Government Lotteries and their commercial partners have become the market leaders.  Instead of responding to change as it occurs in the market-place, Team Lottery is leading the charge with innovative approaches to brand extensions, integrating multi-media strategies for new customer-acquisition and core customer relationship management, aligning game development and marketing strategies with real-world player profiles instead of old-school demographic segmentation, and converting ‘big data’ into better products delivered at the right time, in the right place, to the right consumer.  All the pieces are in place for Team Lottery to consolidate its position as the most progressive, exciting, and trusted operator in the games-of-chance industry.

Steve Jobs once said “The only ones crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do”.  PGRI Conferences are about giving voice to the ideas that matter most, the ideas that are making an impact, the ideas that may even be changing the world of government-gaming.  Join is in New York to be a part of the movement to reinvent Lottery for the modern consumer-driven market-place.

Congratulations to David Gale and Team NASPL for producing the fabulous conference and trade-show event at Atlantic City!  Susan and I so enjoyed seeing you all there.  The induction of Terry Rich as President of NASPL, and Terry’s acceptance speech as inspirational “call-to-action” was one of many high-lights to the program.  The Hall of Fame ceremony for Gary Grief was another.  And the chance to visit with and learn from our colleagues is always a privilege.  Next up is the World Lottery Summit Nov. 2 to 5 in Rome.  (See for complete info about program, speakers, registration, etc.)  Held only every other year, the WLS is the biggest event in the lottery industry.  PGRI hosts the Global Hall of Fame ceremony at the WLS on Tuesday November 4.  Inducted into the Hall of Fame at the WLS Rome will be:

Jean M. Jørgensen, Executive Director of the World Lottery Association (WLA)

David Loeb, President of the Western Canada Lottery Corporation (WCLC)

Tan Soo Nan, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Pools Pty Ltd td

“Lottery products continue to serve as an affordable, local entertainment option, and the games we offer generate more than $20 billion annually in net revenues in the United States alone to the good causes we help support,” said Terry Rich, Chief Executive Officer of the Iowa Lottery Authority. “To keep moving forward, we’ll continue to investigate new ideas and possibilities for lottery products, understanding that our success ultimately rewards players, retailers and the public through good causes. ‘New and improved’ will be our mantra as we freshen our games and develop new products, said Rich”
Andy Duncan, Chief Executive Designate of Camelot UK Lotteries Limited, said: “Thanks to the strong performance of both Lotto and instant play games, we’ve made a very positive start to the 2014/15 financial year. Delivering over £2.7 billion for National Lottery projects and players in just six months is a fantastic achievement.“As we look forward to celebrating 20 years of The National Lottery next month, we’re determined to build on this momentum. We’ve just successfully launched a major new online and mobile platform, which is transforming the way players interact with our games across all devices. On top of that, we’ve got really exciting plans for the second half of the year – including special birthday events to thank our players and, starting later this month, some amazing new prizes on EuroMillions – which will ensure that The National Lottery continues to be truly life-changing for players and society.”
GE, Burberry, Heineken—these brand success stories all share something beyond offering compelling content experiences across platforms. They illustrate the decision to approach content as a team sport and to fuse creative talent with business acumen. They bring together multiple disciplines to drive a new way of engaging customers along their path to purchase, in order to win over both hearts and minds.
PGRI Note: Great article on how the application of “content marketing” is winning the hearts and minds of consumers.
Social CRM is a philosophy and a business strategy, supported by a technology platform, business rules, workflow, processes and social characteristics, designed to engage the customer in a collaborative conversation in order to provide mutually beneficial value in a trusted and transparent business environment. It’s the company’s response to the customer’s ownership of the conversation.  In short, Social CRM is a way for you to plan, measure & control your social media marketing to increase customer engagement & add value to customer relationships.  Social CRM is the next step in your social media evolution. It’s not enough to just have a social media presence; customers expect more-and Social CRM can help. “Social CRM is about moving from fans & followers to customers and advocates.”
Research indicates 60% of the buying cycle has been completed digitally by decision-makers before they reach out virtually or even in-person to a sales rep. It also indicates that more and more complex, big ticket sales are completed through a virtual sales exchange. The days of the face-to-face “dog & pony show” are long gone.  
PGRI Note: High-level article examines sales methodologies as an evolutionary process that is now entering a new era that of necessity must integrate the behavior of consumers, and that behavior includes “virtual shopping”.
The various stages are aptly named, and many tech observers are painfully familiar with the early ones. The hype cycle starts with innovation, rapidly moves into the peak of inflated expectation, and then sinks in the trough of disillusionment.  Finally comes the slope of enlightenment and the plateau of productivity.  Gamification is one of a handful of technologies now sliding into the trough of disillusionment. Here’s how and why gamification, like so many technological innovations that preceded it, will come out of its slump stronger and better than it was in its early days.
While Belgian gaming  law stipulates that gambling winnings should be tax-free, the government has decided that an exception should be made for poker players, because their income, unlike a sudden gambling windfall, cannot be considered to be an “exceptional event.”
Dianne Thompson she reflects on the ever-changing marketing landscape she has witnessed - and pens a letter to her young self with advice on navigating the path ahead.
“We have worked with GTECH for the past five years to build our instant ticket product offering from the ground up.  We are very confident in the partner we have selected and feel that together GTECH and our dedicated Lottotech staff will continue to build our brand and enhance our product offerings for years to come,” said Lottotech’s Chief Executive Officer Michelle Carinci.
"Lotteries across the country came together and listened to what players wanted," said Rebecca Paul Hargrove, President of the Tennessee Lottery. "With three chances to win $1 million, a $5 popular price point, and the ability to unlock more and more millionaires, MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES' CLUB is expected to spread the wealth across the country like no other game in lottery history."
"The 2014 Annual NASPL Conference is the perfect venue for introducing our new Flip Scratch™ and Eco Scratch™ products to the lottery industry," said Nancy Bettcher, Vice President, Product Innovation & Development, Pollard Banknote. "While both provide a new look that will command attention at retail, each brings a unique characteristic that is new to the instant ticket world. Flip Scratch™ offers a fun new way to play that's simple to understand but different from any other products our players have seen before. Eco Scratch™ offers a whole new look for instant tickets to cut through the clutter at retail, and caters to environmentally conscious players. These products are among Pollard Banknote's range of innovative offerings that help lotteries raise revenues to support good causes."

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