RFP: New Hampshire Lottery - e-Instant Lottery Games.

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STATE OF NEW HAMPSHIRE LOTTERY COMMISSION e-Instant Lottery Games RFP LOT 2020-02 SECTION 1 – Overview and Schedule A. Executive Summary The New Hampshire Lottery Commission (Lottery, NHLC) is seeking proposals from established gaming companies for the development, design, implementation and related services for iLottery e-Instant Games to be sold on NHLC’s iLottery portal via a secure connection and remote gaming server (RGS). For the purposes of this Request for Proposals (RFP), “e-Instant” is defined as games that are akin to instant scratch games at retail, but are sold via an internet and mobile based platform and offer varying degrees of complexity and entertainment value. e-Instant outcomes must be predetermined through the use of a Lottery-approved prize structure and cannot utilize skill for winner determination. New Hampshire’s iLottery platform requires e-Instant games with a stake for purchase, and that funds instantly be allocated to iLottery accounts to award prizes associated with a predetermined prize structure, up to a predetermined amount. Prizes won over the Lottery’s online claim threshold are claimable only at the New Hampshire Lottery headquarters in Concord, New Hampshire. Games that solely award coupons or free play are not considered to be an e-Instant for the purposes of this RFP. NHLC launched iLottery on September 4, 2018 in partnership with NeoPollard Interactive (NPi) utilizing NPi’s gaming platform and portal. NPi’s open architecture allows third-party developers to utilize this portal for the sale of e-Instants, subject to integration with the NPi system and the Lottery’s advertising agency of record. NHLC intends to award contracts to at least one qualified vendor. Each resultant contract will not obligate NHLC to make a purchase but will set the terms and conditions for potential future purchase orders by NHLC for e-Instant games between the contract effective date and June 30, 2025. Prior to execution of a contract, the selected contractor(s) will collaborate with NPi and the Lottery’s advertising agency of record to develop a plan to integrate their games within the NPi portal. This integration plan must be approved by NHLC and will be part of the final contractual agreement between the parties.