Lottery officials say in fiscal year 2013-14, the Lottery achieved record sales resulting in the transfer of $1.49 billion to Florida’s students and schools.  This is the thirteenth consecutive year the Lottery has transferred more than $1 billion to education.
The casino operator said the  company’s bankrupt operating division, Caesars Entertainment Operating Co., has been unable to reach a deal regarding the restructuring plan to cut “some” debt, Reuters reported.  The company said it halted talks with the Ad Hoc Committee Bank Lenders. Caesars has until May 15 to file a plan for reorganizing Caesars Entertainment Operating Co.
Lottery operator, Camelot has entered into a partnership with social media agency Kindred to launch a new campaign on Twitter and Facebook.
Since its investment in omni-channel technology offering, the company's global headcount has already increased by more than 20% between January 2014 and March this year.
Ninety percent of all sports betting occurs on the illegal unregulated markets.  65% percent of the global betting handle was spent on soccer, he continued, while tennis and cricket accounted for around 12 percent.  The World Anti-Doping Agency has estimated that a quarter of global sport was controlled by organized crime and their betting syndicates.  Many of the domestic Asian sports leagues are riddled with corruption.  In 2009 Chinese President Hu Jintao said that there was so much match-fixing in the Chinese soccer league he declared it to be a “national disgrace that embarrassed China.”  Michael Hershman, a member of the ICSS advisory board, said the issue of corruption in sport and how it had been ignored for too long and was now “was rising to the level of a monumental scandal.”
Visa, Mastercard and other card associations facilitate card payments, but the banks that issue the cards decide whether to decline or authorize a purchase.  More than half of Mastercard transactions and more than one-quarter of Visa transactions are declined for legal online gambling in New Jersey.  No longer will legal online bets be lumped in with illegal ones.  The banks’ hardline approach to online gambling is a holdover from the years when the practice wasn’t legal anywhere in the country.
“This was a remarkably robust quarter for the Lottery,” said Rebecca Hargrove, President and CEO of the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation. “Our array of instant games proved especially popular, and when combined with sizeable jackpots in our drawing-style games, we were again able to post record returns. The best news, of course, is that the funds raised will serve to benefit Tennessee students and their families all across the state.”
American Gaming Association President Geoff Freeman told the National Association of Attorneys General on Monday that they "have a shared interest in putting an end to illegal gambling."  Freeman said illegal gambling siphons off money from legitimate casinos. He said states should care because illegal operations don't pay taxes, aren't regulated to protect consumers and may be funding other criminal operations.  The association is calling on states to crack down on illegal sports betting, sweepstakes cafes, black market slot machines and online gambling sites hosted in other countries.
“You want to engage Millennials? Move all your budget into social media, into mobile advertising. That’s where the action is.”  At first glance, it makes sense. And, like a lot of knee-jerk prognostications, that would be totally wrong.  But there’s the key: social channels, whether deskbound or mobile, rule the social engagement sphere for Millennials. When it comes to consumer-to-brand communication, there’s an entirely different dynamic in play. For Millennials, who view brand authenticity, transparency and personalization as basic requirements for capturing their attention, social media isn’t where they want to conduct ongoing one-to-ones with brands. That’s email’s role.
The datafication process starts with collecting data. Massive amounts of data. From a wide variety of data sources. The Internet of Things, which connects ordinary products and devices to the Internet, is an enabler for a process that captures all interactions with the digital world.
“We’ve completed another quarter, reaching another milestone for the students of Georgia,” said Georgia Lottery President and CEO Debbie D. Alford. “We are committed to building on our track record, and we will continue to put all of our efforts into maximizing revenues for HOPE and Pre-K.”
The Nevada Gaming Control Board and the Delaware State Lottery are the first U.S. regulatory agencies to pioneer the integration of player pools across multiple domestic regulated markets. GLI was tasked with ensuring regulatory compliance and financial auditing and worked very collaboratively with the regulators and operators on various objectives throughout the planning and deployment phases of this initiative. As part of its process, GLI assembled a team of industry experts to tackle objectives covering analysis of regulatory overlap, component certification, report auditing, data migration and security evaluation.  “The shared liquidly project carries significant importance as it is a critical step in the further development of a strong poker ecosystem within the United States, and we are honored to have been chosen to conduct the testing,” said GLI Vice President of Global Services Ian Hughes.
"The Minnesota State Lottery has built its success based upon strong retailer relationships and understanding its players' preferences," said  IGT CEO of North America Lottery Michael Chambrello. "We will continue to work in partnership with this forward-thinking lottery to offer the most appropriate technology solutions and a diversified product mix tailored to meet the ever-changing needs of the Lottery's retail landscape, and adapt as its business evolves over the next seven-and-a-half years. As well, we will remain focused on maximizing profitability for the Lottery by continually searching for ways to grow sales while operating effectively and efficiently."   "IGT is the right partner for building on the Lottery's 25 years of success and maximizing the Lottery's contribution to the State of Minnesota", said Minnesota State Lottery Executive Director, Ed Van Petten.
Anne M. Noble, the president and chief executive officer of the Connecticut Lottery Corporation, testified that customers would receive a pay slip in the same fashion as a regular lottery ticket. She said that keno has been mischaracterized many times – adding that it does not involve a slot machine, a jackpot game or a touch-screen. The drawings occur every four minutes, and the player goes back to the retailer with the winning ticket in the same manner that they return upon winning a lottery game. “Keno, as the lottery will offer it, is not an electronic game,’’ Noble told lawmakers. “It is a lottery-draw game, and it is played out of our terminal. You get a play slip, just likePowerball or MegaMillions. The winning numbers are picked by a random-number generator.’’
"Buddy loved what he did and he was the Lottery's foremost champion. He was a consummate professional, dedicated to making DC's the best Lottery in the country and worked hard everyday to achieve that goal said District of Columbia Chief Financial Officer Jeffrey DeWitt. "I had the honor of working closely with him over the past year. Buddy was a wonderful colleague and to many of us here, a great friend. We will miss his warmth, enthusiasm, energy and humor. We will keep his family and all of those who loved him in our hearts and prayers.
Click here to read the Memorial Book  - the thoughts , remembrances, and prayers of some of the countless friends who will so miss our beloved Buddy Roogow.

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