The NACS Insight Convenience Summit – Europe took place last week in Berlin and London, bringing together convenience and fuel retailing industry professionals from around the world to discuss new ideas and gain new commercial connections through general sessions and hands-on Retail Study Tours.
How will sports-betting merge with Fantasy Sports (FS)?  Big data allows bookmakers to predict the outcomes of sport events with shocking accuracy, leaving the recreational gambler at a distinct disadvantage.  Look at the statistics' competition that took place during the last football (soccer) World Cup in June 2014, between  Baidu, Google, and Microsoft. The results were astonishing: Google lost the contest by correctly predicting the outcomes of the last 14 matches out of...15. Meanwhile, both Baidu and Microsoft had a perfect 100% accuracy score. For these big data giants, there is no doubt that the future will be read through statistics.  One can therefore predict that, in the long run, sports betting clients will massively become FS players. Big data is revolutionizing the industry and this is just the beginning.
States that draw revenue from casinos should regulate online gambling, as online has a complementary, not cannibalistic, effect on land-based gambling.
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Hansjorg Holtkemeier has been a member of the managing board of the Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin since 2005, and a member of the EL Executive Committee since 2009.  The General Assembly also appointed Fernando Paes Afonso of Santa Casa da Misericordia de Lisboa as First Vice President and Robert Chvatal of Sazka (Czech Respublic) as Second Vice President.
The voices advocating for proper regulation of sports-betting in the U.S. are getting louder and louder
Alaska only allows gaming by charitable organizations, such as nonprofits and civic or service organizations, with many selling pull-tabs or operating bingo parlors.
Online games are becoming more and more ‘infantilised’ as developers tap into a warm nostalgia in gamblers. The trend isn’t restricted to online gambling. Popular social gaming titles like Candy Crush Saga feature cutesy intro sequences straight out of a Nintendo game and icons made up almost exclusively with sweets.  The lines between styles are being blurred. Candy Crush Saga looks like a modern-day real-money slot, especially with its ‘exploding reels’ style which has been mimicked and trademarked by all the major slots developers in recent year.  This nostalgic element is key for slots developers.
“Pollard Banknote’s Eco Scratch™ adds a new, distinct look to our instant game portfolio. It offers a unique alternative to foil and white card stock, and printing on this stock gives us color options and combinations that are simply not possible with standard stocks,” explained Vibeke K. Haakonsen, Brand Manager, FLAX (Norsk Tipping’s instant product line). “We like to change the ticket art on our base games regularly, and Eco Scratch™ is the latest print innovation available.”
Lottery Director Randy Miller said it will offer “a little twist” from the five rolling jackpot-style multi-state draw games currently available in North Dakota: Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, Wild Card 2 and 2by2.   “We felt that the lottery must offer exciting and attractive games that add value to our product mix for players to play, and this game seemed to offer that,” he said.
Despite a record "history" of 387.6 million Swiss francs (2.6%) of gross gaming revenue (GGR), Loterie Romande, CEO, Jean-Luc Moner-Banet described the year 2014 as "relatively stable." If the amount is "stable", it is still part of a context of increasingly fierce market competition games, stressed Moner-Banet.
Commenting on the launch of the GLMS, Friedrich Stickler, GLMS President and EL President, stated: “Both the EL and the WLA are absolutely committed to honest betting and sports integrity worldwide. We recognize the role we play in helping safeguard that spirit. The GLMS, powered by Sportradar, will give our Members a unique, global view into betting behavior and irregular betting patterns.  It is of great importance that two lotteries from Asia have joined the GLMS given the fact that Asia accounts for the biggest part of the global sports betting activity. "I am excited that the EL and the WLA have taken this bold step to eliminate the threat of match-fixing and preserve the integrity of sports”. WLA President, Jean-Luc Moner-Banet added, “The world lottery community is gaining momentum in its efforts to combat match-fixing and to preserve the integrity of sports. The launch of the GLMS is a testament to that fact. Our cooperation with the EL in founding the GLMS, aided by the Sportradar's state-of-the-art technology, will help us unite our member lotteries across five continents in the fight against fraud in sports.
“We are very pleased to welcome Andreas Kohlmann and we are confident that his wide-ranging experience, profound knowledge and excellent network of relationships will support the establishment of our products and solutions in the German-speaking market. The timing of Mr Kohlmann joining Novomatic Lottery Solutions is perfect, considering we are at the culmination of the integration of Betware within the NOVOMATIC Group, along with investments undertaken to encourage a 360 degrees solution platform. We have thus laid the foundation to present ourselves to the market as the leading provider for innovative high quality solutions”, Miriam Lindhorst said on the occasion of Mr Kohlmann’s appointment.
The Government Accountability Office (GAO) finds that federal regulators at the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) are not effectively promoting voluntary compliance with federal guidelines concerning the proper handling of money, accuracy of financial statements, and security requirements at Indian casinos “The NIGC should find more effective methods that will ensure all facets of gaming are conducted with accountability and accuracy, said Chairman Barrasso.
Right now, if a gambler wins $1,200 or more, their machine locks up and the staff comes over to make the guest fill out a W2-G form, effectively notifying the IRS of the win. Once the form is filled out, the attendant unlocks the machine and the guest can continue to play. If the IRS has its way, that amount will be dropped to $600.  Casinos are rallying against the lower limit, citing increased time constraints and revenue loss.  “At SugarHouse Casino, about 1,700 people each month fill out W2 forms after winning $1,200 or more. Under the proposed rule, that number would grow to 10,000 a month." The casino industry is worried that taking the time to fill out all of the forms will cause revenue loss. Let’s take a real look on how this is going to affect the average guest to a casino to see if the concerns are exaggerated.  In terms of what it might cost you as a gambler: that of course is based on how much you win or lose. Here is the best piece of advice that anyone can give you:  Make absolutely sure that your player’s card is in that machine before you even put your first dollar in. What most people don’t know is that if you do win a jackpot, you can take your losses away from that W2-G. Those player’s cards keep track of all your gaming and at the end of the year, you can either go online or contact the casino directly and request your win/loss statement for tax purposes.


