The games industry appears to have only focused on a rather narrowly defined demographic of males, aged 18 to 34 years old. And by doing,so, it’s been missing out on a global market opportunity in the range of $30 billion to $45 billion annually.  Boys and men still account for 83% of the audience for classic genres like shooter games on PC. On mobile, however, there’s a much more equal distribution, with women accounting for 46% of the player base. And if we look at casino-style games on PC, mobile, or tablet, we even see women accounting for well over two-thirds of the player base.
With Daily Fantasy Sports industry leaders FanDuel and DraftKings—both tied closely to the NFL—coming under heavy scrutiny from the government, it might be time for the NFL to rethink its conflicting stance on gambling. The gambling paradox in the NFL—and in all sports—is approaching an inevitable inflection point. The reality is that the NFL has accepted gambling—in softer tones—for some time. The NFL risks alienation for the hypocrisy of allowing, encouraging and monetizing fantasy football. It is time, as NBA commissioner Adam Silver has said, to bring gambling into the light, to embrace it in an open and honest manner with a clear and articulate policy that accepts the realities of the present.

Maryland Casinos Generate $94.76 Million in Revenue During October (a 9.2% increase over Oct of 2014)

Luc Morin, General Manager for Loto Quebec said, “We’re dedicated to providing our players with seamless, best-in-class gaming experiences. With the addition of online real money game content from SG Interactive, we’re strategically tapping into the full breadth of offerings from Scientific Games to do just that.”

Why do consumers think and behave the way they do?

