Abacus Solutions International Group becomes Associate Member of The European Lotteries

Abacus Solutions International Group becomes Associate Member of The European Lotteries

London, 10 July 2019 - Abacus Solutions International Group (ABACUS) is pleased to announce it has recently joined The European otteries as an Associate Member. Abacus is delighted to be strengthening its ties with the European lottery industry and to continue building its long-term relationships with both lotteries and suppliers.

About ABACUS Solutions International Group

Abacus – the gateway at the heart of connecting consumers, retailers and lotteries in the global market
Abacus believes the future of lottery lies in integrating into the existing retailer and consumer infrastructures by providing a highly secure transaction gateway that enables all parties to work together and create mutual growth. The Abacus Fusion Platform sits at the heart of connecting consumers, retailers and lotteries, with the Abacus team managing integration from start to finish.

Abacus believes in building long term relationships by working together to develop new and innovative solutions. By using cutting edge technology, created by forward thinking industry experts, the Abacus gateway enables lotteries and retailers to respond to the ever-changing consumer market with speed, agility, reliability and integrity.

Our fully managed service offering includes:
· Lottery In-Lane, Self-Checkout, and Self-Serve
· Instant ticket sales and validation through our gateway
· E-commerce and Mobile solutions
· Abacus games portfolio, including Bill Paid
· Retailer loyalty solutions, follow-on promotions & 2 nd  chance draws
· Dedicated management portal: control and monitoring of all services
Contact: Simon Butler, CEO
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.         Telephone +44 7768 282638
Company contact information:
Abacus Technology Centre
Preston Deanery
NN7 2DS United