RFP: UPDATED Request for Proposal (Kentucky Lottery Corporation) KL-19-072 (RESPONSE REQUIRED IMMEDIATELY)

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The Kentucky Lottery Corporation (KLC) has issued Request for Proposal (RFP) #KL-19-072 for the acquisition of Digital Reveal Lottery Vending Machines.  This solicitation and its associated documents may also be accessed on our website (www.kylottery.com).


RFP # KL-19-072 for the acquisition of Digital Reveal Lottery Vending Machines on behalf of the Kentucky Lottery Corporation (KLC). To assist you in the completion of the Proposal package the following information is provided as a summary of what is required to have your response considered valid:

1. The deadline to respond to this RFP is November 13, 2019 at 10:00 AM ET.

2. Faxed or electronic e-mailed Proposals are not acceptable.

3. Your Proposal must contain original signatures. Signature stamps are not acceptable.

4. Your Proposal must follow the enclosed RFP format. Substitutes are not acceptable.

5. All questions regarding this RFP must be addressed only to the Buyer that is identified in the Proposal packet.

6. Any and all discounts for which the KLC may be entitled should be identified in your response.

7. In signing the RFP form, you affirm to the KLC your authority to make an offer on behalf of your organization.

8. Refer to Part VIII for a summary of all the Proposal completion requirements. The KLC encourages competition in all its procurements and welcomes suggestions on ways to improve our procurement process. Any suggestions should be addressed to my attention.

Thank you for your interest in the Kentucky Lottery Corporation. Respectfully, Darrell E. Wilson Darrell E. Wilson, CPPB, CPM Director of Purchasing