OPAP Regulatory 2020 Financial Calendar

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Regulatory announcements

2020 Financial Calendar


OPAP S.A., in accordance with articles 4.1.2. & of the Athens Exchange Regulation announces its 2020 Financial Calendar, as follows:


Wednesday 01.04.2020:   FY 2019 Financial Results Announcement

Thursday     02.04.2020:   FY 2019 Annual Analysts’ and Investors’ conference call

Wednesday 10.06.2020:   Q1 2020 Financial Results Announcement

Thursday     25.06.2020:   Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

                                                 Dates related to potential dividend payment will be determined by AGM and announced latest with the AGM invitation

Wednesday 09.09.2020:   Q2 2020 Financial Results Announcement

Wednesday 25.11.2020:   Q3 2020 Financial Results Announcement


OPAP clarifies that the financial results will be released following the Athens Exchange market close, at Athens Exchange’s website ( and at the Company's website (



Athens, 01.04.2020