“This is an exciting accomplishment for the Florida Lottery  and I want to thank our sales team for their commitment and dedication, as well as our players and retailers for their loyal support,” said Tom Delacenserie, the interim secretary of the Florida Lottery, on Thursday. “This achievement is particularly significant in that every month of the quarter had record sales, following a record-setting annual sales year in 2014-15, proving that the Lottery remains focused on increasing sales and delivering on our mission of maximizing revenues for education funding.”
The perception of gaming often drives policy decisions. Since debuting the American Gaming Associations’ (AGA) “Stop Illegal Gambling – Play it Safe” initiative, illegal gambling has emerged as an important issue for both the AGA and law enforcement.  The AGA released groundbreaking new research by Virginia Commonwealth University’s Dr. Jay S. Albanese exposing how illegal gambling funds large criminal enterprises.  Distinguishing these criminal networks that rely on illegal gambling from our highly regulated, $240 billion legal gaming industry is necessary to change outdated and inaccurate perceptions of gaming.
Income tax increases approved in 2011 expired at the end of last year, cutting state revenue by a projected 18 percent. Democrats are insisting on raising taxes to close the gap, while the republican Governor says he’ll consider approving tax hikes in return for reforms that would limit the bargaining power of public-employee unions. The result is a stand-off on the budget that limits lottery prize-payouts and impacts many state services which depend on funding that is not available until the state approves a budget.
The departure signals more change for Zynga in the $30 billion mobile game market, where the company is trying to get more traction against entrenched competitors.
PGRI Note:  This means that at least one jurisdiction has decided not to blacklist PokerStars and Full-Tilt for their criminal violation of U.S. laws prior to “Black Friday” (April 13, 2012, when these companies were indicted for operating i-poker websites in the U.S. in spite of its being illegal to do so).
State lawmakers plan to investigate the new Jackpocket app that, as first reported in The Post, lets New Yorkers buy lottery tickets on their iPhones. “I don’t think this is legal,” said Assemblyman Gary Pretlow, chairman of the Racing and Wagering Committee. “Anyone who sells tickets has to have a license through the Gaming Commission.” The “Jackpocket” app lets users play a variety of lottery games, including the multi-state Powerball. Jackpocket, which recently rolled out through the App Store, takes orders for several New York Lottery games and claims to send out workers to buy the tickets. It then e-mails scans of the paper slips to its customers. Jackpocket’s Facebook account advises that they have temporarily stopped sales “due to their high volumes”.
Draft Kings hasn't contacted Chicopee state rep who handles Massachusetts gambling issues Massachusetts State Rep. Joe Wagner told the State House News Service that the Draft Kings fantasy sports site that lures customers with the potential to win money could be an item of discussion between lawmakers and the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and said whether it would prompt any legislation is an open question.
Whereas the original RAWA would have enacted a blanket ban in the US against online gambling, the RAWA Lite version would instead institute a “moratorium,” attempting to forbid more US states from legalizing and regulating online gambling while more studies are done. Exactly what the studies are supposed to accomplish that’s different than those that already exist isn’t quite clear; online gambling is increasingly understood to be a non-cannibalising form of gambling that can complement existing land-based venues. But the Adelson camp doesn’t want to hear about that research; they want to fund their own, control the results through leading questions and assumptive findings, then reshape the argument in Congress.
“Powerball has been revamped seven other times in its 23-year history so that the game can continue to be attractive to players by delivering the big jackpots that players want, and these new changes will do just that,” said Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery.    “With Powerball’s success comes demand for innovation to keep the game fresh. The playing population of Powerball has almost doubled in recent years and these changes reflect a right-sizing of the game for the current population that is playing the game.” Grief said.
BRAINTREE, MA October 1, 2015) – The multi-state Powerball lottery game will have a new matrix designed to produce larger jackpots and add more winning experiences beginning  Sunday, October 4.  -New structure offers improved overall odds of winning a prize, addition of 10X multiplier
Rahul Sood, chief executive of the eSports betting business Unikrn, said during a keynote address at the Global Gaming Expo, or G2E, that he has witnessed a much-discussed fact about casino floors: young people often seem to pass right through them. “The younger people seem to be cutting through the fastest way possible to get out of the casino, so that they can go straight to the nightclub,” Sood said. “It’s almost like in order to build a successful casino, you have to build a nightclub.”