The lotteries sector grew the most, with sales up by $64.2 million (+7.9%) during the first six months of the fiscal year. That excellent performance is mainly due to the many large Lotto Max prizes offered and the media visibility given to our winners, as dictated by our strategy to highlight big wins. Quebecers were again quite lucky, as they were able to take home $461.7 million in lottery prizes (+8.2%), of which 45 were worth $1 million of more (+66.7%).
Terry Rich, CEO, Iowa Lottery, said, “Scientific Games has been our trusted systems provider for nearly 20 years, providing the Iowa Lottery with a high level of operational integrity and technology that has helped drive growth and improve security. They are a valued partner in our mission to generate revenues for the state of Iowa while providing fun, entertaining lottery games and promotions to Iowans.”  Pat McHugh, Vice President, North American Lottery Systems for Scientific Games, said, “The Iowa Lottery has a long history of integrity, thought leadership and marketplace innovation, led by a seasoned, capable and award-winning management team. Since our merger with Bally Technologies, Scientific Games has created strong connections between our gaming and lottery systems groups to drive further innovation. We look forward to continued collaboration to provide 24/7 service, maintain best-in-class systems operations and make it easy and convenient for retailers to sell Iowa Lottery games for the enjoyment of players in the state.”
Although the newly formed Fantasy Sports Control Agency has been implemented to regulate and create standards, many believe that it will not stop the federal government from investigating some of the business practices of organizations in the industry.
Activision Blizzard's purchase of King Digital Entertainment will create one of the world's biggest entertainment networks, with a combined total of more than a half-billion monthly active users in 196 countries, by Activision's count
From this sum RAY disbursed just over EUR 62.8 million to the state as lottery tax. Due to the moderate cost development, profit improved by 3.4%, or over EUR 9.3 million, standing now at just over EUR 286.6 million. ‘A particularly good piece of news was that the favourable development of revenue was reflected ultimately in support for health and social welfare organisations. Now more than ever, the work done by these organisations is valuable. Without players, revenue can’t be collected. Thank you to all those who play our games’, summed up RAY’s Velipekka Nummikoski.
Kambi’s revenue reached the highest level during a quarter so far, showing exceptional results with strong underlying growth for our customers in a third quarter which had no major sporting tournaments. We have continued to invest in our innovative and competitive offering. This has driven the growth of our customers and supported the strong financial results. We remain focussed on signing new customers and are in a number of advanced discussions. We are well positioned and prepared to face a time of very exciting opportunities as the market continues to consolidate and become more competitive. The requirement for an outsourced premium Sportsbook becomes greater as operators need to save cost whilst also delivering a service in which user experience is paramount.”, says Kristian Nylén, CEO of Kambi.
A spokesman for Las Vegas Sands immediately dismissed the initiative by the Washington D.C.-based Campaign for Accountability as an "obvious political propaganda stunt" aimed at Adelson, who is a prolific financial contributor to Republican candidates and conservative causes.  The group asked the chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and the Federal Election Commission to investigate whether foreign money is illegally fueling campaign contributions to American politicians.  Anne Weismann, the Campaign for Accountability's executive director, said in a statement that "federal authorities have long been concerned about the reach of the tentacles of Chinese organized crime." The organization pieced together almost 500 pages of documents — including internal Las Vegas Sands documents — court filings and news reports, describing relationships between Las Vegas Sands and junket businesses operated by alleged organized crime members.
The Government of India is set to discuss the Prevention of Sporting Fraud Bill, 2013 ("the Bill") in the Indian Parliament. By introducing the Bill, India is likely to become the first country to have a distinct legislation for sports fraud related to match fixing.2 3 The table in this article highlights key aspects of the Bill.'
“Lucky for Life is truly the game of a lifetime because unlike any of our other draw games, the prize is payable for the length of the winner’s natural life. We’re excited to be able to join the other participating states to bring the game to our players in Ohio,” Director Dennis Berg said.
The regulation change, allowing casinos to lower average slot machine payouts, is better aligned with current Maryland state casino laws, a spokeswoman for the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Commission said. "Our research indicated that Maryland was the only jurisdiction that restricted casinos’ ability to control their floor average beyond the statutory machine minimum payout, which is 87 percent,” the spokeswoman said. “This change was made to align our regulations with the industry standard and provide the casinos with the flexibility they need to remain competitive."
“When the LOTTO game debuted in 1978, it was designed to fuel players’ dreams of being rich with a starting jackpot of just $250,000,” said New York Lottery Director Gardner Gurney. “LOTTO grew exponentially and over the years has turned 1,326 New Yorkers into LOTTO millionaires. We believe our LOTTO players have the knowledge, charisma and common sense to be rich in the best way." “We’re clearly having fun with the campaign’s wry portraits of wealthy eccentrics,” said Grant Smith, McCann Executive Creative Director, “The truth is that New Yorkers enjoy watching the odd behavior of some rich people. Because we all know that, if we were rich we’d do a better job of it.”
“This was a remarkably robust quarter for the Lottery,” Rebecca Hargrove, president and CEO of the Tennessee Education Lottery Corp., said in a news release. “We saw growth across all of our products, helping to post record returns. The best news, of course, is that the funds raised will benefit Tennessee students and their families across the state.”.
