OPAP Regulatory 2020 Financial Calendar

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Regulatory announcements

2020 Financial Calendar


OPAP S.A., in accordance with articles 4.1.2. & of the Athens Exchange Regulation announces its 2020 Financial Calendar, as follows:


Wednesday 01.04.2020:   FY 2019 Financial Results Announcement

Thursday     02.04.2020:   FY 2019 Annual Analysts’ and Investors’ conference call

Wednesday 10.06.2020:   Q1 2020 Financial Results Announcement

Thursday     25.06.2020:   Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

                                                 Dates related to potential dividend payment will be determined by AGM and announced latest with the AGM invitation

Wednesday 09.09.2020:   Q2 2020 Financial Results Announcement

Wednesday 25.11.2020:   Q3 2020 Financial Results Announcement


OPAP clarifies that the financial results will be released following the Athens Exchange market close, at Athens Exchange’s website (www.helex.gr) and at the Company's website (www.opap.gr).



Athens, 01.04.2020