Aleksandar Vulovic, director of the lottery, said it was mere coincidence.   "Not a single mechanism that could be used to influence the result," b92 News reported him as saying.   "Instead of typing in the number 27, he entered 21. At that point, I guess after realising what he did, the man entered the number 27. In other words, the number of the ball that had been drawn. "Now it was a coincidence, I say, under some laws of probability, there was the possibility that the ball 21 would be drawn, and it was.   "If you ask me, there's nothing strange there as far as I'm concerned."  The draw was completely in accordance with the rules and the company abides by the law," the state lottery said in a statement.
The new memory chips are purported to be 1000 times faster than the NAND flash memory found in most smartphones and tablets. The technology also has 1000 times higher endurance, lasting far longer, and is 100 times denser, hence will store more data, than conventional memory storage. It’s the first new type of memory technology to come along in more than 25 years, the companies said.
"The result for the quarter increased slightly, but we still feel a strong concern about the market's uncontrolled development. We call for swift and concrete measures from both politicians and authorities to ensure that the Swedish gaming market is healthy and safe, "says Lennart Käll, CEO Svenska Spel.
“The football season is an exciting time for Ravens fans, and the Lottery’s ongoing partnership with the Ravens makes it an exciting time for us as well,” said Gordon Medenica, Director of Maryland Lottery & Gaming. “Our collaboration with the team offers Lottery players the opportunity to win exclusive prizes and enjoy unforgettable experiences. The Maryland Lottery’s Ravens-themed tickets are always popular, and we’re pleased to continue our partnership.”
“Tickets all sold out last year, and I’ll bet they’ll sell out again,” said Mike Edmonds, lottery director. “The Packers tickets are one of our fastest and best-selling scratch games.” Edmonds said 1 percent of the tickets already were sold by Monday morning and accounted for $56,000 in winnings. He said the tickets likely will be sold out by October.”
Michelle Minton, a consumer policy fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, says the bill’s sponsors are curtailing economic freedoms.  “I think this is an example of the ‘bootleggers and Baptists’ coalition at work,” said Minton. [Politicians] can look like they are doing something for the public good while [they really are doing] a favor for politically connected donors. I think that’s worse than it just being the heavy hand of government ... [They say they] are doing something for the good of the people when they are really hiding it, wrapping it up in all this other stuff[, such as] protection from terrorism and states’ rights.”
“We are extremely pleased at the prospect of working with Loteria de Catalunya”, said Miriam Lindhorst, CEO of NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions. “In this full facilities management contract we are excited about helping Loteria de Catalunya to increase sales to a level more appropriate to the stature of the region’s local economy. Through the deployment of modern technology and up to date solutions we are convinced we will make a significant difference to the good causes supported by Loteria de Catalunya. We look forward to a long and mutually successful partnership.”
The compact that allows the table games expires July 31, and the games must be closed down within 90 days. The Seminoles are almost certainly not going to shrink their casino operations but are prepared to argue in federal court or before a mediator that the state has breached terms of the compact by allowing some Florida racinos to operate electronic versions of the live table games found exclusively in Seminole casinos. It is expected that during this period of litigation, the Tribe will keep dealing blackjack, baccarat, etc., and will continue sending the usual checks to the state as a “sign of good faith.”
Pulse of the Industry July 27

The NASPL Professional Development Seminar (PDS) was just held in Seattle.  Great attendance (over 400 people), great conference sessions, great keynote speeches, and great opportunity to meet with colleagues from all around the country.  The industry associations, including the CIBELAE, European Lottery Association, Asia-Pacific Lottery Association, World Lottery Association, and the North American State & Provincial Lottery Association, all produce fabulous conferences and trade shows for the benefit of their members.  Check out their websites for the dates and topics, as well as for further information about the benefits of our industry associations.

PGRI endeavors to complement and augment the value of the trade associations, and the conferences and media products that they produce.   The NASPL PDS, for instance, has multiple tracks that enable small groups of experienced industry professionals to drill down into areas concerning technical/security, auditing/accounting, PR/Communications, game development, marketing/sales, in ways that PGRI conferences do not do.  We typically take up a handful of the most pressing big-picture issues and attach a mission to advocate for action.

