiscal year 2016 without a budget as first-term Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner and legislative Democrats have been unable to reach an agreement
PGRI Comment: This situation illustrates the vulnerable position that regulated, tax-paying i-gaming operators are in. Quebec lawmakers simply want to enforce the laws that prohibit the operation of unlicensed, non-tax-paying, and therefore illegal online gambling websites. The proposed law would require internet ISP’s to block traffic to these illegal websites, effectively preventing the consumer in Quebec from accessing the illegal websites. This legal action is being opposed on the grounds that it constitutes “censorship”, and “a direct attack on the freedom of movement of thought.”! Presently there is nothing done to prevent consumers from playing on unlicensed i-gambling websites, and it appears that status quo is likely to continue.
Thanks to the Texas Lottery, great things are happening all across Texas. Every year, more than a billion dollars goes to good causes like public education and veterans assistance programs. Since 1992, the Texas Lottery has generated more than $24 billion in revenue for good causes in the state of Texas, including education, veterans' services and other important state programs. Through strict adherence to their vision, mission and core values, the Texas Lottery is dedicated to ensuring that these benefits continue.
It also highlights one of Pallone’s major concerns about daily fantasy: He contends that the fantasy websites facilitate gambling and calls professional sports leagues, which generally oppose gambling, hypocritical for partnering with the sites. That was one of the primary issues Pallone raised when he called for hearings on the industry last month. Since then, however, public conversation about the daily fantasy industry has shifted to concerns that the websites don’t adequately guard against their data being used to gain an advantage in contests on other services. Earlier this month, it was revealed that a DraftKings employee who inadvertently released internal player data had won $350,000 on FanDuel the same Sunday. A law firm hired by DraftKings said this week that he did not have access to the data until after he could no longer change his FanDuel lineup — but the scandal had already raised questions about the integrity of the platforms.
Today, the Advocate General Szpunar issued his Opinion in the Ince Case (Case C-336/14) which follows the request for a preliminary ruling from the Amtsgericht Sonthofen in Bavaria, Germany. In light of this Opinion, EL takes note of the Advocate General’s confirmation of the existing European jurisprudence in the field of gambling, namely: · Gambling is not an ordinary economic service where competition is liable to have detrimental effects · EU Member States have the right to restrict the offering of gambling services on their territory in order to prevent crime and protect consumers · Member States are free to define their national regulation on gambling for their territory in accordance with the Treaty provisions which do not “require Member States to liberalise markets in the domain of gambling”, and are not contrary to State monopoly in this field. The Advocate General further confirms that it remains to the German Court to assess the justification for the national regulation in place which aims at protecting consumers and preserving public order.
Mrs. Lynne Roiter, WLA General Secretary, who heads the WLA Responsible Gaming program, stated: "INTRALOT’s contribution to the new RG vendor framework has been very important; as a longtime platinum contributor of the WLA, the company has a demonstrated commitment to responsible gaming and to stakeholder engagement. INTRALOT was not only one of the first to voice the need for a vendor standard equivalent to that already in place for operators, but it is also one of the pioneers to successfully demonstrate compliance and receive certification. I would like to congratulate them."
- We think that establishing a new gambling operator is a rational reform. The decision to merge provides an explicit ground for ensuring the efficiency and competitiveness of the Finnish gambling system. We consider this important in order that we can offer the best possible customer service and prevent the harms of gambling efficiently. We are ready for the change and hope that it is implemented as quickly as possible, says Veikkaus’ CEO Juha Koponen. - When we merge, it is essential that we can continue to offer our customers Finnish games that are increasingly attractive, while improving our service. The new gambling operator and the reformed legislation should lead to improved customer experiences especially on the Internet, which the current three-operator model has not actually been designed for, says Mr Koponen.
"All of us at Pollard Banknote are very excited that Niké has chosen our new Flip Scratch™ innovation to enhance its latest instant ticket offering," said Nancy Bettcher, Vice President, Product Innovation & Development, Pollard Banknote. "The new look and play style will not only draw attention at retail, but also offers a fun new way to play that's different from other products players have seen before. The new format adds value for players with a whole new layer of winning opportunities."
“We work hard to ensure revenues increase year-after-year,” said Tony Bouie, Executive Director of the Arizona Lottery. “It’s extremely important because a portion of those revenues is allocated toward funding important programs in Arizona that would not receive funding otherwise.”
“When we found out that WrestleMania 32 is taking place in Dallas, we knew we wanted to be involved,” said Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery. “We are excited about this opportunity and believe this partnership will be an asset in generating revenue for Texas education.”
“This agreement demonstrates IGT’s continued commitment to the French gaming market, which is an important region for the Company,” said Walter Bugno, IGT CEO International. “It enables LUDI, a valued IGT distributor, to provide a greater choice of top-performing products and systems to customers, and provides clients with the additional benefit of LUDI’s direct connection with IGT, the world’s leading end-to-end gaming company.”
Jim Kennedy, Group Chief Executive of Lottery for Scientific Games, said, "Instant games are a rising star in Germany and across Europe, and we are delighted to bring our CSP program to Brandenburg to help satisfy the demand of the instant product. As of today, over the full-term of our eight instant game service co-operations in Germany, we have helped increase instant game acceptance relative to revenues for these lotteries by 203 percent on average. We are able to deliver customer-centric innovation for instant products at scale, and that's the foundation of our CSP success."
Commenting on the extended contract, David Barden, Director of the state lottery, said that the supplier has long been a valuable partner. Mr. Barden further noted that the “technical capabilities and innovative games” INTRALOT offers have contributed to the expansion and diversification of the lottery’s product offeringnbsp;with new titles and distribution channels.
Virginia Lottery Executive Director Paula Otto said all signs point to another promising, potentially record-breaking year. The 2015 success was due to a number of factors, including sound business practices and the introduction of new and exciting games. Overall, Otto said the sales success was driven by the more than $1 billion in sales of Scratcher tickets, including a number of tickets created by Pollard Banknote. "Many people think that our overall success is determined by all those headline-grabbing games like Mega Millions and Powerball," Otto said. "In fact, it's the steady sales of Scratcher tickets that has gotten us to where we are today. And Pollard Banknote has been a fantastic partner in helping us offer a dynamic range of popular games."
Andy Duncan, Chief Executive of Camelot UK Lotteries Limited, said: “Thanks to very strong growth across our mobile channel and in our GameStore category, we’ve made an extremely positive start to the financial year. In just six months, we’ve delivered almost £2.9 billion for our players and for National Lottery projects – making a truly life-changing difference to people and communities throughout the UK."
“NCR has a long history of innovation that improves consumer experience while driving retailer revenue. We’ve combined that with Linq3’s proven ability to help lotteries reach more consumers through a very convenient purchase point readily available,” said Daniel Cage, Linq3 CEO.


G2E 2015 Las Vegas

EL Congress 2015 in Oslo, Norway "Touch Tomorrow" Photo Collage

EL Congress 2015 - DAY 2 - PHOTOS in Oslo, Norway "Touch Tomorrow" Photo Collage

NASPL 2016

NASPL 2016 PHOTOS! WOW! What an amazing event!  Thank you to President and CEO Georgia Lottery Corporation
Director Debbie Alford, the whole Georgia Lottery team and NASPL!

Thank you for attending LOTTERY EXPO!!



Co-Hosted by PGRI and the Florida Lottery September 12th - 14th, 2016




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