RFP: Texas Lottery Products Testing Services

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1 Texas Lottery scratch ticket games are produced by third-party vendors in packs ranging from 10 to 250 tickets. The packs are shipped directly by the vendors to the Texas Lottery’s lottery operator. The Texas Lottery anticipates, but does not warrant, that there will be an average of eighty-five (85) to one hundred twenty (120) games produced annually during the Contract term and any renewal periods. However, the Texas Lottery does not warrant all scratch ticket games will be submitted for testing under any Contract resulting from this RFP. The Texas Lottery may submit multiple packs of tickets for testing for any given game. Submission at one time of multiple packs of tickets for any given game shall be deemed one submission, regardless of the number of packs. The Texas Lottery generally will send four (4) to twenty-five (25) packs of tickets per game, per submission depending on pack size. The Successful Proposer shall be required to report, in writing, to the Texas Lottery any differences in the quality or security of the packs of tickets submitted for each game.

1.1.2 The Lottery currently has scratch ticket price points at $1, $2, $3, $5, $10, $20, $30 and $50. The Lottery's scratch ticket game plan changes to accommodate the demands of the market. The number of games, overall ticket production and the expansion of price points may fluctuate to meet these demands.

1.1.3 The Successful Proposer shall be responsible for conducting tests and evaluations to ensure the security, integrity and “playability” of Texas Lottery products, which include scratch ticket games, draw game paper stock and other lottery products. Also, at the Texas Lottery’s request, the Successful Proposer shall advise the Texas Lottery on any technological advances and on security features and improvements in lottery products.

1.1.4 The Successful Proposer shall test and evaluate Texas Lottery products to assess durability, security and alterability using standards developed by the Successful Proposer and approved by the Texas Lottery. The Successful Proposer shall provide all equipment, chemicals, labor, materials and services necessary to test and evaluate the products.

1.1.5 The Successful Proposer shall be required to test all Texas Lottery products at the agency’s request, although the primary focus will be testing scratch ticket games. The Texas Lottery’s scratch ticket game manufacturers produce tickets that are printed on paper stock, recycled paper stock, recyclable paper, foil stock, plastic stock and holographic paper stock in various sizes (e.g., 2.4” x 4” -12”x 4”). Each manufacturer uses its own type of chemical formulas which may include solvent- or water-based chemicals, or a combination of the two. The Successful Proposer’s test standards must cover all scratch ticket game variations and be adaptable to address advances in scratch ticket game manufacturing during the Contract term (including renewal periods).

1.1.6 The Successful Proposer must test lottery products until a conclusive result is reached. Additional tests, including re-tests, conducted as a result of inconclusive test results will be performed at no additional cost to the Texas Lottery.

1.1.7 The Lottery currently has a variety of retailer sales terminals, including traditional lottery and retailer point of sale (in-lane) terminals in the Texas marketplace. At the Texas Lottery’s request, the Successful Proposer must test and evaluate various types of paper stock used by the sales terminals. If paper stock and/or terminal types change during the Contract term, the Texas Lottery may ask the Successful Proposer to analyze and test the materials used against the current paper stock.

1.1.8 At the agency’s request, the Successful Proposer may be required to test other Lottery products (e.g., non-standard tickets) or conduct miscellaneous testing services for new and emerging products. These services may also include testing services requested by one of the Texas Lottery’s scratch ticket manufacturers with the agency’s prior approval (See Section 6.9).

Solicitation:  362-2020-0001
Title: Lottery Products Testing Services
Status: Open
Purchase Agency: Texas Smart Buy
Publish Date: 4/14/2020
Due Date: 6/3/2020 4:00 PM CST
Contact: 1-888-479-7602, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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