Announcing the formation of Woosley Gaming Advisors, LLC.

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LITTLE ROCK - Former Arkansas lottery Director, NASPL President and Lottery Industry Hall of Fame member Bishop Woosley has formed Woosley Gaming Advisors, a lottery and gaming consulting firm.  

The firm, created in the fall of 2020, focuses on providing consulting services to existing and emerging gaming and lottery vendors and to North American lotteries.

Woosley became the Director of the Arkansas Lottery in February 2012; a position he held until August 2020. Woosley was a member of the team that started the Arkansas lottery in 2009 and served as Procurement Director and Chief Legal Counsel prior to becoming Director.  During his tenure at the Arkansas Lottery, the lottery enjoyed three consecutive record sales years and became one of the first lotteries to launch lottery ticket sales in Walmart Supercenters.

In addition, Woosley was elected to serve as NASPL President in September 2019 and served as Secretary, Mega Millions Game Group Chair and Chair of the Legal Committee for MUSL during his time as lottery director. He was named to the Arkansas Business top 250 Businessmen in Arkansas in 2018 and 2019 and the Arkansas Top 40 under 40 Business Executives in Arkansas in 2012.  

Bishop was inducted into the Lottery Industry Hall of Fame in September 2020. "During my time at the Arkansas Lottery I gained experience and skills that I feel will help my vendor clients position their products and solutions for the best results", said Woosley.  "My  long-standing industry relationships will provide my clients access to decision makers which is so important to vendors in this industry.  I can also rely on my legal and procurement experience to help lotteries in the areas of procurement, security and contract negotiation."

Since opening, Woosley Gaming Advisors has compiled a client list that includes some of the largest and most innovative vendors in the sports betting, in-lane print on receipt, courier services, risk transfer, convenience store, ticket pooling services, jackpot signage and video production industries.  WGA has also partnered with a bi-partisan, state and federal public affairs and public relations firm for the benefit of its clients.    

Bishop Woosley

About Woosley Gaming Advisors Since its inception, WGA has represented its clients in front of 36 lotteries, all 4 major instant ticket and gaming systems vendors and the Powerball Development committee. In addition, WGA has also held consulting contracts with two North American lotteries.      

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