Aside from the World Cup, the lottery firm further attributed the increase in sales revenue to the diversity of betting options, from NBA basketball games and Major League baseball games in North America to ATP tennis games in Taiwan.  Meanwhile, the company also generated more sales through easier and more interesting betting methods. This includes live betting, allowing people to watch the game and bet at the same time.
Macau, the  gambling centre of  China, has overtaken  Switzerland as the world's fourth richest territory per person , according to  figures from the World Bank.  Swelling numbers of tourists and gamblers from mainland China helped drive gross domestic product per capita up by 18% in 2013 to £53,227.  Luxembourg, Norway and Qatar retained the top three slots.  The UK was the world's 21st wealthiest place per person, and the US ranked 10th last year, with GDP per capita at £30,979.
High value notes are popular with organised criminals as they are a lighter, more efficient way of carrying large amounts of cash.  In 2010, Britain's Serious Organised Crime Agency estimated that 90 percent of 500 euro ($680) banknotes sold from exchange bureaus in the country were in the hands of organised criminals.   PGRI Note: This article speaks to the fact of just how big a problem that money-laundering has become.   Casinos are being required to strengthen their systems for monitoring transactions in order to prevent money-laundering.
Connecticut had the second biggest drop in gaming revenue for March after Indiana, and the largest drop in April. Many other states also had declines in gaming revenue for at least two of the three months that Moody's looked at: Colorado, Delaware, New Jersey, Illinois, Kansas, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Louisiana, New York, Missouri and Pennsylvania, for example.   Despite weaknesses in regional markets, gaming revenue at the Las Vegas strip was up 10.5 percent to $560.8 million in March and up 3.2 percent to $462.9 million in April.
“We look forward to partnering with INTRALOT in implementing a communications network to provide for auditing, reporting and regulation of the COAM industry.  The system will assist the Georgia Lottery Corporation in meeting the requirements for the administration and enforcement of laws related to coin operated amusement machines in Georgia” stated Ms. Debbie Alford, President and CEO of the Georgia Lottery Corporation.   Mr. Tom Little, President and CEO of INTRALOT Inc., commented “We are honored by Georgia Lottery’s trust in INTRALOT and are very pleased to be the strategic partner that will assist the Georgia Lottery in implementing its strategy for monitoring and accounting for the coin operated amusement machines from the very beginning. We are extremely happy to have signed a contract with one of the most prominent lotteries in the US.
Building on the group’s long-term know-how and expertise as an operator of 30 international casinos – among them Germany’s largest casino, Spielbank Berlin – NOVOMATIC will build two state-of-the-art flagship casino operations, one at the Vienna Prater and second one in Bruck an der Leitha, Lower Austria.
“We are excited to introduce this new game to all of our Lottery players,” said Florida Lottery Secretary Cynthia O’Connell. “The LUCKY MONEY game shares some of the same unique features as other successful Terminal games and we are confident that it will bring joy to the players and funds for education.”
"The Idaho Lottery is celebrating our 25(th) anniversary with our first $25 scratch game. The game has met with tremendous acceptance and success from Idaho's player base, due in large part to Pollard Banknote's Scratch FX(R) printing process which produces a silver, celebratory, holographic effect and design," said Jeff Anderson, Idaho Lottery Director. " "On behalf of Pollard Banknote, we would like to congratulate the Idaho Lottery for 25 years of hard work and dedication in support of good causes within the state--culminating in the launch of its 25(th) Anniversary ticket," said Doug Pollard, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Pollard Banknote.
The Iowa Lottery will have strong results for the year, CEO Terry Rich reported, “but the brutal winter definitely had an impact on the sale of many consumer products, including lottery tickets.”   “Repeated blizzards and frigid temperatures often made it impossible for folks to get out and about this winter in Iowa, and when people aren’t in their normal routines, they often don’t make their usual purchases, including lottery tickets,” he said.  Overall, Rich emphasized that the Iowa Lottery remains strong, ranking in the top three for its 29-year history. It will once again “far exceed” the goal of providing at least $60 million in annual proceeds to the state coffers, he said.
“Eight years of increased sales and earnings is a record any business would be proud of,” said Alice Garland, executive director of the N.C. Education Lottery. “This year, thanks to North Carolinians enjoying chances to win prizes, the lottery also raised more money than ever before. These are dollars that wouldn’t be available otherwise and they are making a difference in education programs all across the state.”
Colin Hadden, GTECH Indiana's chief operating officer and general manager, said, "We are excited about surpassing the $1 billion sales mark, and we are committed to fulfilling our obligation to the State of Indiana."   "The Hoosier Lottery experienced a remarkable year, and our record contribution to the State of Indiana underscores our commitment to maximizing revenue in a socially responsible way," said Sarah Taylor, executive director of the Hoosier Lottery.
Outbound online soccer gambling is becoming out of control with the heat of World Cup in China. The number of gamblers has jumped severalfold, as well as the appearance of illegal gambling websites.  China has become a sanctuary for outbound gambling groups in light of its huge potential market.
"The German market is very important to GTECH, and we are proud to be a key instant-ticket provider to the largest lottery operator in the country,” said Alan Eland, GTECH Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, North America, who also oversees GTECH’s printing operations. “This contract is a direct result of GTECH’s dedication to supporting the growth of WestLotto’s business over the past four years. We will continue to focus on this market by offering an extensive portfolio of solutions that will help drive the Lottery’s instant-ticket business.”
Carole Hedinger, New Jersey Lottery Executive Director says, "We are thrilled to have Erica as our Lottery Hostess. I remember her as a little girl and the way Hela beamed with pride when she talked about her. Erica is like family to us and we welcome her to the role so well represented by her mother for so many years."
“The lottery sales team, managed by Northstar New Jersey, provides field-service to over 6500 lottery retail locations. The OnePlace tool equips them with insights and actionable reporting that enables them to provide great service,” said Carole Hedinger, Executive Director, New Jersey Lottery. “We are delighted to work with the New Jersey Lottery,” said Adam Perlow, Hudson Alley’s CEO, “they are among the top performing lotteries and they have ambitious goals. We’re glad that they selected our software to help them achieve those goals.”
Carole Hedinger, Executive Director of the New Jersey Lottery said, “The partnership with Tribune Broadcasting will allow our dedicated lottery players the opportunity to view the live evening drawings all across the state on network television, without exception. I’m certain that the expanded coverage will be well received. We are also excited to announce that a new Lottery Hostess will preside over the daily draws.”