Panel Discussion and Presentation topics at PGRI LOTTERY EXPO 2015 Miami  (Sept. 10 & 11): Co-Hosted by Public Gaming Research Institute and the Florida Lottery

Breakthrough Marketing/Promotional Ideas for Lottery’s Corporate Accounts Development

We know what we want from our retail partners: more focus on the mission to sell Lottery products!   How do we engage big corporate accounts to embrace that mission like we want them to?  Lottery’s brand equity, connection to countless millions of shoppers, and ability to drive store traffic, are under-utilized assets that can deliver value to our retail partners and in turn engage our retailer partners in our mission.  It is starting to happen in a big way.  Panelists will discuss initiatives to collaborate with its corporate partners on cross-sell-promotions, innovative new product concepts, and creative promotional strategies to leverage the strengths of lottery for the benefit of its retailers, and vice-versa.   Panelists will also expand on these successes to explore fresh new ideas for how Lottery can develop a more productive relationship with its big corporate accounts.  

Building out the multi-state platform for Big-Box Corporate Account Retailers

Logistical back-office hurdles (like accounting and settlement procedures that differ from one jurisdiction to another) have stymied Lottery’s ability to develop the full potential of multi-jurisdictional retail operations.  Now, substantial progress is being made to meet the needs of these multi-state retailers.  What has been accomplished; how can we lock-in and build on the progress that has been made; what are the most actionable things that Team Lottery should do to blow open the doors to successful expansion of Lottery in the multi-state big-box retail channel?

Bricks & Clicks:  The merging of Interactive and Land-Based Retail

Retail and Lottery both recognize that “Interactive” is more about creating the optimal consumer experience than it is about selling products online.  How are progressive lotteries leading the charge into an “Internet of Things” future that integrates digital technologies into the fabric of all we do?  How are Retailers doing the same thing, and how can we join together to forge the most productive and mutually beneficial pathways to integrate Interactive and Land-Based initiatives?

Behavioral Economics Applied to Lottery

There is much talk about “convergence” in the industry.  The easy access to all forms of gaming is contributing to experimentation by the consumers, with consumers migrating from one game category to another.  What can Team Lottery do to ensure that amidst all this migrating, more of them will be migrating back to Lottery than to the other gaming options?  The need to identify and focus on the attributes that make Lottery uniquely appealing to the consumer is greater than ever.  How can Lottery clarify its messaging, its brand, its products and promotions to differentiate itself in this competitive market-place, and carve out its own unique connection to the consumer?

Betting on Interactive

Everyone is online, connecting with merchants, with information resources, and with each other.  Lotteries’ huge brand awareness is already driving huge website traffic.   How are successful lotteries leveraging this online connection to drive consumer engagement, drive sales, and disseminate information?  How are lotteries integrating interactive strategies into every aspect of the business to position themselves for successful long-term sustainable growth?