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PGRI TALKS - "Ideas for Good Causes Worth Spreading: 'Riveting talks by remarkable people, free to the world" brought to you by the Public Gaming Research Institute. Our objective is to become an invaluable resource that truly connects the entire world to the leaders of this industry, their thoughts and perspectives on the issues, and the news and background information that gives additional context and meaning to those thoughts and perspectives. SMART-TECH 2015 Videos up watch below - more to post. Up Next 'Touch Tomorrow' in Oslo, Norway. *To watch the videos below you will click on the link and make sure your volume is turned on. *Copyright 2015 - these videos may not be downloaded or uploaded to YOUTUBE or used in any way without the express permission of PGRI, Inc. © PGRI, Inc. 2015 all rights reserved.

SMART-TECH 2015 Kevin Gass Vice President, Lottery Gaming BCLC, British Columbia

SMART-TECH 2015- Gardner Gurney, Acting Director, Division of the Lottery at New York State Gaming Commission - Keynote

SMART-TECH 2015 - Terry Rich CEO Iowa Lottery -Keynote

SMART-TECH 2015 - Michael Chambrello Chief Executive Officer of North America IGT

SMART-TECH 2015 Jim Kennedy, Executive Vice President, Group Chief Executive, Scientific Games

SMART-TECH 2015 Panel Discussion: Consideration, Chance, Prize: Is this foundational definition of gambling being circumvented by game developers and online operators? Moderator: James Maida, Co-Founder & President, Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)

SMART-TECH 2015 Panel Discussion: Nationalizing Brand Messaging and Public Relations; Terry Rich Moderator CEO Iowa Lottery

SMART-TECH 2015- Panel Discussion: Reinvigorating the Draw-Games Category -Moderator: Rebecca Hargrove, Chief Executive Officer, Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation and Senior Vice President of the World Lottery Association (WLA)

SMART-TECH 2015 - Panel Discussion: Retail Modernization Drives Lottery Modernization -Moderator: May Scheve Reardon, Executive Director, Missouri Lottery

SMART-TECH 2015 Phil Holmes, Vice President, Strategy & Planning, Atlantic Lottery Corporation

SMART-TECH 2015 Panel Discussion: The New Science of Customer-Centric R & D What are the most forward-looking trends in the science of understanding -Moderator: Paula Otto, Executive Director, Virginia Lottery

SMART-TECH 2015 - Interactive Goes Mainstream Panel Discussion - Moderator: Scott Bowen, Commissioner, Michigan Lottery

SMART-TECH 2015 Panel Discussion: Managing Uncertainty as the Key to Successful Innovation - Moderator: Gary Grief, Executive Director, Texas Lottery

SMART-TECH 2015 Richard Bateson, Commercial Director/Senior Vice President Sales & Marketing, Camelot Global

SMART-TECH 2015 Max Goldstein Director Sales Marketing CARMANAH Signs

SMART-TECH 2015 Leigh-Ann Goad Research & Consumer Strategist Virginia Lottery

SMART-TECH 2015 Matteo Monteverdi Senior Vice President iGaming and Senior Vice President Americas Interactive, IGT

SMART-TECH 2015 Adam Perlow, CEO, Hudson Alley Software

SMART-TECH 2015 Fivi Rondiri Corporate Marketing Coordinator Intralot

SMART-TECH 2015 Brian Roberts President North America and Levi Putna Project Development Coordinator Jumbo Interactive

SMART-TECH 2015 James Bader Partner The Parthenon Group (LINQ3 Presentation)

SMART-TECH 2015 Christine Thoma, Business Development Manager, Lottovate

SMART-TECH 2015 Julin Shaw Marketing Manager, POLLARD Bank Note

SMART-TECH 2015 Gordon Medenica Former Director of the New York Lottery & Former President of NASPL

SMART-TECH 2015 Sara Navidazar Director of Marketing Diamond Game

SMART-TECH 2015 Susan Golightly Founder CODEI

Beyond the Bricks - Scott Bowen Commissioner, Michigan Lottery Danny Bogus Deputy Commissioner of Gaming Operations at Michigan Lottery

SMART-TECH 2015 Brad Cummings President & CEO EquiLottery, LLC

SMART-TECH 2015 Rick Perrone Chief Executive Officer GAMEOLOGY

SMART-TECH 2015 - Tony Fontaine Vice President, Business Development, Interactive Gaming and Lottery Solutions InComm

SMART-TECH 2015 Brendan McCarthy Novomatic Lottery Solutions

SMART-TECH 2015 Matt Isaacs Director, Retail Development POLLARD BANK NOTE

SMART-TECH 2015 Frank Rash Chief Operating Officer SHOUTZ

SMART-TECH 2015 Paul Jason CEO PGRI Conference Introduction

SMART-TECH AWARD Presentations

Wanda Young Wilson, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of the Tennessee Lottery Corporation Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony

Peg Rose Deputy Director Rhode Island Lottery -Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony

Marty Gibbs Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Kentucky Lottery Corporation Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony

Sharon Sharp Award for Good Causes Hoosier Lottery, Indiana - Sarah Taylor, Executive Director

SCENES from: SMART-TECH 2015 2 minute video photo collage with music
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