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There is a battle brewing over the right to acquire Gibraltar-based online gambling company Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment, which owns popular brands PartyPoker and World Poker Tour.  The bidding war is quite confusing, with a winner (888 Holdings) having been announced last month and yet the bidding continues from another potential suiter (GVC, which is backed by U.S. private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management).
Producing a mega-hit in these times of rapidly changing consumer tastes and shortened product life-cycles is no guarantee of ongoing success. Zynga, the creator of Farmville and other titles that were so incredibly popular on Facebook just a few years ago, saw revenue decline 30% to $200 million, a 23% decline in player-ship, and posted a loss of $27 million for the quarter. Going forward, Zynga doesn't expect to be profitable in the immediate future. It proffered guidance for its Q3 of a net loss of between $23 million and $31 million, on revenue of $175 million to $190 million.
Lessons learned in online poker applied to Fantasy Football
“The Fast Play games were launched on Aug. 2nd at all New Jersey Lottery retail locations. Fast  Play enhances the instant and online product lines with a new game play concept,” Hedinger said. “Fast Play games are unique because there are no numbers to pick, and players don’t need to wait for a drawing to see if they’ve won.”
The tougher regulatory environment and higher taxes is expected to drive deal-making among gambling companies in coming years. The need for operating efficiencies will drive gaming industry consolidation.
A report released by the UK Gambling Commission for 2014-2015 stated, “As far as unlicensed activity is concerned, we have found no evidence of the threatened move underground or emergence on any scale of illegal websites targeting Britain.” The report also noted that some operators halted operations once being notified that others had been cut off by payment processors and advertisers. The United Kingdom now believes that it regulates almost 100% of “domestic remote market instead of less than 15%.”
At issue is whether a games that involve both skill and chance should be classified, taxed, and regulated as gambling.
“During our first 100 days as a public company, we have significantly increased our business development efforts, added key management team members to spur innovation and growth and enlarged the LT-3 installed base,” said Richard Weil, Chairman and CEO of INNOVA. “Since INNOVA’s acquisition of Diamond Game, I have visited most of our key LT-3 customers and the feedback has reinforced my view that INNOVA is on track to deliver the growth we promised shareholders at the time of our initial public offering (“IPO”).
Rick Gray, Vice President of Charitable Gaming at OLG added, “We are excited to bring these features to the existing Diamond Game TapTix in Charitable Gaming centres in the province of Ontario. Through research consumers indicated that these features would enhance the TapTix experience. We expect these additional features to incrementally contribute revenue for charities that depend on gaming revenue to serve their communities.”
“I want to congratulate Michael on a well-deserved honor,” said Gary Grief, executive director of the Texas Lottery. “Michael exemplifies the distinguished performance and overall excellence in the lottery industry that this prestigious national award recognizes.”
Gordon Medenica, Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director. says the gaming industry is a lot like the movie business: "You launch a bunch of movies and not every one’s a blockbuster.” It's the same with the lottery — not every game is a hit with customers. But Medenica, the new head of the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency, is hoping the next game the Maryland Lottery introduces is a smash. The Maryland Lottery is planning to bring a new draw game to the market in the first quarter of 2016. The $2 game, Cash4Life, holds drawings twice a week with a top prize of $1,000 a day for life.
“We are pleased to report for the first time as a single Company,” said Marco Sala, CEO of IGT. “As anticipated, our second quarter results reflect the stable growth characteristics of our global lottery operations and a meaningful sequential improvement in our gaming operations. We have accomplished a lot in the past four months, notably organizing ourselves under a single leadership team and consolidating our manufacturing footprint. There is much more ahead of us. In this year of transformation, we will continue to focus on integration to provide a solid foundation for future growth and value creation.”
“As in previous years, the Lottery strives to exceed financial expectations and will continue to raise the bar in the effort to provide much needed funding for Oklahoma education,” said Rollo Redburn, Executive Director. More than $685 million has been contributed to education since November 2005.
“The $38.5 million increase in lottery sales, along with record sales of scratch-off tickets, are indications that traditional lottery products are poised for continued growth,” said Maryland Lottery and Gaming Director Gordon Medenica. “The coming year will bring many new opportunities, from the expansion of traditional lottery games to the opening of the state’s sixth casino.”
There is a battle brewing over the right to acquire Gibraltar-based online gambling company Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment, which owns popular brands PartyPoker and World Poker Tour. The bidding war is quite confusing, with a winner (888 Holdings) having been announced last month and yet the bidding continues from another potential suiter (GVC, which is backed by U.S. private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management.
Players who don’t know what teams to pick can ask their retailers for a partial or full Quick Pick. With a Quick Pick, the Lottery will generate a ticket with teams selected at random. “We introduced the Quick Pick in 2014, and it’s been very successful in helping people who are interested in playing but don’t know what teams to pick,” explains Delaware Lottery Director Vernon Kirk.
They’ve hired more than 1,000 new associates in the past year – less than 2% of applicants overall. “You can’t outsource innovation,” Walmart SVP and CTO Jeremy King says. “It’s important to own and build it at that scale.” In the final analysis, @WalmartLabs is doing everything it can to drive ecommerce innovation at scale – and to attract the talent it needs to catch up to Amazon.
According to YouTube analytics specialist Tubular, 15 percent of all uploads on the site are game-related (with Minecraft holding top top spot for most number of views, a whopping 62.7 billion).  Earlier this year, YouTube a series of updates to its streaming capabilities, and the upcoming launch of its gaming arm — YouTube Gaming, built and organized specifically for the gaming community.  With over 25,000 titles, the project hopes to consolidate gaming news, reviews and live videos into a single, streamlined app and website.
Play at the Pump, the California Lottery’s latest attempt to expand the lotto market, enabling credit card users to both fill up and buy up to $20 worth of Quick Picks without ever having to go inside. At the pump, drivers insert their credit card and then their license to prove they are of legal gambling age. After making their picks and filling up, the lottery numbers show up directly on the receipt.
Online retail sales in the capital in the first half of the year reached 79.2 billion Yuan (US$12.77 billion).  The online proportion in total retail sales jumped from 2% in 2010 to 15.1% in 2014.
Charlie McIntyre, Executive Director for the New Hampshire Lottery said, “This has been an amazing year of record sales with instant games making up the majority of our revenue. Our success in accomplishing the Lottery’s mission to maximize revenues for aid to public education in New Hampshire and to provide secure and entertaining games to our players could not have been possible without our relationship with Scientific Games.”