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Lottery Expo Conference Schedule (Notice that there are NO sessions on Friday.  Conference is on Weds and Thursday, and closes with the Reception on Thursday evening):
--  Tuesday September 9:  5:00 pm. Opening night reception
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--  Thursday, Sept. 11: Conference Sessions followed by Reception at 5:00 pm.
Our receptions traditionally end at 7:00 pm., so do not conflict with dinner plans. 

 LOTTERY EXPO 2014 Panel Discussion Topics :  

--  Maximizing Net Funds by balancing the mix of high and low margin products  Looking at how consumer products marketers apply category management principles to maximize sales of their high-margin products.  How do consumer products companies manage this systemic capitalist dynamic of finite product life-cycles, margin erosion, customer migration to lower-margin products, etc.?  What are the marketing principles that others apply to produce the optimal balance between high and low margin products, and use the consumer appeal of some products to drive traffic to others?   How does the consumer interact with the entire category of lottery products, what drives their behavior towards one set of product attributes over another, and how can Lottery appeal to those drivers such that we are channeling the maximum volume towards the high-margin products, and/or at least extracting maximum net profit from the category, etc.? 

-- Content Marketing is the provision of free content for the purpose of engaging the consumer who hopefully becomes a paying customer.  But it is also being used to build a deeper connection with your customer. Connecting Lottery with a new generation of consumers means thinking and feeling like them - and building relationships based on that emotional connection.  It’s about telling a story more than selling.  It’s about re-branding, re-shaping our image so that everyone feels that Lottery “is for people like me”, it’s about integrating digital technology and retail merchandising strategies so that we are talking with our customers rather than at them so that consumers embrace Lottery as part of who they are and want everyone to know it.  How is Lottery evolving its approach to create this emotional connection that drives sales? 

--  Multi-Jurisdictional Games, promotional campaigns, and marketing strategies   Creating truly national brands requires national advertising, marketing, promotion, and distribution.  Forging consensus among 44 + lotteries requires compromise, and the conviction that the goals are worth the effort.  Some might ask: Why should we do that when our markets are confined to the boundaries of our state - and our state statutes, gaming cultures, and consumer attitudes all vary from state to state, and certainly from region to region. Why is it so important for Lottery Directors to work hard to create nation-wide branding and promotional programs?  Multi-state initiatives provide economies of scale not achievable on an individual state basis. That is key to the TV Lottery Game Show.  How relevant is that to the calculus of cost/benefits/ROI for other factors like developing new games, and new promotional and branding initiatives?  What are some actionable ideas for additional nation-wide promotions and marketing campaigns?

--  Retail Modernization drives Lottery Modernization     Retail is changing.  What can Team Lottery do to make sure make sure that Retail Modernization results in increased sales of its products?  Merchandising and POS trends, demand for better data capture and analyses and reporting, transaction processing technologies, increased consumer options like self-serve and digital connections, cross-promotional marketing, adding entertainment value to the in-store shopping experience.  Integrating Retailer products into Lottery promotions, and vice-versa.  How can Team Lottery continue to modernize itself to take full advantage of these trends?   

--  The triumph of Traditional Lottery over i-gaming      The growth of casinos and casino-style i-gaming has flattened-out in the mature markets of Europe.  And sales are falling far short of projections in the U.S states that offer it now.  But not Lottery, which continues to grow. Additionally, casino-style gaming (both on-line and land-based casinos) is rife with intense competition that drives margins lower and lower.  Could the coming two years be the window of opportunity for Lottery to push harder than ever to focus on its strengths, its core competencies and products, and consolidate its position with the traditional games for the traditional lottery markets? The last few years have been witness to some major innovation. How can Team Lottery continue to build on that, add to the vitality and excitement and accelerate the rate of progress and innovation in Lottery’s traditional games? 

--  Leveraging the promotional power of the Internet to drive Retail sales       Is the real power of the Internet is as a promotional tool, much more than as a channel for distribution?  Marketing and promotional strategies are integrating the on-line and off-line worlds to drive sales at land-based Retail, leveraging the power of the Internet as a promotional tool to drive store traffic and lottery sales.    How are digital channels being used to generate maximum consumer engagement that results in increased sales at Retail? 

--  Decision-Driven Leadership: Exploiting the Abundance of Opportunity (or ... don't wait for a crisis to act)      The nation-wide approach to managing the multi-state games is not easy.  Forty four lotteries with different agendas need to manage the games together as one cohesive, unified body of decision-makers.  Creating nation-wide strategies for branding, promotions, advertising, distribution, and whatever else can be transplanted onto the national stage, could be the key to Lottery’s version of the “Next Big Thing."    What is the kind of governance structure that will drive effective decision-making and action? How can lotteries work together to act now to produce the results we need sooner than later in the multi-state gaming space?  

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