Legislators propose that the state legalize sports betting, saying the popular pastime needs regulation and could provide casinos with an alternative form of betting. But until Congress rewrites the federal law, Pennsylvania is in the same boat as New Jersey By the way, the folks at DraftKings argue that they are not overseeing sports betting. Fantasy sports websites, they argue, are games of skill rather than games of chance. Officials in five states — Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana and Washington — disagree. Playing online fantasy sports for money in those places is illegal. Online fantasy sports sites make the situation feel like the “wild, wild west,” he said. The Fantasy Sports Trade Association estimates that almost 57 million Americans will spend an average of $465 on fantasy sports in 2015. That makes it a $26 billion industry.
“The ties between illegal gambling and organized crime are undeniable. This is not a victimless crime. Illegal gambling siphons critical tax revenue from communities and is void of any of the consumer protections provided by regulated gaming,” said Geoff Freeman, president and CEO of the AGA. “We are proud to be taking a proactive lead on an issue that preys on consumers, funds illegal activities and hurts the highly regulated legal gaming industry.”
“We are pleased to provide our comprehensive system solutions and applications to complement IGT’s leading floor share of games at Wynn Las Vegas. IGT systems are designed to optimize floor efficiency and drive player engagement, and Wynn Resorts can leverage our unique applications to provide guests with unparalleled gaming experiences and personalized service,” said Renato Ascoli, IGT CEO North America Gaming & Interactive (DoubleDown) “Our guests are our top priority at Wynn Resorts, and IGT systems empower us to connect with players in new and meaningful ways that drive fun and excitement. IGT systems applications will help us deliver customized entertainment experiences and access to resort amenities that truly make our guests feel special,” said Maurice Wooden, President Wynn Las Vegas.
The National Lottery complies with a large number of standards that are stricter than those applying to private operators, making it difficult for it to draw any competitive advantage whatsoever from its monopoly lottery status. Since 15 January 2013, the National Lottery has offered sports betting under the brand name of Scooore! "With Scooore! we continue to promote a sustainable alternative range of sports betting against a more aggressive offer from large foreign multinationals that are based in, for example, Malta or Gibraltar. The Belgian National Lottery wishes to play by the rules and is not afraid of the challenge represented by what these competitors offer - even if one can justifiably wonder whether such a large range of games of chance actually benefits consumers at the end of the day.
The new digital draw system will utilize a Random Number Generator, or RNG, to select winning numbers. Roughly half of the Lotteries in the United States utilize digital draw systems.
PGRI Note: Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is classified by the U.S. federal government as being neither gambling nor sports-betting. Sports-betting (but not DFS) is prohibited by federal law (PASPA) in all but four states on the basis that it has the potential to lead to corruption of sports. This article contends that is an illogical distinction, i.e. that DFS has no less potential to lead to corruption of sports as does regular sports-betting. The GGR of DFS is exploding, having surpassed even the GGR of Las Vegas sports-betting. As we watch these arguments about DFS unfold, we might consider the interest groups being impacted by the regulatory status of DFS. For instance, are the business interests of sports-betting books being hurt by the rising popularity of DFS? And if so, will the chorus of interest groups clamoring for a change in the regulatory status of DFS succeed in that mission? And are sports groups like NBA, NFL, MLB going to want to get in on the financial action and support the legalization and regulation of all sports-betting?
The Center for Freedom and Prosperity led a coalition of interest groups in sending a letter to Congress opposing the Restoration of America’s Wire Act (RAWA), legislation that would ban online gambling in the United States. “RAWA is an outright assault on federalism. The legislation tramples on the Tenth Amendment by banning state regulation of online gambling – further chipping away at the balance between state and federal governance. The bill would overturn state laws already on the books in three states and would prohibit states from selling lottery tickets online for their own constituents – rolling back at least another six state laws.”
Mainland China’s total sales in July for the country’s official lottery declined 27.3 percent year-on-year. While nationwide lottery sales growth is slowing down this year, sports lottery sales in Guangxi province jumped 80.6 percent year-on-year in the first seven months of 2015. In August, China LotSynergy reported a net loss of HKD148.1 million (US$19.1 million) for the first half of 2015, compared to a net profit of HKD54.9 million a year earlier. The firm said the loss was mainly due to an impairment of goodwill amounting to approximately HKD95.3 million.
SEC commissioner says DraftKings and FanDuel are essentially gambling. Ads for leading daily fantasy games will no longer appear on network. DraftKings and FanDuel have spent a combined $27m for roughly 8,000 television spots during the first week of the NFL season, and a combined $100m spent during the six-week span from 1 August to 15 September. Last week, Rep Frank Pallone Jr (D-NJ) asked Congress to investigate whether the sites are flouting restrictions on online gambling.

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