EL Congress 2015 in Oslo, Norway "Touch Tomorrow" Photo Collage

EL Congress 2015 - DAY 2 - PHOTOS in Oslo, Norway "Touch Tomorrow" Photo Collage


LOTTERY-EXPO 2015 Sept 9-11, 2015

 Co-Hosted by Public Gaming Research Institute and the Florida Lottery September 9, 10 and 11, 2015

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Panel Discussion and Presentation topics at PGRI Lottery Expo Miami:


Breakthrough Marketing/Promotional Ideas for Lottery’s Corporate Accounts

We know what we want from our retail partners: more focus on the mission to sell Lottery products!   How do we engage big corporate accounts to embrace that mission like we want them to?  Lottery’s brand equity, connection to countless millions of shoppers, and ability to drive store traffic are under-utilized assets that can deliver value to our retail partners and in turn engage them in our mission.  It is starting to happen in a big way.  Panelists will discuss successful initiatives to collaborate with corporate account retail partners on cross-sell-promotions and new product design.  Panelists will also build on these successes to explore fresh new ideas for how Lottery can develop a stronger, more productive, relationship with its corporate accounts.   


Building out the multi-state platform for Big-Box Corporate Account Retailers

Logistical back-office hurdles have stymied Lottery’s ability to develop the full potential of multi-state retail operations.  Now, substantial progress is being made to meet the needs of these multi-state retailers.  What has been accomplished; how can we lock-in the progress that has been made; what are the current issues that are being addressed; what are the most do-able, actionable things that Team Lottery should do to blow open the doors to successful expansion of Lottery in the multi-state big-box retail channel? 


Bricks & Clicks:  The merging of Interactive and Land-Based Retail

Retail and Lottery both recognize that “Interactive” is about is much more about creating the optimal consumer experience than it is about selling products online.  How are progressive lotteries leading the charge into an “Internet of Things” future that integrates digital technologies into the fabric of all we do?  How are Retailers doing the same thing, and how can we join together to forge the most productive and mutually beneficial pathways to integrate Interactive and Land-Based initiatives? 


Behavioral Economics Applied to Lottery

There is much talk about “convergence” in the industry.  The easy access to all forms of gaming is contributing to experimentation by the consumers.  As consumers migrate from one game category to another, the need to identify and focus on the attributes that make Lottery most appealing to the consumer is greater than ever.  How can Lottery clarify its messaging, its brand, its products and promotions to differentiate itself in this competitive market-place, and carve out its own unique connection to the consumer?


Betting on Interactive

Everyone is online, connecting with merchants, with information resources, and with each other.  Lotteries’ huge brand awareness is already driving huge website traffic.   How are successful lotteries leveraging this online connection to drive consumer engagement, drive sales, and disseminate information?  How are lotteries integrating interactive strategies into every aspect of the business to position themselves for successful long-term sustainable growth?


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