There is growing conservative opposition to RAWA based largely on Tenth Amendment arguments.  The American Conservative Union opposes RAWA,  and issued a statement that conservatives don’t have to agree on the issue of gambling itself, but should agree on deciding the issue at the state level and keeping big government out of federal regulating gambling, especially if that reason is only to protect gambling interests in Las Vegas.  Conservative activist Grover Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform, opposes the enacting of RAWA along with several other conservative and libertarian leaders, including the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and nine other conservative and libertarian leaders: Larry Hart, American Conservative Union; John Tate, Campaign for Liberty; Andrew Langer, Institute for Liberty; Steve Pociask, American Consumer Institute; Gary Johnson, Our America Initiative; Katie McAuliffe, Digital Liberty; Tom Giovanetti, Institute of Policy Innovation; David Williams, Taxpayers Protection Alliance; Jeff Mazzella, Center for Individual Freedom, and Andrew F. Quinlin, Center for Freedom and Prosperity.  An organization called “Downsize DC” is asking citizens to remind their representatives to support their interests rather than those of Sheldon Adelson who “wants to eliminate competition for his casinos”, remind representatives that they work for the people, and that their “job is to support the Constitution and the Tenth Amendment.”
“With New Hampshire’s approval, our LT-3 dispensers are now approved for use in five U.S. States and two Canadian provinces,” said Richard Weil, Chairman and CEO of INNOVA. “In the coming weeks, we expect to choose distribution partners and look forward to demonstrating the unique benefits that the LT-3 can provide to regulated operators in the State. We are pleased with the number of LT-3 deployments achieved so far this year and, as of today, we have 1,698 LT-3 dispensers installed network-wide.”
"Our most recent collaboration with Pollard Banknote has allowed us to give our players a new and exciting instant ticket experience," said Paula LaBrie, Acting Director, California Lottery. "The PlayBook® innovation has broad appeal and offers a variety of games. We've taken it one step further to give our players the option of extending the play experience to a digital platform, encouraging interaction with the Lottery's brand online."
Executive Director John Musgrave said during the lottery’s 29-year history, nearly $3 billion has gone to education, nearly $1 billion to tourism and $1 billion for elders.
“They include product innovation, expansion of our public engagement, an increased retailer base, refreshed advertising, and internal and external technological efficiencies,” she said. “I am extremely pleased with the management teams that have achieved these results.  A solid groundwork has been laid for continued growth and innovation into the future.”
“We have to give a big ‘thank you’ to our players for their support of our games,” said Kansas Lottery Executive Director Terry Presta. “I also want to recognize the hard work of Kansas Lottery staff, hundreds of lottery retailers, and the casino managers. Together, they do an outstanding job of creating fun and exciting games for players, while generating important revenue for the State of Kansas.”
“We work hard developing fresh and innovative games that respond to the market demand and offer value and entertainment for our players,” said Rebecca Hargrove, President and CEO of the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation. “In so doing, we stay focused on the Corporation’s mission to serve Tennessee students and their families by responsibly raising proceeds for the designated education programs funded by the Lottery. With first-rate support for our retailer channel and the use of best practices throughout the organization, I am proud to report that this approach has delivered record sales for the eleventh consecutive fiscal year.”
“We are pleased to have raised more dollars for education than in any previous year,” said Georgia Lottery President and CEO Debbie D. Alford. “This would not have been possible without the support of our players, retailers, business partners and employees across the state.”
This is indeed impressive. The Mass Lottery already has by far the highest per capita sales in the U.S., operates with an extremely lean advertising budget, and continues to find ways to drive sales growth.
Brazil’s Senate will look to introduce regulatory provisions and a national framework for fixed odds sports betting. Current Brazilian gambling legislation allows for wagering on land based lottery, bingo and licensed horse racing events. Operators seeking to enter the Brazilian igaming market, must have physical operations within the region regardless of the operator’s listed country of origin.
Havana could again be a casino gaming capital, as it was in the 1950’s before communism under Fidel Castro. Cuba has parallels to Macau. After rule changes more than a decade ago, dozens of casinos arose in Macau. Located just 220 miles from Miami, developers are wondering if the same explosive growth couldn’t transform Cuba into a resort and gambling mecca. Amid the red tape of longstanding sanctions, U.S. developers can't as yet build in Cuba. But as Cuba's biggest trading partner, China is in a position to invest in its development.
The Sheldon Adelson-backed group that is trying to outlaw online poker in America has brought on former Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS) and former Sen. John Breaux (D-LA) to help lobby for the ban.   The list of Adelson proxies includes presidential hopefuls Senators Lindsey Graham(R-S.C.) and Marco Rubio (R-FL).  There is speculation that RAWA, which does not appear to be on the front-burner of confgressional action-items, may shift to the strategy of “let’s push for a moratorium on internet gaming and while we do impact studies”.
“GLI’s fantasy sports white paper provides information regarding current regulatory environments, GLI’s testing services, testing results, and the easy steps operators can follow to submit their website for GLI’s experts to analyze. Earning and keeping players’ trust is of utmost importance and GLI is, here to provide a means for fantasy sports operators to demonstrate the integrity, value, security and fairness of their product.” added GLI Vice President, iGaming & Canadian Services Salim Adatia. GLI’s White Paper on Fantasy Sports is available for free download now at,


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