The first offerings – blackjack and roulette – will roll out on a market-by-market basis beginning this month with completion anticipated by the end of 2014. PokerStars will add sports betting and other popular casino games in 2015. It also plans to launch a full-featured casino on mobile and web in 2015.
The revenue growth greatly exceeded the industry average of 9.4%. Since the same quarter one year prior, revenues rose by 28.7%. The gross profit margin is also very high, coming in at 72.45%.
"For the first time Norsk Tipping will launch a new lottery game with a prime-time TV show, says Maria Sandell. This will be the way forward in the largest segment of the gaming industry that has been standing still for so long."
Stéphane Pallez "I am very proud to join la Française des Jeux, a dynamic and popular company that contributes to the public interest. I intend to continue developing the responsible and sustainable model of la Française des Jeux in France and internationally. One of the major challenges of the company is bringing it closer to the people. This entails strengthening the points of sale as well as the digitalization that, combined with the strength of our physical network, will allow us to meet the expectations of today and future customers."
During the Scientific Games’s third quarter earnings conference call, company CEO Gavin Isaacs said the acquisition would increase the company’s cash flow and reduce obligations taken on by the deal. “Our goal is to primarily use our increased free cash flow to pay down debt and bring our leverage ratios back to more optimal levels,” Isaacs said. Isaacs served as chief operating officer of Bally before becoming CEO of SHFL entertainment. Last year, Bally bought SHFL for $1.3 billion. Isaacs became CEO of Scientific Games earlier this year. Isaacs said the transaction came about quickly after a few weeks of talks between Scientific Games and Bally.
“If you have a great idea in the synergies and meeting of the minds and then strategies all align, why is there any reason to procrastinate,” Isaacs said.
"I am pleased to report another solid quarter of growth as our business continues to gain momentum," commented Mr. Man San Law, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of "Total purchase amount reached a new record high of US$365.7 million, a 205.1% increase from the same period last year. We are seeing a very real and rapid shift towards mobile as mobile traffic increase at a faster pace than PC traffic. While active users of our mobile app increased only slightly sequentially, they now account for almost half of the total purchase amount, a 74.8% increase from last quarter. With traction for our mobile products increasing rapidly, we will continue to invest in their redesign, service development and marketing as we work to create a great user experience. We are confident that our mobile strategy and its enhanced services will strengthen our position as China's leading online sports lottery service and generate sustainable, long-term revenue."
Playtech shares dropped nearly 9%. Up to 36% of Playtech’s total revenues come from Asian countries. Company representatives said that out of the EUR212.4 million made in the first half of this year, regulated markets accounted for just 35%, while unregulated ones generated 65%.  Malaysia’s new attitude towards online gambling has drawn the industry’s attention to Asia last week. British betting giant William Hill’s operations in the Philippines are also being investigated.  Some have speculated that the two events, while unrelated, could be the beginning of a broader crackdown on online casinos and sportsbooks in Asia.
“In a solid quarter, we were able to make up for the significant product sales of 2013 and for lower jackpot activity this year, and deliver stable revenues and higher profitability, thanks to the diversity of our revenue base,” said Marco Sala, CEO of GTECH S.p.A. “Our planned acquisition of IGT is progressing on schedule.”
Commenting on 9M14 results INTRALOT Group CEO, Mr. Constantinos Antonopoulos, noted: “In the first 9-months of 2014 major existing projects in the US, Australia and Asia were extended and new ones are being successfully implemented.   While the gaming industry undergoes consolidation, INTRALOT keeps focusing strongly on the lottery sector, its technological superiority and organic growth as we have done over the past years. The Group is making great technological leaps in order to offer innovative products and services to its customers, both on a B2B and a B2C basis. Moreover, we are in the process of taking actions in certain projects around the world in order to improve the Group’s financial performance in the near future. From a financial stand point, the Group continued to grow its sales, maintained its EBITDA profit before any foreign exchange impact and stabilized its net debt position.”
Italian retail and online sports betting operator Sindacato Nazionale Agenzie Ippiche (SNAI) has cited an increase in its video lottery terminal business and the introduction of virtual sports betting as drivers of a year-on-year 11.8% increase in revenue during the nine months through to September 30
Malta Secretary of Economic Growth Dr José Herrera said that changes to European legislation were inevitable and would provide a set of new challenges to Malta’s licensed igaming operators.
An arduous months-long process has concluded with National Action Party (PAN) and the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD) forging an agreement to implement a new legal framework for live and online gambling punctuated by new protections targeting money laundering. The law provides for a 10-year licensing system, regulation of online gambling, and the establishment of a new Advisory Council to oversee the regulation. The adaptation of laws in Mexico brings hope for a larger gambling tournament and larger casinos that have shown positive results in other Latin American areas such as Brazil. is a very informative business intelligence website. These attached articles are updates on the status of regulatory changes in Belgium, Italy, and Great Britain


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The tipping point has arrived. Regulatory changes, universal consumer adoption of digital communication technologies, and the adoption of multi-channel retailing by lottery operators are transforming the face of the industry. The convergence of social media, internet promotional strategies, and traditional advertising channels is opening up entirely new vistas for Lottery to connect with its customers.

Government Lotteries and their commercial partners have become the market leaders. Instead of responding to change as it occurs in the market-place, Team Lottery is leading the charge with innovative approaches to brand extensions, integrating multi-media strategies for new customer-acquisition and core customer relationship management, aligning game development and marketing strategies with real-world player profiles instead of old-school demographic segmentation, and converting ‘big data’ into better products delivered at the right time, in the right place, to the right consumer. All the pieces are in place for Team Lottery to consolidate its position as the most progressive, exciting, and trusted operator in the games-of-chance industry.

Steve Jobs once said “The only ones crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do”. PGRI Conferences are about giving voice to the ideas that matter most, the ideas that are making an impact, the ideas that may even be changing the world of government-gaming. Join us in New York to be a part of the movement to reinvent Lottery for the modern consumer-driven market-place.

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