"Our industry leading investment in innovation is paying off. Following our company's third consecutive quarter of revenue growth, we see this as a perfect time to accelerate momentum and explore additional opportunities to deliver greater value from this strong and rapidly growing segment of our business," said Kevin Sheehan, CEO and President of Scientific Games.

Following up with the publication of the Recommendations published last June by the High Level group “Grassroots Sport” from the lottery sector, the Chairman of EL Sport Committee Torbjørn Almlid, provided numerous concrete examples of how Lotteries are using their capillary network to support all EU initiatives related to sport such as the upcoming European Week of Sport.  Addressing the High Level Group Recommendations to the EU, EL President Hansjörg Höltkemeier expressed his appreciation for the overall work and the reference to the Lotteries and also welcomed MEP Takkula’s work on his new report on sport policy, noting: “It represents a renewed commitment to keep sport high on the agenda of the European Parliament”. He finally recalled that “illegal betting, not only represents a risk to public order but also jeopardises the sustainable financing of grassroots sport”.

Mr. Onkenhout (incoming CEO) said the following: “This is a unique opportunity for me. As a result of the merger a thriving, powerful, financially healthy, strong and socially orientated gaming organization has emerged." Former CEO Frans van Steenis has created a solid merged organization with a turnover of over 1.1 billion euro’s, ready for the next phase in a rapidly changing market with more foreign competitors in both the offline and online market,

Commenting on the 2Q 2016 Results INTRALOT Group CEO Antonios Kerastaris noted: “INTRALOT’s 2nd Quarter results reflect the impact of successful efforts in portfolio reorganization through a dynamic roadmap of new products and services and the geographical rebalancing of our presence, assisted by completed organizational changes and cost containment. We are particularly encouraged by high growth rates in mature markets such as the US as a clear sign of competitiveness gains and we are committed to further business development in North America and other promising regional markets such as Africa and East Asia. ”

L-R Dermot Griffin, Chief Executive of Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI), Operator of the Irish National Lottery  

Hansjörg Höltkemeier Managing Director and Member of the Board of Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin (DKLB)   President of the European Lottery Association (EL)

Rose J. Hudson, President & Chief Executive Officer, Louisiana Lottery Corporation Lotteries, First Vice President of the North American Association of State and Provincial (NASPL)

Norman Lingle, Executive Director of the South Dakota Lottery

Sue van der Merwe, Chief Operating Officer, Tatts Group Lotteries

"The expansion of IGT's live Electronic Table Games footprint into Bellagio is a great example of our momentum in this growing product segment," said Nick Khin, IGT Senior Vice President of Sales, North America Gaming and Interactive. "IGT customers in all parts of the world are recognizing the market potential that IGT's ETG portfolio can bring to their casino floors."

“Our continued growth, year-over-year since inception, is great news for education in Tennessee,” said Rebecca Hargrove, Lottery President and CEO. “We remain committed to our record-breaking success and are proud to be a valuable resource for the education programs we fund.”

“This is the Lottery’s 30th anniversary, so it is the perfect time to partner with the University of Missouri to offer the first football-themed Mizzou ticket and promotion,” said May Scheve Reardon, executive director of the Missouri Lottery. “The Missouri Lottery and the University of Missouri system have been partners in education for many years. Since 1993, when Lottery profits began being solely dedicated to education, the Lottery has raised more than $912 million for the University system.”

Reaching new global heights - record HK$3.90 billion in charity donations and over HK$26 billion total direct return to the community in 2015/16.  “This substantial increase in commitments has been accompanied by an equally significant transformation in the way we address community needs”, HKJC's Chairman, Dr Simon S O Ip said. “The Charities Trust now actively collaborates with all sectors of the community, creating opportunities for, and more importantly encouraging, multi-sector participation. Our objective is to maximise available resources in our community and optimise outcomes.”

