According to the reports, the government's proposed bill follows New Jersey's new online gambling laws by requiring licensing to be restricted to operators who are approved for land-based gaming facilities. This could see Mexican casinos partner with offshore online gaming operators as in NJ.
Philippe Vlaemminck, Head of ALTIUS EU Regulatory & Trade team comments: “Bart’s joining highlights the continuous growth and further expansion of the EU Regulatory & Trade team at ALTIUS. We are pleased to attract such talent. His experience fully complements our existing EU Regulatory & Trade practice.”

Club Keno, along with its two add-on options, “The Jack” and the “Kicker”, made up over 21% of overall MI Lottery sales, which equates to more than $526 million.  Michigan Lottery sales have more than doubled since Club Keno made its way onto the scene on October 27, 2003.
Much of the confusion over the legality of operating and participating in fantasy league-land centers on murky state gaming laws clashing with broad federal policies.  Federally, the law that regulates online gambling -- called the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 -- protects fantasy football leagues.  The problem is that the sport has morphed into a billion-dollar betting industry that may conflict with state gaming rules and regulations.
“Would you not want a regulatory authority to regulate all activities involved in gambling?” Former Democratic Party Chairman Kathy Sullivan asked. “The lottery commission’s job is to sell and encourage gaming, and that is what private entities are doing that run a casino. Would you not have one regulatory authority over all agencies?”  “The lottery seemed like a good choice,” said Sen. Lou D’Allesandro, D-Manchester.    State Rep. Lynne Ober said Lottery Commission Executive Director Charles McIntyre is the best casino administrator the state could have, given his past experiences as a federal prosecutor and deputy director of the Massachusetts lottery.  “Is the lottery commission, as it is structured, going to need some additional help? I think the answer is definitively yes,” Ober said. “Can Mr. McIntyre, given his background, be able to handle this job? I think the answer is definitively yes.”
PGRI Note:  Great article.  Companies whose products have little to do with games are using games to infuse fun and entertainment to engage the consumers’ interest.  The notion of this would seem to have big implications for Lottery.  First, we could learn from the multitude of consumer products companies who are “gamifying” their interaction with consumers; we could glean some ideas for how to connect gaming with consumers.  Second, maybe the agenda of big consumer products companies to “gamify” their products could be the basis for more, bigger, better marketing/advertising/promotional collaborations with popular consumer brands?  Third, if consumer products companies pile onto the gamification bandwagon, the notion that Lottery is competing for the “entertainment dollar” will take on a whole new meaning.
Lottery Director Vernon Kirk said, “A lot of work has been going on over the past several months in order to allow the Delaware State Lottery to take this first step in providing a virtual casino for our customers. This is great opportunity for our patrons to get acclimated with the way Internet gaming works in preparation for the launch of the first-in-the-nation full casino-style legalized online gaming.”
Huge increase in Powerball and Mega Millions in Q2of FY2013 over Q2 of FY2012:
Combined, Powerball and Mega Millions sales increased by 53%
PB increases by 84% to $1,758.43 billion
MM increases 5% to $637 million
In-State lotto games also increased
Instants continue their successful run with an 11% increase to $9,790.5 billion

The state purchasing director is upholding a decision to award GTECH Corp. a contract to provide services to the Colorado Lottery.
Delaware unveiled the first phase of its online gambling program Wednesday morning. Patrons can play free casino games including poker, blackjack, and different slot machines, among others. State officials say they hope to launch the full program by the end of October.  Dover Downs CEO Ed Sutor says he’s not worried that it will cannibalize his business or reduce sales at the many shops located inside Dover Downs.  He notes that the average patron is in their late 50s.  “They’re not going to go to the internet. You’re talking about a new market, a new demographic. Some of them may try just for fun, but they’ve been used to coming here and they love the personal touch, the customer service. They’re still going to go for the spa treatments,” said Sutor.  Currently, anyone with internet access may play these games. But once the payouts become real, only those within Delaware’s borders will be allowed to access the portal.  Sophisticated technology checks a player’s real time location to give them access to the games.
Patrick Kennedy, Paddy Power CEO, told analysts the launch was part of the firm’s plan to build a dominant brand in the social space. “We are aiming for the same leadership position in social media as we have in mobile,” Kennedy said. He pointed to the one million Facebook likes for the product meaning Paddy Power was connected to every male over the age of 18 in the UK through their users friendship network.
A spokeswoman for Corbett's Department of Revenue, which oversees the lottery, said Camelot Global Services had agreed to extend the life of the company's bid until Oct. 29. State Attorney General Kathleen Kane rejected the proposed contract with Camelot in February.  Kane said state law did not allow the governor to privatize lottery management or sanction the expansion of gambling the contract would permit.  Corbett has not sought to change the law through the state Legislature, where the idea to hire a private lottery manager has been unpopular.  Instead, Corbett's staff has been working for months to rewrite the agreement with Camelot to overcome Kane's objections.
Commenting on the 1H13 Results INTRALOT Group CEO, Mr. Constantinos Antonopoulos, noted: “We are very pleased with INTRALOT’s results in the first half of the year during which the Company achieved an approximate 4% increase of revenues and continued to post significant growth of EBITDA, which increased by 20%, despite a tough comparison with 1H2012 during which the European National Team Championship took place. The continued improvement of our EBITDA margins reflects our strategy to strengthen the profitability of our existing projects and the contribution of new projects such as the VLT monitoring system in Victoria and sports betting in Azerbaijan.
Las Vegas Sands Corp., which operates the Venetian-Palazzo hotel complex in Las Vegas, has agreed to return $47,400,300 to conclude an investigation into the casino’s failure to alert authorities that a high-stakes gambler, who was later linked to international drug trafficking, made numerous large and suspicious deposits with the casino.  “Millions of dollars earned from illegal drug trafficking were transferred through casino accounts in a complex scheme designed to thwart law enforcement detection,” Anthony Williams, special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration in Los Angeles.  Ironic that the Chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp. is none other than the sanctimonious Sheldon Adleson, the same Sheldon Adleson who protests that proper regulation of Internet gambling would invite money-laundering and create an increase in problem gambling.
Boston Mayor Menino supports a competing proposal located in East Boston and Revere on land owned by Suffolk Downs.  If Boston were ruled to be a host community of the Wynn Resort proposal as well, the city could effectively kill the proposal by refusing to negotiate with Wynn Development. The state gaming law requires all host communities to work out a Host Agreement contract with developers and pass a voter referendum question on the proposal and the agreement.
Lottery officials announced Monday that several key changes are coming to the Mega Millions game.  Starting on Oct. 19, the initial jackpot in the twice-a-week drawing will rise to $15 million from the current $12 million. Other changes include raising the second-place prize from $250,000 to $1 million.

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