“Working closely with Michael over the last several months, it became clear that his previous experience at both the local level and within the Treasurer’s office has prepared him for the challenge of leading the most successful lottery in the country,” said Treasurer Deborah Goldberg.  “Michael has quickly demonstrated excellent management skills and a commitment."  "I am grateful to Treasurer Goldberg for entrusting me with the responsibility of leading the Lottery," Michael R. Sweeney, Executive Director said.  "I am fortunate to be joining an accomplished and dedicated team and look forward to leading this team as we strive to position the Lottery for sustained success over the next decade.”    The Lottery posted record-setting gross sales of $5.014 billion and a record net profit of $985.8 million in fiscal year 2015.     Sweeney was named Interim Executive Director prior to the departure of Beth Bresnahan, who concluded her tenure as Lottery Executive Director on June 30.
Season Two which was made up of lottery players from 16 states, including 15 where MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB Lottery instant game tickets were sold. The seven players were randomly selected after playing the MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES’ CLUBLottery instant ticket game from the New JerseyLottery and participating in its Second-Chance Drawing.  TV game show contestants played a series of MONOPOLY-themed games, such as Community Chest, Ride the Rails and Electric Company. Each game offered cash and other prizes, with a total value of up to $2.3 million. The final round offered one lucky contestant a shot at a $1 million prize. On "MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES' CLUB", the studio audience is deeply invested in the outcome as each contestant splits his or her cash winnings with one section of the studio audience in each of the signature games. In the final round, if the contestant passes GO, he or she will collect $200K to split with his or her audience section. If the contestant lands on GO, he or she wins $1 million and his or her audience section will split a cash prize worth up to another $1 million The "MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES' CLUB" TV game show is filmed on a new, custom-built soundstage that is the largest in Nevada and atop the largest LED floor ever used on a TV series. The stage is located adjacent to Bally's Las Vegas on the Strip.
Bill Robinson, President and CEO, and Niaz Nejad, Vice President Lottery & Gaming Services of the Alberta Gaming & Liquor Commission, said, "We are excited to embark on this expanded partnership with Scientific Games. After a comprehensive RFP process, we selected the innovative Bally systems to replace our existing slot accounting system because we believe these tools will help us offer our players an exciting gaming experience and provide us the necessary information to grow our business. We consider this another big step in our progress towards our casino modernization efforts." "Scientific Games is privileged to be selected by AGLC for their enterprise systems solution provider," said Robert J. Parente, Chief Revenue Officer, Gaming, for Scientific Games. "Our selection further affirms Scientific Games' strategic focus and attention to innovation and system technology in the Canadian marketplace.  These systems solutions further enhance our opportunities to share our massive product portfolio and provide innovative gaming content to players in the region.  We look forward to continuing a fantastic partnership."
Gus, a takeoff on Punxatawney Phil, starred in ads promoting Pennsylvania Lottery scratch-off tickets for about eight years. The Pennsylvania Lottery eventually axed him in 2012 but that Gus' fans actually brought him back. "In the years since, we have continued to hear from players who told us how much they missed Gus and wanted him to return," Lottery executive director Drew Svitko said. "Simply stated, Gus is a Pennsylvania Lottery institution." The lottery even said in its statement that "the people have spoken." So, yes, it's all your fault that Gus the groundhog is back. One of those fans, incidentally, was former Philadelphia mayor and Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who near the end of his second term as governor said that "Gus is a tremendous spokesman, and he’s Pennsylvania’s ‘second favorite groundhog.
“We believe the introduction of a fantasy sports platform at Mass. Lottery would help to embrace an emerging market while continuing to protect our retail partners,” Lottery Executive Director Michael Sweeney said. “This particular type of game would not cannibalize our existing products, it would obviously be a new product, it would help us to engage what we would refer to as a ‘next-generation’ player, and hopefully it would also help Lottery to create a new revenue source as opposed to eroding or maintaining existing offers.” Sweeney said the daily fantasy sports industry is “the biggest challenge” facing the Lottery, citing the industry’s use of technology, its appeal to younger players, and the ease with which people can take part in games.
The board of directors of the Wyoming Lottery Corp. received results of the audit by Cheyenne-based McGee, Hearne & Paiz during a meeting Monday. Board chairman Mark Macy said the lottery seemed to be “right on track or at least not significantly off on how our operations were conducted.” The audit noted a couple of minor accounting issues that lottery CEO Jon Clontz said the lottery had pointed out to auditors. “The fact that we’re still scaling the business from the ground up, and we can’t use state resources … I think it’s a remarkable outcome,” Clontz said.
Talk about a frightfully good Halloween! Tatts spokesperson Claire Taylor said this week would be massive with such an enormous amount of prize money up for grabs. “We expect the level of interest and excitement from our players will be extremely high."  Ms Taylor also offered some valuable advice to lottery players taking part in this week’s big draws. “When purchasing lottery tickets our advice is to always register them to a Tatts card. It is an important step that will protect players from missing out on prizes and also should they win one of the big prizes on offer this week, Tatts will contact them personally to advise them of their good fortune.”

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