In its 10 years, the lottery has raised more than $4.6 billion for education in North Carolina, Van Denton, director of communications for the North Carolina Education Lottery said, and last year the revenue was more than $600 million

"The new website is another step in our long-term digital strategy," said lottery CEO Marion Caspers-Merk. Caspers-Merk emphasized that the online lottery sector is highly competitive despite the statutory State monopoly. "Almost every other lottery players on the internet type it illegally, without knowing it. For certain providers in the network, one attends black betting and not just in the German original. Here we must ensure that education and the proliferation oppose a serious, attractive legal offer. "

Adam Chataway, Marketing Manager for The National Lottery, said: “Team GB smashed all predictions, and the Olympic Games in Rio were hugely exciting for the whole of the UK. But anyone who plays The National Lottery should be particularly proud. By simply buying a ticket, they’ve helped to raise over £80 million a year to support over 1,300 athletes on the road to Rio and beyond.

“The Virginia Lottery may be all about games and fun, but Virginia voters have given us an important mission: to generate funds for K-12 education,” said Lottery Executive Director Paula Otto. “The Lottery’s extraordinary success is good news for everyone in Virginia, regardless of whether they choose to play or not.

Unveiling OPAP's 2020 strategy, newly appointed Chief Executive Damian Cope said the firm would be further boosting its sports betting from next year and has been in discussions to launch other games, such as European jackpots. "My intention is to use the best and most relevant elements of successful sports betting offers in other markets and introduce them to the Greek market as soon as I can", Cope told an analysts call. "In the next 12 to 18 months we will have a far superior offering than we currently have today."

The New Mexico Lottery Authority has reported record sales topping $154 million over the past year, meaning an increase of more than $5 million for the Legislative Lottery Scholarship fund

“Jim was presented this award for his involvement in developing files and solutions related to the important NASPL XML pilot project with 7-Eleven,” said Gary Grief, Executive Director of the Texas Lottery Commission, who nominated and recognized Jim for the award.

After two years of success, CEO Jon Clontz said, “We are proud to have accomplished so much in such a short time, beginning with the addition of two draw games and continuing with the launch of Cowboy DrawTM. And now, we’re preparing to offer another brand-new game for our players.”

Based on the very pleasant developments of the first half of this year, we also expect a new sales record for 2016”, Managing Director, Karl Stoss explains. All in all, over those past 30 years, total sales amount up to an impressive sum of 48.3 billion Euro, 30.9 billion Euro of which have been paid out in winnings. Statistically speaking, thereby every Austrian citizen over the age of 16 has won approx. 4,200 Euro. The largest individual winner in fact, however, has not been determined by mere chance, as CFO Bettina Glatz-Kremsner explains: “It is the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance with an accumulated amount of about 10.6 billion Euro in taxes and duties over those past 30 years. Breaking this number down, we have paid 967,400 on a daily basis. During our peak years 2014 and 2015, this amount even increases to 1.27 million Euro every day.”

Harald Neumann, NOVOMATIC Chairman of the Board, said: “We pursued our growth strategy during the first half of the year and have undertaken a number of important expansions. With our acquisition of the British gaming operator Talarius, we have further increased our market share in the important UK gaming market, and we are now the largest operator of gaming arcades in the UK. Our intention to acquire a stake in the Australian listed gaming technology company Ainsworth would give a massive boost to our market position in Australasia, as well as in North and South America.”

“We are excited to announce a return of $46.3 million – approximately $5.2 million more than last year’s return – to the Legislative Lottery Scholarship fund for fiscal year 2016,” lottery CEO David Barden said in a news release.

“We are excited to continue our very successful partnership with the Atlanta Falcons,” said Georgia Lottery President and CEO Debbie D. Alford. “With profits from each ticket purchased benefiting the lottery-funded HOPE Scholarship and Pre-K programs, Georgia’s students score big with this great new game.”

It is with great sadness we report the passing of Dan Bower. He co-­founded Scientific Games with Dr. John Koza in 1973. ++++++++++++++++

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